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Top 10 Fantastic Facts About Black Diamonds

You must have read our previous blogs on Black Diamonds. Now, once again, we are here to reveal the meaning of a black diamond, along with a few interesting facts about diamonds. 

Black diamond

Black Diamond Meaning 

Though there are several black diamond meanings prevalent throughout the world, there is a common notion for understanding its meaning. The generalized meaning of black diamond is Superiority. 

A black diamond has been symbolized as power and authority. It enhances the charisma of a person. It is a symbol of eternal, flawless, and unchanging love. The magnificent dark color of the diamond also relates to magical powers. 

Interesting Facts About Black Diamond

Moving further, let’s discuss some of the diamond facts and know deeper about this beautiful diamond. We are discussing some physical facts as well as facts related to the composition of the diamond. 

I will probably specify the most Interesting realities about black diamonds. First, we have such a huge amount of black diamonds because we are a popular name in the black diamonds business. 

  1. Chemistry behind Carbonado 

Black diamonds are also called carbonado diamonds. Indeed, it profoundly contained carbon atoms in it. The word carbonado is a Portuguese expression that implies a murky dim diamond. 

Did you at any point realize that the other name of the black diamond would be this one? Not many of us know, and it’s truly intriguing. Many don’t have a clue. But, it’s truly exciting to know this relative name of the black diamonds. 

  1. Found only in Central Africa and Brazil 

You must be wondering that one can buy diamonds in any place around the world. But, the origin of black diamonds is just from two mainlands; one in Brazil, South America, and one in Central Africa. Isn’t it odd that in the past, the two terrains had been moderately close? 

  1. Carbon Isotope is a Black Diamond 

Black diamonds are otherwise called Carbon Isotope, which implies they are a similar substance component; however, they have distinctive nuclear weight and properties. Possibly a reason behind why black diamonds are more earnestly to cut than other extravagant colored diamonds. 

  1. Storage In the Alluvial Soil

Typically you can discover diamonds in Kimberly stores; however, you can discover black diamonds just close to Alluvial stores. These are stores and silt that are shaped by some running wellspring of water or a stream. 

  1. Fusion of Smaller Black Diamonds

Huge Black Diamonds are composed of numerous more modest dark gems. Ordinarily, diamonds are a strong solitary stone; however, these are bound together by inner considerations that hold a great many more modest pieces together. 

It is known as a polycrystalline construction, and it is why it has a dim shading, and it is likewise the justification for the dull dark spots on the diamond. 

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6. Whether a Curse or a Blessing 

Ancient Indian people used to consider black diamonds as a revelation because they take after the shade of an arachnid or snake’s eyes. The tale was even received as the portrayal of Yama, The God Of Death. 

On the contrary, Albeit, Italian individuals used to trust it as an indication of compromise. For example, Italian people accepted that wearing a black diamond would bring them favorable luck in their married life. Therefore they used black diamonds in their wedding bands or engagement rings. 

  1. Theories of Black Diamonds Formation 

There are three fundamental hypotheses about the formation of black diamonds. First, it incorporates a hypothesis that the arrangement of the black diamonds was because of a transient effect. Another theory says that black diamonds were formed because of a shooting star.

Another hypothesis is that black diamonds are formed due to radiation. Finally, a few researchers conjecture that dark diamonds come through hydrogen-rich interstellar space and enter the earth through a space rock some 2-3 million years ago. 

  1. Black Diamonds are the Hardest

The sturdiness of black diamonds is more than some other diamonds; its strength is ten on the Mohs scale. What’s more, its polycrystalline structure makes it hard to cut, contrasted with some other colored diamonds. 

  1. Absorption of Light Instead of Reflection

As we all know, black color absorbs light to a greater extent. Similarly, black diamonds don’t sparkle for the most part. ThThis is because theyetain the light instead of reflecting it, which implies their appearance comes from their surface, which is cleaned very much like a marble stone. 

  1. Extravagant Black Orlov Diamonds 

Dark Orlov is one of the well-known Fancy Black Diamonds weighing practically 67.50 Carats, which is believed to be revealed after a few proprietors have taken their lives grievously while possessing the precious stone. 

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Conclusion Thoughts

So, how you find these facts interesting or not. Diamonds are themselves a miracle, and when it’s a black diamond, it has lots of facts associated with it. If you still have any queries related to black diamonds, you can connect with our gem experts at RRP Diamonds and get your queries resolved. 

Black Diamonds

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