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We are revamping our website, you might get some issues while browsing, kindly message us on +91 9016106290 or email us at info@rrpdiamonds.com

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Over 40% savings on retail prices of Natural Diamond! No inventory costs, store costs, and overhead costs. Diamonds shipped directly from the manufacturer to your doorstep.

40,000+ GIA/IGI Certified Natural Diamonds

Diamonds directly from those that cut and polish the stones – Direct to the factory, we’re uniquely placed to offer you the world’s most luxurious stones at a price that’s affordable.

Fancy Cut Diamonds are handmade to order by our master craftsmen

We strongly believe that as no two diamonds are alike, neither should the jewelry and we make each piece to order which in turn keeps our costs down and therefore the price you pay. we will make the custom shape Natural diamonds just for you.

You’re in the right hands

With a company founder that is a third-generation diamond manufacturer and a combined experience within our workshops of over 41+ years, we know what it takes to make your unique purchase extra special.

Thousands of happy customers

Don’t just take our word for it, we have made so many dreams come true with our Natural diamonds and you can read online from those that have experienced our products and customer service.

Manufacturer Warranty

All our items are covered against our manufacturer warranty such as a production warranty that addresses any manufacturing issues within 7 days.

Why Choose Us

Worldwide Delivery

We ship Worldwide. Wherever you are, we will dispatch your item to you fully insured by us until the item has reached your address.

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