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How Much Are Tiny Diamonds Worth? – A Complete Valuable Guide 2023

how much tiny diamonds worth

Melee diamonds are tiny loose diamonds that are similar to normally sized diamonds in terms of cuts, clarity, and color. The only difference is in the carat weight of the diamond.

Melee diamonds are diamonds that are available in sizes between 0.005 to 0.20ct carat weight.

Melee diamonds are very versatile, and hence usually bought loose. They come in a variety of colors like blue, pink, yellow, brown, and more.

These small loose diamonds can be incorporated into rings, earrings, and watches and are recently into the trend of hip hop fashion as denture adornments, chains, and jewelry of that sort.

How Much are Tiny Diamonds Worth?

how much are tiny diamonds worth

Tiny diamonds are definitely priced less than a normal diamond, owing to their size. Overall the price of an equivalent weight of tiny diamonds is lesser compared to that of a whole diamond that carats.

Average melee diamonds are worth around $300 per carat, while those of higher clarity of  VVS and higher D color, E color, or more, can cost around $500-800 per carat.

Melee Diamonds Depend on 4C’s

Like normal-sized diamonds, these melee diamonds also depend upon the 4 Cs to gauge their value.

The 4 Cs that make up a diamond are usually the same- Color, Cut, and Clarity, with Carat, in this case, being less than 0.2.


melee diamond cut

There are single-cut and double-cut diamonds with 17-18 and 57-58 facets respectively. The single-cut diamonds are priced way less than that double-cut ones, owing to their shine. The single-cut diamonds are less brilliant than double-cut diamonds and usually used for products like watches, which do not need as much shine.


melee diamond color

The color of a diamond is supposed to be as clear as possible. The clearer the color, the more expensive the diamond. There are natural occurrences of colors like yellow and brown which reduce the value of the diamond.

Certain colored diamonds tend to be more expensive than the rest, owing to their uniqueness of them.


melee diamond clarity

Clarity is basically the measure of inclusions in a diamond. The higher the inclusions in the diamond, the lesser its clarity. The inclusions can be of various colors that impact the shine of the diamond. These allow grading of a diamond to categories like Flawless, Internally Flawless, Very very slightly included(1,2), Very slightly included(1,2), Slightly Included(1,2), and Included(1,2,3).


tiny diamonds for sale

The melee diamonds are usually bigger than 0.005 Carat, in certain cases, they can range up to 0.20 carats as well. The higher the carat weight of a melee diamond, the higher its value.


Melee diamonds are very versatile and can be used to expand the scope of designing various jewelry. It can also be incorporated into watches and other hip-hop fashion statements. These diamonds are usually used for customization as they can be incorporated to create unique designs.

They impart a brilliance that is very unique and can enhance the brilliance of other large gems as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much are tiny diamonds worth?
Tiny diamonds worth $300 to $400 per carat. Tiny diamonds or small loose diamonds are also known as melee diamonds.

Are tiny diamonds cheap?
Merely because of their modest size and lower cost as compared to larger diamond center stones, melee diamonds are frequently liberally employed in engagement ring designs to add dazzle.

What can I do with tiny loose diamonds?
Old jewelry that you don’t like, lost diamond jewelry, and even stray diamonds can all be made into something new. Create several rings out of it, as well as a new necklace, pair of earrings, and bracelet.

How big are melee diamonds?
Melee diamonds are in the carat range of 0.005 to 0.20ct.

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