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Difference between Full Cut and Single Cut Diamonds – Which one to choose?

Full Cut Diamonds vs Single Cut Diamonds

What is Diamond Cutting?

The diamonds, which we extract from the ground are in a rough and irregular shape, which are improper to be used for any purpose mainly ornament designing. So these rough stones are cleaned up and shaped into a gem with many facets. This shaping of a rough stone by hand or by a machine into a shiny gem is what diamond cutting is.

Diamond cutting

A good cut adds a great value to the appearance of a diamond, which is the topmost priority while making any jewelry piece.  A cut decides most of the reflection that happens in a diamond. If the cut is improper, then it can turn a high-quality diamond into a less lustrous stone which is considered poor in jewelry designing. A high-quality diamond is a diamond that has a perfect color grade and clarity. To avoid the wastage of rough stone and to use the maximum portion of the rough stone, different diamond shapes are made using computerized designing.

The diamond cut is done, usually in terms of the number of facets. To give a particular shape to a diamond, rough stones are cut with many faces which further decides what type of cut a diamond holds.  Each type has a pre-specified number of standard cuts.

The two most known type of diamonds in the ornament industry is Single cut diamonds and Full cut diamonds. The chances are you might be knowing about what single cut diamonds and full-cut diamonds are even if you are a little bit familiar with diamonds and diamond jewelry. If you are not, we have all the information regarding them here. Just continue reading.

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What are Full Cut Diamonds?

Full Cut Diamonds are diamonds, which have a standard cut specification of 57 or 58 facets. The maximum number of diamonds are made with this standard cut that is most of the diamonds are full-cut diamonds. The cuts on the rough stone are placed taking two criteria into account, one that they provide the best brilliance and two gaining maximum use and producing minimum waste of the rough stone. 57 or 58 is a large number for facets to cut and so it is difficult for the jewelers to cut that many faces on small rough stones and hence large stones are preferable for full-cut diamonds. Full cut diamonds require a lot of time, precision, and hard work of brilliant workers and for the same reason are made using machines.

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What are Single Cut Diamonds?

Full cut and single cut diamond

The meaning, which the name suggests that is a diamond with just one cut does not correlate with what the reality is. All the diamonds with a facet number other than 57 or 58 are considered to be under single cut diamonds. These are also called melee diamonds. Usually, the standard facet number for single cut diamonds is 16 to 18. Single cutting is most probably done on small rough stones as it is easier and it does not really make a huge difference whether small stones are singly cut or fully cut because the differences made are barely noticeable due to the small size when used as accent stones. When some stones are in process of a full cutting, it might happen that the jewelers discover them to be incapable of bearing any further cuts, they are left as they are and are not taken to a standard threshold of  57 or 58 cuts and are called single cut diamonds.

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What all to consider while deciding what type of cut works best for you?

It is quite understandable from the above information that the full-cut diamonds have more brilliance and are prettier than single cut diamonds. When a full cut is practiced to a small rough stone the brilliance produced is extraordinary and cannot be compared to single cut diamonds. So if you are looking for an ornament where the whole focus is on the diamond, like wedding rings or single stone pendants, full-cut diamonds are the best choice for you.

If you are looking for something which includes a combination of different diamonds such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or watches, single diamonds are used as accent stones. Accent stones are the ones that are used as the side stones around the main center stone. Besides this, single cut diamonds have a clear sparkle due to less number of facets and are also preferable to some people.

Pricing of the diamonds is usually done taking few factors into consideration like the amount of work that has been done on it, the type of work that has been done on it, and the quality of the diamond used. The quality of the diamond further depends on the color grade, size, and clarity of the rough stone.

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Full cut diamonds take a lot of hard work, time, and precision and so it is obvious for them to be pretty expensive than single cut diamonds. Full cutting on small rough stones as accent stones is not much of a worth but it does increase the price unreasonably as the main focus is on the center stone and single cut side stones work just fine as well. Neglecting all this, we must not ignore the fact that the extraordinary brilliance and beauty which we get from fully cut diamonds certainly compensates for their heavy pricing.

Now that you have all the information about full-cut diamonds and single cut diamonds, we hope you can easily find the brilliant gem you are looking for. We can assure you whatever cut you choose for your diamond you will feel happy because who doesn’t love them some diamonds.  


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