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Certified Loose Diamonds at Wholesale Prices

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Loose Diamonds Wholesale

Diamonds are expensive due to their limited availability, and the constantly high demand for these beautiful gems. They don’t always appear this mesmerizing and sparkly, it is only after these Loose Diamonds Crystals are processed that they get their bright and eye-candy look. After processing the diamond crystal the gem that we get is a diamond with a specific cut. We are at RRP Diamond, today we discuss a definitive guide to buying loose diamonds. Before we start let me introduce my company. RRP Diamond is a Loose Diamonds supplier at Wholesale Price based in India. RRP Diamonds – Diamond Manufacturer And Exporter. RRP Diamond is a leading natural loose diamonds manufacturer based in India

Introduction to Loose diamonds

Diamonds that are not attached to any other material and are just independent units/gems are called loose diamonds. It is only when these diamonds are embarked on top of another material like platinum, gold, silver, etc. do they come to be known as jewelry.

Buy Loose Diamonds Online at Wholesale Price RRP

It is preferred by many individuals to Buy Loose Diamonds rather than a whole completed jewelry set. The reason being, when you have the main component you can easily decide what will be the end result or final product.

Loose diamonds are basically diamonds that are cut, polished, inspected, and made ready for sale. It is not always that people prefer buying loose diamonds just for jewelry, but many times it is used for an investment purpose.

Now the thing is just like any other product or merchandise present in the market, you should know how to buy it. Like you should be aware of the cost, the quality provided for a given range, where to get the best loose diamonds sale and many other factors.

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How to Buy Loose Diamonds – Buying Guide

The thing is just like any other product or merchandise present in the market, you should know how to buy it. Like you should be aware of the cost, the quality provided for a given range, where to get the best loose diamonds sale and many other factors.

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In order to help you out, we have brought forward all the information we could gather on wholesale loose diamonds, which includes loose diamonds prices, loose diamond pricing, loose diamonds for sale, loose diamonds for wholesale, and much more.

Determine the quality of loose diamond while purchasing – In the diamond industry, it is easy to be conned by someone as they might sell you a diamond that doesn’t great quality, for a high price. Or there are cases present where people have ended up paying a hefty sum for fake diamonds.

So being able to determine the quality of a loose diamond is needed. In case of loose diamonds you first need to check the 4 C’s of loose diamonds:

    • Cut
    • Carat
    • Clarity

    • Color

These are the 4 main factors that determine the value of a diamond. It should be noted that just because a diamond looks precise, attractive, and of good quality doesn’t mean it’s a good diamond. As they say ‘looks deceive’ is also pretty accurate in the case of diamonds.

Cutting Of Loose Diamonds

The cut of a diamond does contribute to the shape of the stone but it is mainly done to decide how light will refract. The shape of the diamond basically determines its appearance. The cut is what perceives it as beautiful, the symmetry, and the number of facets is a major factor for the price that is set for the diamonds.

The cut given to a diamond has three major effects on it:

    • Brilliance: It is basically the combination of light that gets reflected off every surface of a diamond to produce brightness.
    • Scintillation: The flashy phenomenon that occurs when a diamond is moved

    • Fire: The dispersion of light of the visible spectrum

The increase and decrease of the following are purely dependent on how the cut of the diamond.

The tricky part of producing a state of the art level diamond is that there is a particular ratio that needs to be maintained. When a diamond is cut from a diamond crystal, the maximum yield to extraordinary cut needs to be maintained. This is because people who buy loose diamonds want their gems to be as big as possible with the best cuts that enhance appearance.

This makes it a bit of a challenge for the diamond cutter, as getting that optimum cut without much loss is not an easy task. Many times it is seen that a diamond may be big but won’t have the best diamond cut or shape. Many times it can be seen the cutter sacrificing weight for appearance. This is why it is important to make sure what type of cut-grade is your diamond because the higher the cut grade more expensive the gem.

The various types of Loose diamond cuts are mentioned below

cutting loose diamonds, loose diamonds, RRP Diamonds, black diamonds

    • Round
    • Princess
    • Cushion
    • Marquise
    • Emerald
    • Radiant
    • Pear

    • Oval

These are the most famous and desirable cuts for loose diamonds that are flourishing the market, there may be other types of custom cuts available in the market but these are the most preferred ones.

While buying a diamond you need to take care of not overlooking flaws, some of these flaws are due to the cut of the diamond. There are a variety of cuts available for diamonds but it should be noted that a diamond cut shouldn’t be too deep or too shallow.

When a diamond cut is too shallow, light entering strikes the faces at a low angle and passes through the facets, and then exits out the bottom of the diamond.

While when a diamond is cut too deep, it results in the light entering to reflect with a very sharp angle which gets reflected in the second facet and then refracts out of the diamond from the bottom.

A properly cut diamond will have light entering, reflect from every face and then refract out. This results in that sparkling and shiny effect.

As of now, the round brilliant cut with 57 facets is the most popular and trending diamond cut in the market.

Loose Diamond Carat Size

Carat size plays an important role in purchasing diamonds as diamonds are priced on the basis of their carat. Many a time’s people misinterpret carat to be the value of the size of a diamond. But instead ‘carat’ is a specific unit of weight in which the diamond is measured and does not resemble size. A carat is equivalent to 0.2grams, which seems very less but a diamond is of great value.

Even after knowing the difference between size and carat, it is still a bit hard to imagine what a particular diamond will look like just on the basis of what is its carat value.

A great number of people believe that the more the ‘carat’, the bigger will be the diamond, which is not at all true. The size is not at all determined by the carat of a diamond. A 4-carat diamond doesn’t have to be exactly twice the size of a 2-carat diamond. There can be a negligible difference but not in their loose diamond prices.

Comparison of two diamond’s carat size:

This is just to help you understand why diamonds with the same carat size, may have different sizes. There are mainly two reasons:

    1. The length to width ratio may be different between the two diamonds: Loose diamonds for sale have a length to width ratio. It is this ratio that gives a diamond either a narrow look or a broad look or a square look. The preferred length to width ratio is 1:1, if you want your diamond to be a bit longer then the ratio will be 1:1.10 and if you want your diamond to be broad then the ratio will be 0.90:1. These ratios can be adjusted and may vary we just showed you the length and width ratio of popular loose diamonds for sale.
    2. The crown area may differ in both diamonds. Meaning the surface area of the top of both the diamonds may be varying. This will result in one appearing bigger than the other even if they have the same carat size.

It should be noted that diamonds of the same carat sizes can have different prices due to the differences in their cut, color, size, clarity. It is recommended that you fully observe your diamond before buying one.

Clarity Of Loose Diamonds

Another key feature responsible for the loose diamonds pricing is clarity. This doesn’t just refer to how clean the cuts are made on a diamond, but rather the purity of the gem.

As diamonds are found in rough crystal form, due to the pressure that has been put on them over centuries. These so-called precious gems tend to have many inclusions or imperfections. These imperfections lie within the diamond and are sometimes the main reason why a diamond is cut into such small pieces.

clarity of loose diamonds, loose diamonds, black diamonds, diamonds, RRP Diamonds

It’s the position of the imperfection that also matters, if the imperfection is in the middle of the diamond it will affect the whole look of the diamond. The whole pressure falls on the diamond cutters who try to make the cuts in such a way that the imperfections or inclusions aren’t in the gem or not properly visible.

Many a time it is seen that these cuts are made in such a way that these birthmarks of diamonds are placed near the facets or near the girdle so that these are not able to be seen by the customers.

Now the word clarity here determines how many imperfections a diamond consists of, greater the imperfections less would be the clarity. To help determine the clarity of a diamond the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) has prepared a ranking list so that these diamonds can be ranked and made easier for you to determine and purchase.

These rankings are as follows:

  • FL: This grade is given to those diamonds that are considered flawless; they don’t tend to have imperfections or any irregular cuts. Even if you magnify to an extent you won’t be able to see any irregularities. Most of the famous diamonds in the world are of this grade.
  • IF: This grade is known as internally flawless, as there are no imperfections within the diamonds just some blemishes. And these blemishes will appear only after you magnify x10 and then view the diamond.
  • VVS1/VVS2: These are those diamonds that are having ‘very very slight inclusions. There are two types; VVS1- is given when these slight inclusions are visible from the pavilion. While VVS2- is given to those loose diamonds whose imperfections can be viewed from the crown.
  • VS1/VS2: Unlike the upper counterpart, these diamonds have ‘very slight inclusions, which are visible at a skilled grader with 10x magnification. The two types are VS1-the flaws in this grade of diamond are invisible to the naked eye. While in VS2- the so-called flaws can be visible with the naked eye but only if you look at the gem really close.
  • I1/I2/I3: This refers to the diamonds that are included and can be easily visible under magnification. I3 is the least preferred grade as it tends to hinder the diamond’s durability.

The color of Loose Diamonds

While diamonds are generalized to the plain transparent color, many people believe that there is only one color of diamonds. This is certainly not true, there are a variety of colors of diamonds, Black Diamonds, pink, green, yellow, red, etc.

The color also plays an important role in the loose diamonds pricing. There are loose diamonds wholesale just on the basis of colors as people want a variety of choices, not just the plain simple colorless diamonds.

A perfectly and chemically intact diamond with no impurities tends to have a colorless diamond look. But perfection isn’t always the case when it comes to these processed rough crystals. Many diamonds have impurities in their chemical composition, this results in the different variety of colors that we see today.

Loose Color Diamonds Wholesale by RRP Diamond

These so-called impurities don’t harm the diamond in any way but just give them a different color or tint. The diamonds with the highest impurities are black diamonds; it is due to these impurities that these black diamonds seem to be opaque.

As said earlier a diamond’s price can vary due to its color, it can be seen that the intensity and hue of diamonds become the reason for either its high rates or low value. Like white diamonds have a bit lower price than their counterparts due to the fact that there is a more extractable yellow hue.

While pink and blue diamonds are highly valuable due to their color intensity and hue. The rarest and most expensive diamonds are red diamonds.

The many types of diamond colors are mentioned below:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Steel-gray
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Brown

  • Black

Different shades of these colors are also available, all depending on the intensity and presence of impurities.

GIA has prepared a grading list for diamonds and is as follows:

  • Colorless- D/E/F
  • Near Colorless- G/H/I/J
  • Faint Yellow- K/L/M
  • Very Light Yellow-N/O/P/Q/R
  • Light Yellow-S/T/U/V/W/X/Y/Z

Each grade presents the amount of impurity a diamond has in it. The clearest and best grade of diamond is grade ‘D’. The color grade has a great effect on loose diamond prices.

That’s all for the 4C’s that need to be taken into consideration for loose diamonds sale.

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Certification Of Loose Diamonds

If you’re going to spend a hefty sum of money on loose diamonds wholesale, you should be very eager to see the certification of these gems. The loose diamonds pricing if affected by the certification, a store which doesn’t have a certificate may be selling you fake diamond and trying to rip you off.

Henceforth it is recommended that by loose diamonds from a place that has the proper certificates from ‘GIA’ or ‘AGS’. This will give you peace of mind that the money you are about to spend is going to be worth the product.


While looking for a loose diamond sale you should keep in mind what type of diamond do you exactly want and under what price range. Make a combination of the 4C’s; like if you want a black diamond of 6 carats, and cushion cut and complete clarity then what will you have to pay. You have to keep an open mindset because buying loose diamonds will leave you with plenty of choices and might even lead you into a dilemma.

So make sure you know what you are buying these gems for and how they will be used, in a combination of what material, how big should it be, etc.

Use of Loose Diamonds

Do many people wonder as to what is the use of buying diamonds independently? Well, it works both for an investment purpose and as something you will hold close to your heart. The pricing of loose diamonds is very different in comparison to regular jewels.

You can buy these gems and then modify them according to your own will, use them for engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets. When you buy loose diamonds it gives you an upper hand as to what you want your jewelry’s final look to be.

We hope you found this whole article useful and helpful in your quest to buy loose diamonds or just diamonds in general.

Even while purchasing online, please be careful in reading the policies and agreements before buying loose diamonds. Take into consideration that they have valid certificates and that it is an authentic website.


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