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We are revamping our website, you might get some issues while browsing, kindly message us on +91 9016106290 or email us at info@rrpdiamonds.com

About Us

Our Story

41+ Years of Experience in Diamond Industry

RRP Diamond is established in 1983, For over 41+ years, We believe that diamonds should not cost lives. thus, we proudly manufacturing conflict free & ethically sourced diamonds.

RRP Diamond is a trend-forward supplier of 100% GIA, IGI & GCAL certified natural diamonds.

We begin telling your diamond purchase quick and affordable by offering IGI & GIA certified customized eco-friendly natural diamonds – Melee diamonds, Loose diamonds, Fancy shape such as round, marquise, princess, heart, oval, pear, radiant, asscher, emerald, baguette, and custom shape natural diamonds.

Our Natural Diamonds are 100% Conflict-Free, Ethically Sourced, and Recyclable. 100% Customizable to size, shape, color, and clarity, cut, and carat.


Own Manufacturing Unit

We have our own diamond manufacturing unit called RRP Diamond in India who deal Globally with wholesale customers.

Lowest Prices

We craft diamonds at our own manufacturing unit so you will get diamonds at wholesale price than other platforms.

Secure Shopping

Our site uses SSL encryption technology. This is the most advanced security software currently available for online transactions.

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