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Different Black Diamond Shape: Which One You Like the Most?

Different Black Diamond Shape

Black diamond shape has consistently been a piece of a secret to numerous individuals. In what shapes are they accessible and how does it stand unique concerning its partner common diamond?
Some of the reasons for the same are as follows;

Distinct Color: Unlike typical diamonds, which sparkle transparently, black diamonds have an intriguing deep black tint that makes them stand out.

Opaque Nature: Black natural diamonds are opaque, which contributes to their uniqueness and makes them visually remarkable, in contrast to their transparent counterparts.

Scientific Mystery: There is some scientific disagreement on the precise reason behind the black color of these diamonds, which adds to the allure of these rare jewels.

Inclusions and Irregularities: Black diamonds differ from conventional diamonds in that they frequently have a great deal of inclusions and irregularities, which give each stone a distinctive and mysterious aspect.

Dimension of Shapes: Black diamonds are unique not only because of their color but also because of their unique shapes, which peak people’s interest and lead them to research these mysterious stones.

Unique Quartz Stones: Black diamonds are genuinely unique in the gemstone industry due to their unusual color, opaque nature, unique features, and variety of shapes.

Black diamonds are accessible in some typical shapes like round cut, pear cut, marquise cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, and princess cut. We should learn in insight concerning the distinctive black diamond shape, which ordinarily remains obscure to many.

In our comprehensive blog, ‘How to Identify a Black Diamond,’ we delved into the intricacies of identifying black diamonds. Now, we offer a concise overview of various black diamond shapes, serving as a helpful guide for those looking to make a purchase.

Different Shapes of Black Diamond

Round Brilliant Shape Black Diamond

Round Brilliant Cut Shape Black Diamond

The most well-known cut among the entirety of the diamond shapes, round brilliant cut diamond is famous among gem specialists. Round brilliant cut diamond comprises 57 features. The utilization of round brilliant cut black diamond is generally normal in any gems.

Be that as it may, they appear to be unique from a conventional diamond. For example, one can get black diamonds in a brilliant round cut, like other white diamonds. In any case, black diamonds cost lesser than white diamonds. Likewise, they are the hardest type of diamonds accessible, with the hardness of 10. 

Princess Shape Black Diamond

Princess Cut Shape Black Diamond 

Princess shaped black diamonds are a modern take on the beloved round brilliant type, with their sleek, squared shape completely redefining beauty. Unmatched in their contemporary attractiveness, these diamonds stand out above other diamond designs.

Interestingly, the princess cut black diamond is the only shape that can compete with the round brilliant cut’s captivating brilliance.

Explore the captivating combination of elegance and contemporary style in our carefully chosen selection of princess cut black diamonds, where each stone embodies a distinct combination of classic charm and current style.

One of the most popular jewelleries in the market these days is the princess shaped black diamond necklace.

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Emerald Shape Black Diamond

Emerald Cut Shape Black Diamond 

Emerald cut black diamonds have a more expansive look than traditional diamonds, with a table that gives the impression of them being significantly larger than others.

The emerald cut is known as a step cut and can be identified as such due to the distinctive way in which its faceting is arranged. This cut has 58 facets. This method of cutting places an emphasis on crisp, well-defined lines, which contributes to the overall elegance of the diamond.

Not only does the emerald cut in black diamonds have a unique shape, but it also has the capacity to provide a visually expansive table, which differentiates it from more standard diamond cuts. This is what makes the emerald cut in black diamonds so exclusive.

Asscher Shape Black Diamond

Asscher Cut Shape Black Diamond 

The asscher cut, created in 1902 by the Asscher Brothers in Holland, has a square form with four cropped corners and big bar-sized step-cut facets. It peaked in the 1920s Art Deco era and continued to be in demand throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

The asscher cut gets its name from its unique facet pattern, which produces a hall of mirrors appearance that clearly reflects brightness and gives it the nickname “square emerald cut.” For individuals looking for a distinctive and elegant engagement ring, the asscher black cut diamond, is a singular and unforgettable option.

The asscher black cut diamond still has the traditional features of the asscher cut, such as a small table, elevated crown anatomy, and stepped and cropped facets. The asscher cut stands out among other diamond cuts because of its unique characteristics, which include its emphasis on maximizing clarity and luster rather than brilliance or fire.

For those on a budget, the asscher black cut diamond offers an excellent and classic option at a significantly lower cost than other diamond cuts. The asscher black cut diamond, is favored by Hollywood stars like Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, and Zooey Deschanel.

Rose Cut Black Diamond

Rose Cut Shape Black Diamond 

When we think of diamond cuts, we usually picture shiny ones. However, black diamonds are not shiny but rather have a wild charm. Imagine a rose cut in regular diamonds—now picture that in black diamonds, like a really rare black rose. People often use black rose cut diamonds in vintage-style designs, giving them a timeless and elegant feel.

In the world of jewelry, black rose cut diamonds stand out, bringing mystery and sophistication. Whether in old-fashioned or modern designs, they show off exceptional beauty. These diamonds are not ordinary; they’re for those who like something rare, with a vintage touch and a bit of uniqueness.

Rose cuts are generally accessible in numerous shapes like round splendid, pear cut, cushion cut, and emerald cut. Most regularly rose cut black diamonds are found in engagement rings or hoops, stud earrings. Aside from that, one can likewise set them in pendants, bracelets, and necklaces. It will overall give a fancy look to your jewelry.

Oval Shape Black Diamond

Oval Shape Black Diamond

The oval is a shape that is like a brilliant round cut. However, it is smaller and longer, like an egg. The oval shape black diamond comprises 58 facets that assist it with streamlining the carat weight of the diamond. So, if you are a black darling and you love oval shapes, you can go with oval cut black diamonds. With black oval cut diamond studs and oval cut black diamond wedding band, numerous celebs have shaken the honorary pathway.

So an oval cut black natural diamond is the best thing one can at any point have on the off chance that one can’t manage the cost of a white diamond engagement ring.

Kite Shape Black Diamond

Kite Shape Black Rustic Diamond 

The diamond known as the “kite shape” gets its name from how much it resembles a “kite.” This diamond shape has a delicately stunning form and is often seen as side stones in diamond wedding bands or engagement rings.

Its eye-catching attractiveness is enhanced by its elongated structure, which has four distinct and highly defined lines. A characteristic silhouette is produced when the two longer lines meet at the opposite position from where the two shorter lines converge at the top.

Kite shaped diamonds, which date back to the 1920s and 1930s Art Deco era, are now a popular fancy cut among jewelry designers who want to combine classic and contemporary style.

Cushion Shape Black Diamond

Cushion Cut Shape Black Diamond 

Cushion cut in black diamonds looks more like a princess cut black diamond, and it looks greater from the rear. Cushion cut diamonds have 58 facets, and if you investigate it, it shows up as a star.

A black diamond engagement ring cushion cut makes an engaging interest. This square black diamond is very attractive and easy to clean and handle. It also has fewer chances of wear and tear.

Pear Shape Black Diamond

Pear Shape Black Diamond 

The interesting history of the pear shape black diamond began in flanders in the fifteenth century when lodewyk van bercken invented the diamond-polishing wheel. The scaife (name of the polishing wheel), a technological innovation, made it possible for diamonds to have exact and symmetrical facets, which led to the creation of the pear cut, an example of excellent craftsmanship.

The pear shape black diamond is distinguished in the world of black diamonds by its distinct charm. Because of their unique beauty and black sheen, rings with teardrop-shaped black diamonds have drawn the attention of well-known designers.

They also feature highlights inspired by nature. Due to its ability to combine a sophisticated, modern style with a rich historical background and natural inspiration, this specific diamond form has grown in popularity. In the world of fine jewelry, the pear shape black diamond  has become a symbol of eternal elegance and uniqueness thanks to its innovative roots and touch of old-world charm.

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Baguette Shape Black Diamond

Baguette Shape Black Diamond 

The vast majority mixed up baguette shape with emerald shape, yet these both have an enormous distinction. Emerald cut diamonds have 52-54 features, while baguette-cut has just 14 features. At the same time, the solitary comparability is that it has a place with a stage cut group of diamonds.

Like the emerald cut, baguette cut is rectangular, yet it’s one of the special shapes to be found in diamonds. The vast majority of the men’s rings or bands include a black diamond of baguette shape.

Heart Shape Black Diamond

Heart Shape Black Diamond 

The most famous formed heart shape isn’t just mainstream over the world yet additionally in diamonds. The heart shape in black diamond is hard to cut, and consequently, it is hard to get. A couple of makers offer them as it needs well-talented diamond architects to cut it. Heart shaped black diamonds are the new buzz, like the black hearts emoticon, which is utilized on different online media applications. Heart shapes black natural diamonds are likewise more found in pendants.

An engagement ring with a heart shaped black diamond in focus stone stands out enough to be noticed in the bubbly season. Lady Gaga, an acclaimed pop singer, has worn a heart-shaped wedding ring.

Shield Cut Black Diamond

Shield Cut Shape Black Diamond

Shield cut in black diamonds looks more like a three-sided shape. Its top edges are bowed, and different sides are made of two bowed edges. This shape looks like a shield that a champion conveys for security. The significant utilization of shield cut black diamond is in a unique style engagement ring.

Likewise, they are frequently utilized as a side stone, which looks like shields are securing the principal stone

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Trillion Cut Black Diamond

Trillion Cut Shape Black Diamond 

Natural trillion black diamonds are three-sided fit as a fiddle with three marginally bent sides of equivalent length. Smaller diamonds have 31, while large stones in trillion cuts have 50 features. These diamonds are normally utilized as a side stone in a highly contrasting diamond wedding band.

The three-sided state of a trillion cuts is significant, whether it be math or in typical life. The interest for such remarkable shapes is higher in black diamonds. So own a three-sided shape black diamond for your gems as well.

Marquise Shape Black Diamond

Marquise Cut Shape Black Diamond

The history of the marquise shaped black natural diamond dates back to the 18th century, when French King Louis XV ordered a jeweler to produce a diamond with a form that would resemble his mistress, Jean Antoinette Poisson’s lips.

This unusual shape, which combines aspects of the round brilliant and pear cut diamonds, has developed over time and is now a common option for engagement rings. When worn, the marquise shape’s extended, slim outline gives the impression of longer fingers in addition to creating an eye-catching aesthetic similar to that of a boat or football.

Because of this special quality, the diamond looks larger than its real carat weight, which is advantageous for people who want a grander look without actually increasing the carat size.

The marquise shape black diamond, which has 58 facets overall and is prized for its vintage appeal, lends an air of timeless elegance to engagement rings. This makes it a popular option for people who value refinement and history in their jewelry.

Radiant Shape Black Diamond

Radiant Cut Shape Black Diamond 

Originating in the late 20th century, this diamond shape is renowned for its brilliant-cut facets and square or rectangular design, which combines the greatness of a round brilliant cut with the elegance of an emerald cut, that too in black.

It is a great option for people looking for sophisticated jewelry without being different from what’s trending because of its flat table and cropped corners, which add to a distinctive and modern touch.

The rich, mysterious shade of the radiant shape black diamond lends a sense of drama and perfection. The capacity to create a striking aura makes the radiant cut black diamond stand out whether it is set in a traditional solitaire engagement ring or mixed with other jewels in other designs.

Where to Buy Different Shape Black Diamonds?

You can look through our inventory at RRP Diamonds to find unique black diamonds. For assurance of quality, we are diamond merchants who specialize in coloured diamonds.
Be sure to contact us at RRP Diamonds if you are unable to find the shape you are looking for. We stand out due to our dedication to client pleasure and industry knowledge.

Additionally, we have a range of products from black diamond bracelets to black diamond earrings for women in any shape you desire. Hope this black diamond shape clip art helps you in finding the best for you.


Black diamonds have set a stylish look with the most rising diamond for gems. RRP diamonds have every one of these sorts of black diamonds in different shapes and sizes. What’s more, if you have any uncommon solicitation for black diamonds, you are allowed to get in touch with us. While purchasing black diamonds, be certain you check what kind of diamond it is.


Are certain shapes more durable or suitable for everyday wear?
Round brilliant cuts, favored for everyday wear, are more durable due to their balanced design, with no sharp corners susceptible to damage.

What are the most popular shapes for black natural diamonds?
Round, princess, and cushion cuts are among the most popular shapes for black diamonds, each contributing to the unique and captivating aesthetic of black diamond jewelry.

How much do black natural diamonds cost?
Black natural diamonds vary in cost, typically ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 per carat, influenced by factors such as size and quality.

What are the different black natural diamond shapes available?
Black natural diamonds come in various shapes, including round, princess, cushion, emerald, and pear cuts, providing diverse options for individual preferences in jewelry design.

What is a black natural diamond used for?
Black natural diamonds are utilized in jewelry pieces like rings, necklaces, and earrings, adding a distinctive and dramatic touch to the wearer’s ensemble, often symbolizing strength and sophistication.

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