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Stylish Tips For Storing Safe Your Fine Diamond Jewelry

Everybody wants to keep their diamonds, pearls, and gold safe. No one wants their jewelry to get in the wrong hands. There has been a rise in the cases of burglaries, hence you would definitely want your house to be protected along with the precious diamonds you possess. Here are a few ways you can safeguard your valuable diamonds & pearls while at home.

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Have a Locker at Home 

Keeping a ‘safe hidden box’ at home is a good way to protect your jewelry. Fix up a safe locker in any concealed space at your home, with a well-protected password lock. Be careful who you share your password with, try to minimize it only to trusted people.

There are various possible options where you can find safe lockers with a variety of key-lock or password-lock systems available in the market.  You can choose from some creative choices of lock systems, wherein the safety box is made to look like another object entirely so no one will ever doubt it. It’s up to your preference, what size, quality of locker, and security system will best fit your needs. 

According to the ongoing trend, you can get a multiple-lock system. That would lower the risk of any kind of theft to a bare minimum. The more locks, the better, hence this option is considered better than having a basic jewelry box.

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Get a Well-Protected Security System

There are a lot of options for putting up a security system. For a precautionary basis, have a security hi-tech camera system at all corners of the house. Which will allow you to keep track of what is going on near your house even if you’re not present there. 

Motion detectors, surveillance systems, alarms system are efficient ways to protect your jewelry. With the newer technologies coming in the future, there is an impressive number of options for basic or modernized security systems. 

Keep a system that alarms the police in cases when you are out and there is a ‘break-in’. You don’t need to be available 24/7 at your house. Somebody else has to be a watchdog, hence the new technology of security systems can do the work for you. Hence in such cases, a 24 hours security system is the best way to protect your house.

Keep a close check on who visits your home

Always stay on your toes when you let visitors into your home. If you are letting in people who you don’t know well, for work purposes, keep a check that they mind their own work rather than doing something they aren’t supposed to do; like snooping. Try being home for repairs, deliveries, and other different services. It’s always best to have damage control, hence keeping a secondary security system for faster actions. 

Jewelry would be the first place, anyone with a motive, would look for it. Stay protected beforehand. 

Don’t let unknown people or service providers from the repair or service companies roam around in the house without your assistance and permission. Especially not your bedroom, your bedroom is the only target place where one can find expensive things other than jewelry, stones, etc. A burglar or a thief would always put their hands on your wallet, purse, watches, or other valuable essentials. 

Don’t leave your valuables in the open

Try keeping your safe locker and other valuables at a hidden place. Somewhere only you and your family members have access to. Don’t keep your jewelry in clear plain sight. 

Tip: If and when you are cleaning or reorganizing your house, your valuables shouldn’t be in your reach.

It’s best to have a safe locker, but this is for temporary purposes. Keep your safe out of sight and reach. Make sure your valuables are well hidden and concealed.  Some secret place you might have created. Creativity is the best option for cases like these.

When cooking or working with water, take your hand jewelry off and keep them at a destined place far away from any holes/sink. There are possibilities that your ring may wash down the drain. It’s best to take precautions rather than wait for damage.

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Insurance policy or keep your jewelry in the bank

Another secure way you can protect your valuables is by getting insurance for them. You should always have a backup option in case something bad happens to your jewelry and ornaments. If you search online you would be able to find a whole lot of companies that are dealing in jewelry, precious stones, gold, and other valuables while providing insurance on these precious items. 

You can find a variety of options available in the market that would cover everything from natural causes or theft. Mutual jewelry groups are a good way for securing, as they help in covering all types of damage as loss, burglary, natural causes of damage, and disappearance of valuables.

It’s best to have a safe and secure option if in any case, any mishap occurs.

Being safe when wearing jewelry at home

Try following the instructions below for being extra safe even when you are home.

  • Keep a close check that you don’t sleep with valuable jewelry on. Because you never know when you might hit the bed stand, or a corner and damage those precious stones & valuable diamond.

Your diamonds may hurt someone who might be sleeping with you in case of sudden movements.

  • In case, when taking a shower, make sure your jewelry is in a safe place where you only have access. Your earrings or rings may tend to slip off due to water and get lost.
  • It’s best when toddlers or children are kept away from jewelry. Your jewels can be dangerous for your kid and at the same time, your child can also be dangerous for your jewelry.

You might have small earrings or studs or bracelets.  If not kept at a distance, children may ingest them or misplace them. Kids have a thing for sparkly stuff.

  • Pets can also be a threat to your valuable items. It’s best to keep them at bay. As said above, keep your jewelry concealed. You can also go to luxury safe lockers with multiple security systems.

Regular checks of your precious items

It’s always better to regularly check your valuables for better security. Always remember where and in what circumstances have you kept your stones and other jewelry. Get a password-protected safe locker and keep it only within the knowledge of closed ones or no one at all. It’s advised that you don’t share your password but in case you tend to forget them, give access to only those people you can rely upon.

What should you prefer more?

Nobody wants the wrong eyes on their home and valuables. 90% of the people prefer either well-protected, full-fledged security systems and surveillance equipment installed in their homes.

Or the other option is to keep your gold and stones in a safe bank. Safe banks are the most secure options to keep your jewelry. There are various mutual fund groups where you can protect your engagement rings and other diamond jewelry. As it’s obvious, home is the first place where a burglar would look for the attempt of crime. 

As banks are a government-run sector, you can put in your full trust in them in keeping your things safe behind you. Nothing better when someone else can take care of your things for you, isn’t it?

How to Hide Valuables in Plain Sight

        There are a lot of ways by which you can hide your jewelry in plain as well. We can suggest a few places where you can conceal your jewelry in plain sight and nobody would get a hint. 

  • Picture frames are a good way to conceal. You can hide your stones by filling an envelope with them and sticking the envelope behind the photo frames on the wall.
  • Wall clocks are also a good way to keep your valuables safe in plain sight. You can keep these jewels in keeping them in a safe box and hiding them behind wall clocks.
  • Behind safe drawers. In this case, you need to remember where you are keeping this jewelry. Use this option only when you need to hide small jewels, stones, or earrings. 
  • If you have an attic space, get a hidden locker made with multiple lock systems. An attic is a place where only you and trusted allies have access. Hence it is a good place to keep your valuables safe.
  • Empty opaque containers in the kitchen. Kitchen containers are a good place to hide your valuables in disguise. Nobody doubts a good kitchen cupboard filled with containers and a disguised one. But do remember to mark out your disguised containers in case you confuse this with the other items.
  • Behind furniture is also a good way to conceal your valuables. It’s best to opt for heavy furniture as it’s difficult to move it.

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What You Should NOT Do:

  • Don’t let anyone else take care of your things for you be it at home or in public. You never know what motivates a person can have towards your belongings. 
  • Be extra cautious when you are outside. Snatchers have become the new normal, that too, unfortunately.  Hence it’s better to have an extra eye on your surroundings even when you feel the safest.
  • Don’t let your kids anywhere near your precious belongings.  They are very young to understand the worth hence they might misplace them or any mishap can take place. 
  • Be careful with your belongings when you are working your daily chores. Your rings may slip out of your fingers!

All of these steps if taken care can definitely help you in keeping your jewelry safe and sound. Understandably, some of these methods may sound a bit odd, but given that they are tired and tested it is recommended that you try them out if you are looking for a proper way to keep your diamonds safe

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