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A Comparative Analysis Between Black and White Diamond 

White and black diamond

Numerous people don’t have the slightest idea what black and white diamonds are. However, certain – black diamonds look quite slick on the web, isn’t that so? Anyway, how can we say whether they are genuine or lab-grown? 

What makes these diamonds look black? How are black diamonds made? What tone do they truly have? (We realize D and E are generally excellent colors for clear/exemplary diamonds and the opposite finish of the diamond range). 

You have read so many blogs on our portal related to black diamonds. This blog will reveal the secret of a white diamond and a comparison between black and white diamonds. So, let’s begin with what is a white diamond.

What is a White Diamond

White diamond

A white diamond is not a colourless diamond. It is not colour graded as per the GIA D-to-Z colour scale because they are not colourless. They are white. White colour does not appear on the colour spectrum.

You must have read in your science book that white colour is the sum of all the colours of the visible spectrum in your childhood. Therefore, GIA does not include white colour diamonds in their colourless to coloured diamond scale.

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Black Vs White Diamond – How to Know the Difference

While black diamonds are synthetically indistinguishable from white diamonds, the black diamonds’ design is fundamentally different. This distinction makes most black diamonds absorb more light, which makes them look dull. Black diamonds are more permeable contrasted with white diamonds. 

Diverse Color of Diamond White & Black

Color of black and white diamond

The colour contrast between black versus white diamonds is clear; notwithstanding, it is critical to note black diamonds are not just bad quality diamonds. Black diamonds aren’t simply standard diamonds, dissimilar to what a few groups accept. 

Though black diamond tones are not just “inclusions” of the diamond clearness, it also applies to the number. The perceivability and size of outer and inward imperfections. At the same time, black diamond clearness might be reviewed as low. 

Thus, the common white diamond clarity grades aren’t valuable in black diamonds degree. However, though they are different in colours, they both have their beauty and value in jewellery. 

Cost Comparison Between White and Black Diamond

Black diamonds are less expensive than white diamonds. It is mostly because many black diamonds are indeed created in the labs these days. On the other hand, natural black diamonds are extremely uncommon. 

Are these Black Diamonds to be in esteem at a comparable level with their white/yellow partners? Or on the other hand, would it be advisable for them to be less expensive? There are numerous questions in a purchaser’s mind, and the response to these questions is NO. 

Black Diamonds became stylish lately. In any case, presently, they are a most loved inclination for most diamond sweethearts. Individuals regularly get hazy about the veritable worth of black diamonds. 

Treated black diamonds are less expensive than white diamonds, while Carbonado diamonds are more costly. Specialists guarantee these are the most costly diamonds on the planet. 

Being a Diamond proficient in this field, our diamond experts would take you to the viewpoint of diamond producers and portray what black diamonds genuinely are. There are two types of black diamonds, the two of which are 100% certified. 

Be that as it may, there is as yet a wide contrast in their cost and quality, notwithstanding the interaction of their creation. On the other hand, white diamonds come in only one quality with a comparatively higher price. 

How to Identify Fake vs, Real Diamond 

There are two options to determine real and fake diamonds. The first option is to take an expert’s help. An expert who can do a diamond test using professional equipment. Or second, if you don’t get professional help, you can use some DIY tricks. Some of these are –


This is an extremely easy diamond test because all you need is sandpaper. Rub the gritty side of the sandpaper against the stone. A real diamond won’t be affected by the sandpaper and should remain in perfect condition. However, if it’s some fake diamond, then it will scratch.


The read-through test is exactly what it sounds like: a diamond test where you attempt to read the text through the diamond. This method is helpful to test a loose diamond. Get a sheet of paper with plain black text on it. Turn the diamond upside down. Look through the upturned diamond to read the words on paper. If it is a real diamond, you can’t read through it.


Synthetic or fake stones sparkle less than real diamonds. With light reflection, look for shades of gray. Synthetic stones, such as cubic zirconia, sparkle with more iridescent colours. Natural diamonds reflect light in more grayish shades. So, if yours is a stone of many colours, it’s probably synthetic.

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Purchasing White Diamonds from RRP Diamonds

If any purchaser has any questions concerning our White or Black diamonds, consistently go ahead and email us or reach us. We are the main producer and provider of authentic colour upgraded black diamonds and white diamonds.

We are having an amazing collection of diamond jewellery also. You can also customize your white diamond in your jewellery. Furthermore, that is indeed, and that will end up being a significant purchase for your well-deserved cash. 

Henceforth, black and white diamonds at RRP Diamonds are fares to practically more than 20 nations and have acquired wide acknowledgment among the numerous renowned adornment architects throughout the planet.


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