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Gift Your Queen A Princess Cut Diamond Ring and Make Her Feel Loved

Princess Cut Diamond

Princess Cut Diamond

Princess cut diamonds are not solely reserved for royal families. You can definitely feel like a princess by wearing a princess cut diamond.

Diamonds are so hard to decipher due to the diversity they offer a diamond which makes them a bit hard to choose from. One can get stuck in finding the right cut or shape. With so many beautiful options to choose from we never know which diamond to finalize. This is where we come in. 

At RRP Diamonds our major goal is to make sure our customers choose the diamond that they think will suit them the best. In this article we will be focusing on the princess cut diamond and why it is an optimal choice.

Each diamond cut has its specialty and how that aligns with your interest is what matters. Exploring your options and trusting the process is not that difficult. Let us dive in.

What Is Princess Cut Diamond?

Princess Cut Diamond

First of all, to answer the question, what is a princess cut diamond? A Princess cut diamond is a square shaped diamond cut which has a pyramidal structure and sloped sides. It is the second most sought-after cut in diamonds after the brilliant round cuts. It is also referred to as the square version of a brilliant round cut diamond.

Princess cut diamonds do appear square when viewed on the outside, but are a unique combination of rectangular cuts and the brilliant round. The base of it looks like a pyramid and the top shows brilliance like a brilliant round cut.

The diamond is known to represent the utmost shine and brilliance. Hence, it is usually preferred over other forms of diamonds. The fire of the princess cut diamond is just below round brilliant which is the highest.

A 1 carat princess cut diamond’s cost is equivalent to the price of a 0.8 carat round brilliant diamond. Even though the round brilliant is the most optimal choice. It is seen that the princess cut diamond is more brilliant in an affordable price range, while also being of a greater carat than a round brilliant cut diamond.

The princess cut diamond is also referred to as a modified square brilliant cut, because of the brilliance of a round brilliant and the base formation of a square. The ratio of the princess cut diamond usually ranges from 1:1 to 1:1.3. There are also rectangular modified brilliants, which are rectangular princess cut, but they are neither that appealing nor that brilliant.

During the cutting of a princess cut diamond, most of the rough edges are used to give it the geometrical shape. This causes less wastage of the diamond stone hence it costs less than a round brilliant diamond. That’s why the princess cut diamond has gained popularity. As you can get a stone which has a similar brilliance to that of a round brilliant diamond, that too for a lower price.

Key Features of Princess Cut Diamond

Princess Cut Diamond

  • It is known as square shape diamond with amazing brilliance and fire
  • The cost of a princess cut diamond is less than that of a round brilliant cut diamond considering they both are of 1 carat.
  • Its uniqueness and versatility, allow the diamonds to be set in any form of jewelry. From princess cut diamond earrings to princess cut rings, the list goes on.
  • It has two or more chevron patterns.

Facets of A Princess Cut Diamond

Facets of A Princess Cut Diamond

The number of facets in a princess cut diamond is usually between 50-58. The difference arises only due to the cutting style and diamond cutter’s precision. In a way, the number of facets enhances the brilliance and fire of the princess cut diamond.

The number of facets and their positioning determines the number of chevrons on a princess cut diamond. A princess cut diamond has either 2 or 4 chevrons. These are the crosses visible on the crown of the diamond from the top.

The difference is that a diamond with 2 chevrons will reflect bold light in one shot, while with 4 chevrons, the diamond will reflect multiple small light flashes to the observer.

It is due to this chemistry of the facets and chevrons that the princess cut diamond receives a brilliant appearance, and is termed as a square version of the round brilliant cut diamond.

4C’s of Princess Cut Diamond


The princess diamond cut consists of facets ranging from 50 to 58. The facets form the identity of the diamond. The cut is a beautiful combination of the square cut and the round brilliant cut. The cuts are moreover cut out from rough diamonds, to carve out a base of a square pyramid.

Usually, the cut is formed out of a rough stone, in the face ratio of 1:1 or 1:1.3. These ratios make the square princess cuts, while there are also rectangular cuts which do not do much justice to the beauty of this cut. One will have to take utmost care and observe a princess cut diamond properly before buying. 


In a princess cut diamond ring, the carat of the diamond can be up to 10 carats but the most optimal choice is 1-3 carats. Buying a conventional round brilliant of 0.8 carats will be as good as a princess cut diamond of 1 carat.


The clarity of princess cut diamonds is usually restricted to the grades of VVS and VS. As it is mostly eye-clean within these clarity ranges anything below this may not make the diamond look good. You can rarely find a diamond in princess cut that will range from SI or I even.

For the princess cut it becomes important to be created out of a VVS or VS graded diamond because it makes the diamond appear clear. The diamond has a larger crown that makes the inclusions visible to the observer. In case a princess cut diamond has low clarity, go for the stone which is clear to your unaided eye. 


The color of a princess cut diamond follows the same segregation that goes along with a normal diamond. The color of a diamond brings out the hue of the stone, which might have been incorporated as the diamond has been formed. While forming the diamond, we see that there are some inclusions in the form of minerals that impart a certain tint to the overall view of the diamond.

These in turn do impact the visibility and perception of the diamond, in the way it sells and values at. Colors like G & H are recommended for the princess cut diamonds. If you go below that try to set the diamond in such a piece of jewelry that the yellow tint won’t fully show.

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Why Is Princess Cut Diamond So Popular?

Why Is Princess Cut Diamond So Popular?

The princess cut diamond is so popular firstly due to its less expensive and reasonable price range. The price is a byproduct of less effort used in creating the cut, as it is made out of a rough stone with less wastage. Alongside this, individuals love the fact that they are getting an unconventional cut, with utmost brilliance. 

The brilliance and the fire of the princess cut diamond are much more than other cuts of diamonds. The brilliance of this cut despite its clarity and color makes it a viable option, when it is kept alongside other diamond cuts like oval, round and cushion cut.

Another reason why the princess cut is so popular is that one can get 1 carat worth of diamond at a price lower than that of a conventional diamond cut of the same carat. It creates a brilliant effect for the viewer in terms of its shine, which is reflected due to the finely cut facets in this diamond cut.

Princess Cut Diamond As Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Diamond As Engagement Ring

Unconventional is what is trending nowadays, hence a bold and beautiful option for an engagement ring has to be a princess cut diamond engagement ring.

A diamond has its own unique identity to enhance the beauty of the person wearing it while adding a sparkle to catch the eye of any person looking at it.

Due to their great brilliance and unique appearance, princess cut diamond engagement rings stand out among the rest. The Princess Cut Diamond is a unique cut that will add a gorgeous allure to the person wearing it. 

Metaphorically speaking, due to its unique and brilliant fire, we can say that using this diamond cut is to mark the unique nature of the bond shared between the two people.

A princess cut has a variety of settings that are all distinctive while some can be customized as well. With such a wide set of options, wearing a princess cut diamond engagement ring will be almost every person’s dream. 

So, let’s have a look at the various engagement ring settings for a princess cut diamond.

Princess Cut Diamond Settings

Princess Cut Diamond Settings

If you want the best setting for a princess cut diamond ring, then there are lots of options that tend to enhance the beauty of the diamond, without making it appear less brilliant and shiny.

Not only is this diamond cut unique, but the incorporation of unique settings tends to enhance the look of the princess diamond cut even more. A princess cut diamond setting will steal the show and no one will be able to look away again.

Despite its brilliance and shine, we see that there is one downside of the princess cut diamond. The princess cut diamond, since it has corners, and is prone to chipping, the diamond can be kept safe by using the right setting that keeps the diamond’s edges safe.

Each diamond cut has a specific set of settings that suit the appearance of the diamond. The same goes with princess cut diamonds, some settings tend to enhance the look of the diamond. Here are some settings that add an edge of brilliance to the princess cut diamond. 


The first and the most beautiful setting has to be a solitaire setting. A solitaire setting is an engagement ring setting that focuses solely on the diamond cut. It allows the diamond to shine more brilliantly due to the full light reflection. This setting is usually accompanied by prongs and hence it protects the corners of the diamonds. You can go for a 6-prong or 4-prong solitaire setting, depending upon what you find to be safe.


This setting for princess cut ensures utmost protection to the centrally placed diamond. The Small Diamonds set in the ring are placed along the center diamond, and hence we see an additional brilliance in the perception of the diamond.


Halo Setting is a setting of princess cut diamond ring that is known to make the central diamond appear bigger and much more brilliant than it already is. This also ensures protection to the central diamond and hence an additional layer of shine to the central diamond.

Three Diamond

This is a popular setting used for the princess cut diamond. This setting includes the main diamond, and two smaller diamonds on either side of the main diamond. Making your engagement ring look bigger.


Some unique and vintage settings add a twist to the diamond ring. Some vintage settings add an edge of royalty to the person wearing the ring. Even to the viewer, the diamond setting strikes a beautiful impression.

While setting a brilliant princess cut diamond in a ring, utmost care needs to be taken by ensuring that the metal is either completely protecting the diamond, or at least the 4 corners with a prong setting.


A diamond that will make you feel like a princess is something special, isn’t it? A beautiful and elegant square shaped diamond that comes with the brilliance of a round brilliant diamond.

With various kinds of settings available in the market, each one has its own unique identity, adding to the brilliance and fire of the main diamond. The one that you think falls within your budget and suits you the best is the one you should go with. 


Why Are Princess Cut Diamonds Cheaper?

Princess cut diamonds are cheaper than the round brilliant or other cuts of diamonds. This is usually because the princess cut diamonds cut out from a rough stone. These diamonds tend to lose less material, hence less effort, hence the lesser price. The effort put into creating the brilliance of the diamond is way less, hence its value. The raw material needed to be removed is much less in this cut.

Does a Princess Cut Diamond Sparkle?

A princess cut diamond sparkles brighter with more fire than most of the other cuts. Since it is called a square version of a round brilliant, it is sure to have great brilliance. The sparkle is determined by the cut quality of the diamond. The cut quality reflects the light inside a diamond, hence determining the brilliance and the fire of the diamonds.

Which Setting Makes Diamonds Look Bigger?

Halo ring setting is one setting that can make the princess cut diamond appear quite bigger than it already is. This is owing to the additional shine added to the diamond by the surrounding tiny diamonds. When more brilliance is reflected off the diamond, we see that these diamonds also appear larger.

Do Princess Cut Diamonds Look Bigger?

Princess cut diamonds are shaped in the form of a square, hence we can never really compare them to different shape sizes. Since square diamonds have sides, they are measured for the diamond size. While, for a circle, we see the diameter is measured. Hence, there is a difference in the size when technically explained. But princess cut diamonds do not look bigger.

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