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Frequently Asked Questions About Rose Cut Diamonds

Frequently Asked Questions About Rose Cut Diamonds

Different types of diamond cuts have different attraction points, and wild around brilliant diamonds have garnered huge popularity in the modern world, there are still some antique diamond cuts that are slowly beginning to make a comeback. Rose cut diamonds are one such type of antique cut.

If you too are thinking of buying a natural rose cut diamond, you must have a lot of questions about it. Here are the most common ones.Rose cut diamond

1. What are Rose Cut Diamonds?

Rose cut diamonds have a flat back and the top of the diamond is domed. The top of the diamond also has triangular facets and the number of these facets can be variable, ranging from as little as three facets to as many as 24. Moreover, the top of the diamond also has a single apex. These types of stones are known as rose cut diamonds, because the facets and their placement are very similar to a rose bud with its petals unfolding.

The appearance of the antique rose cut diamond is heavily influenced by the shape of the rough diamond crystal. When designing the cut of the diamond, diamond cutters often try to preserve as much of the carat weight off the original stone. That is why, you will see that an antique rose cut diamond often has a perimeter that follows the original diamond crystal’s shape, instead of being perfectly round.

Moreover, the rose cut natural diamonds also have a shallow height, or In other words, they are not that deep. This is because the original diamond crystals did not have enough depth for any other shape. Due to this, the natural rose cut diamond shape was preferred because it makes greater use of the thin crystals in the original diamond.

2. Rose Cut Diamonds Came From What Time Period?

Rose cut diamonds were first seen in the 16th century and were extremely popular in Victorian and Georgian times. This makes these diamonds one of the oldest types of diamond shapes. Moreover, they were also the preferred style of diamond shape in Europe in the 18th and 19th century.

Like most of the antique diamonds in those times, they were usually cut by hand and were designed in such a way that they would sparkle under candlelight. The wide and large facets of the rose cut diamond are, therefore, exquisitely beautiful when seen in low-light conditions.

3. What Do Antique Rose Cut Diamonds Look Like?

What Do Antique Rose Cut Diamonds Look Like?

The earliest type of rose cut diamond did not have more than three or six facets which were polished until there was a crystal tip at the top and the bottom of the diamond was flat. Most of these stones were found in the round outline and were extremely popular in the 16th century.

However, with time, the number of facets increased to 12 facet rose cut diamonds. These had a second row of facets, and these gave rise to the full rose cut diamond with 24 facets. It is believed that this type of rose cut diamond originated in the 16th century.

The 24 facet rose cut diamond has cleaved off sections of dodecahedral crystals, which results in the final product looking like a full Dodecahedron. In fact, the more than doubled rose cut diamond is actually very similar to the 24 facet rose cut design That was initially invented in the 16th century.

4. Why are Rose Cut Diamonds Called Rose Cut? What are their other names?

Rose cut diamonds are often called as such because the particular cut in which the original diamond crystal is shaped gives them the appearance of an opening rose bud. Moreover, the diamond also resembles rose petals in such a way that it looks like the facets of the diamond appear to mimic the spiral arrangement of the petals of a rose.

Rose cut natural diamonds often comes in two forms, the single rose cut, and the Rose cut which has additional layers of the facets in the diamond. The single-cut rose diamond, as the name indicates, has a single layer and it is often surrounded by other smaller diamonds. On the other hand, double-layer rose cut diamonds often have the stone in the center.

The double rose cut diamonds but have a that or are extremely high compared to other single layer rose cut diamonds also known as Dutch rose cut diamonds.

5. How to Measure Rose Cut Diamonds?

Rose cut diamonds, and in fact, all types of diamonds, are measured using a very precise diamond instrument that can measure the depth and diameter of loose diamonds. Both of these measurements are taken in millimeters.

It should be noted that the size of the diamond should not be confused with the weight of the diamond. Although both of these properties are closely related, they are also vastly different from each other. The size of a rose cut diamond is measured by checking the actual, physical size of the stone. On the other hand, the weight of the diamond is measured using a set of scales and it is denoted using the unit carat.

There are a variety of diamond measurement tools available in the market and to determine the correct size, diameter, and depth of your diamond, you will need a precise gauging instrument.

This diamond size chart will give you a thorough approach to identifying your correct size.

6. How Old are Rose Cut Diamonds?

Rose cut diamonds first became popular in the late 16th century. The discovery of a large number of diamond stones by Brazilian gold miners in 1725 Resulted in the plummeting of prices of diamonds. As a result, there was suddenly a lost supply of affordable diamonds in Europe.

Moreover, one of the biggest factors for the popularity of those cut diamonds at this time was that nothing sparkled better under candlelight than natural rose cut diamonds. Evening diamond jewelry was largely influenced by technological advances in the processes of candle making.

Before the Georgian era, candles were extremely rare and very expensive, but with the discovery of wick, longer burning and cleaner candles became increasingly popular. The impact of this discovery and invention for the high-society women who wore diamonds in evening parties was huge.

All in all, it is obvious that rose cut natural diamonds then we dated back to as early as the 16th century and the Georgian and Victorian were possibly the time during which they became extremely popular among the masses.

7. Why are Rose Cut Diamonds Cheaper?

Rose cut diamonds, or for that matter, any type of fancy cut diamond is always going to be much cheaper than round brilliant diamonds. This is because of the yield of the rough diamond, Which is directly related to the profitability of the diamond. This is because the carat weight of the polished diamond determines its value and how much it can be sold for.

In other words, when The diamond cutter needs to remove the most amount of material from the rough stone, the cost of the final polished stone increases. This is because every percentage of the carat weight removed from the rough diamond equals money being lost. Moreover, this also requires specialized labor.

For the round cut brilliant diamond, the amount of material removed is so great that it increases the overall cost of the Polished diamond massively. On the other hand, fancy cut diamonds like rose cut diamonds, oval cut diamonds, and emerald cut diamonds make better use of the rough stone, as they require less material to be removed.

This is why round brilliant cut diamonds are the most expensive per carat, as they require the removal of the most amount of material from the rough stone. Rose cut diamonds do not require a large amount of material to be removed from the rough stone, that is why they are cheaper.

8. Why Choose Rose Cut Diamond?

Roses have symbolized love and romance for centuries. Choosing a natural rose cut diamond can be a symbolic gesture, representing the timeless and enduring nature of love. In a market saturated with traditional diamond cuts, choosing a rose cut diamond sets you apart.

Choosing a natural rose cut diamond can add a touch of vintage allure to your jewelry, creating a timeless and romantic feel. It can be easily incorporated into various settings, making it suitable for engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and other jewelry pieces.

It can be customized into different shapes like oval shape, pear shape, round shape, hexagon shape, pear shape, kite shape, etc. making it a compelling option for those seeking a distinctive and meaningful piece of jewelry.

One of the standout features of rose cuts is their capacity to appear nearly twice their actual carat weight. This unique characteristic allows individuals to achieve a significantly larger and more impressive look without the need for a hefty budget.

9. How to Clean Rose Cut Diamonds?

There are three ways to clean a rose cut diamond ring without damaging the diamond or the metal in which the stone has been set:

Using water and soap:

Dish soap mixed with lukewarm water can be used for cleaning diamond jewelry. However, it should be noted that gentle soaps that do not have any harmful chemicals should be used. You can also use toothpaste to clean the ring.

Jewelry cleaners:

These are commercially available solutions that are suited for cleaning different types of metals and diamond rings. However, when you are picking out the right type of jewelry cleaner for your rose cut diamond ring, you should make sure that the cleaner is specifically created for cleaning diamond rings that feature the setting of your ring.

Ultrasonic cleaners:

These are small machines that make it extremely easy and safe for you to clean any type of jewelry in just a few minutes. They are also extremely affordable and very similar to the cleaning machines that are used in Jewelry shops. However, when buying an ultrasonic cleaner make sure that you choose one from a reputable company.

10. Where to Buy Natural Rose Cut Diamonds?

You can find the best value for naturally occurring rose cut diamonds wholesale at RRP Diamond, that is, if lab-created diamonds are not your thing. The company works out the middleman and offers wholesale prices to all its customers.

Additionally, they also offer a variety of bonus features like free shipping all over the world for all of their order, free resizing, a manufacturer guarantee, and a promo code for the best discount. Combined with the wholesale prices, you really cannot get the best value for natural, mined diamond rose cut diamonds anywhere else other than RRPDiamond.

Closing Thoughts

All in all, Rose cut natural diamonds offer a unique perspective and a host of advantages over round brilliant diamonds. If you are a fan of antique cuts and want something unique rose cut diamond ring for your loved ones, it might be worth checking out this amazing cut.

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