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Black cushion cut diamond ring: The new favorite couples choice

Couples these days are more in preference for something that has both conventional and modern aspects.

The black cushion cut diamond has been in the market for a long time now and is mostly preferred for engagement ceremonies. But how about a combination of good old cushion cut and the all-time favorite black color?

Here’s how to be smart while you are purchasing your own cushion cut diamond ring. Go ahead and learn!

Cushion cut diamond:  What is it?

These diamonds are shaped like squares or rectangles with soft corners basically known as cut corners. They are similar to the old mine cut diamonds but with more brilliant-cut faceting. 

Why the name, you ask? Well, as the stone is cushion-shaped with soft edges, hence it gives the diamond a more cushiony look. When we talk about cushions we are referring to the conventional cushions people keep on their couches. 


Cushion cut diamonds are preferred more as these are vintage styled with elegance and these are usually lower in cost than the round cut diamonds.

As cushion cut diamonds are preferred more than round cut ones, the prices may vary.

But in this new day and age, everybody wants something new and cheek. Hence the new preference for our new love birds is ‘BLACK CUSHION CUT DIAMONDS’. Who wouldn’t love a conventional cushion cut diamond but in pure black? 

What You Need to Keep In Mind if You Are Opting A Cushion cut


A cushion cut diamond is being preferred all over the world because of its unique style, it tends to stand out.

Unique look compared to other cut diamonds for engagement or promise ring purposes.

Cushion cuts are relatively lower in cost than the usual round cut diamonds.

The promise of durability due to soft edges; diamonds with sharp edges have a fear of getting chipped.

Choosing a cushion cut diamond not only is a vintage choice and elegant look but it also costs less compared to other cuts of diamonds. To give you an example; if you were to buy a cushion cut diamond ring, you may save yourself around 25% to 50% in comparison to if you were to buy a round brilliant cut diamond.

In case, you want a mix of royalty and modernity then a black cushion cut diamond would suit you best. Who wouldn’t love a beautiful black diamond ring which compliments their hand on their finger?


Cushion cut diamonds are available in vast varieties and are called by different names. It would take a little more time to look for the perfect piece.

It has been stated that this diamond has a problem with retaining color. However, it can retain color more than other cut diamonds. We would suggest you should look for a diamond that lies within the scale of D-H on the color scale for diamonds (by GIA). These high-quality cushion cut diamonds are the most durable and don’t have an issue in retaining color. 

Because of its cut and shape, you’ll be able to see a cushion cut’s imperfections easily. Thus, it is suggested that you opt for a diamond with higher clarity; something on the line of VS2 and above (according to the clarity grading scale of GIA).   

What is a brilliant-cut diamond? Guide for you.

A brilliant is basically a diamond cut in a unique form with numerous facets for better and excellent brilliance. 

Because of this, it enables more reflection of light from the top side of the diamond. 

This diamond has the shape of a cone with a sharp bottom.

Brilliant cushion cut diamonds are considered the best and ideal diamonds when it comes to the refraction of light. In many cases, these cuts are wanted more in the market. The brilliant cushion cut diamond has a greater diameter (or so it appears) when compared to other types of cushion cut diamonds. 

The other type of cushion cut diamonds apart from the brilliant one is:

  • Old mine cushion cut diamond
  • Modified- Crushed Ice- Cushion cut diamond
  • Modified- Hybrid- Cushion cut diamond

Points to Remember for Cushion Cut. 

It’s important to look for adequate features when you are looking for the perfect diamond to be set on a ring or necklace.

The few parameters are as follows: 

Polish and symmetry: Good, Extremely good, excellent 

Table: Below 70%

Depth: Below 70%

Length/Width and Ratio: It should be around 1.00 to 1.05 in the case of square diamonds. If you want a more rectangular shape then an L/W ratio of 1.15 to 1.20 will be appreciated. Avoid the L/W of 1.06 to 1.13 as it doesn’t seem pleasing and is considered to be inefficient for many designs

Always look for good numbers when looking for cushion cut diamonds but don’t trust these parameters alone. Try going with references and recommendations. It’s important to be secure beforehand, hence go through every detail about your jewelry. If you have a picture of what type of stone you have in mind, that will tend to help both you and the jeweler. 

The clarity and color of a cushion cut diamond is something that the customer can choose on their own and by their preference. It should just be noted that the higher the color and clarity higher will be the prices. If you have a tight budget aim at the middle portion of the scale. The width and length can also determine the look of the stone from a face-up view. You can figure out the way it will look in terms of size, how big or small it is.

The carat weight is basically the same measurement of how much the diamond weighs. The diamond’s weight plays a primary role in determining the price of the diamond. Followed by the other C’s of the 4C’s; Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Color. 

What is a GIA certificate?

GIA is a short form for ‘Gemological Institute of America’. It is a non-profit institution that deals with gemstones and jewelry. It is the most renowned institution worldwide to get a diamond certified. Before purchasing a diamond or a piece of diamond jewelry it is suggested that you ask for a diamond certificate so you know that you are being given the real deal. 

Other institutions where you can get jewel certified are IGI & AGS.

In case, you have a diamond ornament or diamond which doesn’t have a certificate it is suggested that you go get it certified, to find out if what you are wearing is a real gem or a fake.  

A GIA certificate is basically all you need for purchasing a good diamond. You don’t really need to hear what the shop owner has to say, no matter how much they insist that their product is ‘real’. It’s better if you ask them for the certificate beforehand.

A diamond certificate includes all aspects such as color, clarity, cut, carat, etc. And states whether a diamond gem is real or not. 

How can you set your cushion cut diamond? 

Even though there are various ways you can set your diamond and choose your own color for the band, some stones look the most beautiful in some particular settings. Hence, let us give you a brief as to which settings will a cushion cut black diamond look good in.  

 4 prong setting

One of the best ways to set your favorite cushion cut diamond is in a 4 prong setting. This setting basically holds your stone well for better protection and security and on top of that, gives the most exposure to the cushion cut diamond, giving it a simple yet elegant look. 

6 prong setting

If you want your diamond to appear bigger and be more secure then a 6 prong setting will get the job done. This setting is used to hold higher carat and higher L/W ratio cushion cut diamonds in a classy manner. You pair this style with thick white gold, platinum, or rose gold band and you will get a diamond ring that will make everyone look. 

Bezel setting

A Bezel setting is a type of structure in which the cushion diamond is made secure by having the metal wrap around on all sides of the stone. This does make the cushion cut diamond secure but it has a disadvantage. It prevents light from coming in and refracting from a major portion of the stone hence its brilliance doesn’t receive the proper appreciation. 

The metal preferred to be paired with black cushion cut diamonds are yellow gold, platinum, and rose gold. All of these metal bands/choices never fail to compliment the stone and give it a stunning look. 

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Why black diamonds?

Black diamonds are one of the most unique gemstones in the market and have been used by many individuals to showcase magnificent style. They are known to be one of the rarest precious stones which are majorly found in Brazil and the Central African Republic. 

As beautiful and elegant as these black diamonds look, they also signify three important characteristics.

  • Authority
  • Confidence 
  • Charisma 

What can black diamonds really mean?

Black diamonds are known for keeping your mind and body straight so that you can think clearly. It also blooms stability in your ongoing life. It is also known to keep your inner strength in check so you can carry on with your life and grow moreThe new-age couples got the idea from the movie ‘Sex and the City’ as Carrie Bradshaw is proposed with a black ring, hence black became the new favorite. A black diamond ring has a strong and powerful appearance. As black diamonds are opaque, it’s easy to hide inclusions and the beauty of the ring is noticed more.

The new idea of a black engagement ring is the best way to propose to your partner. Here are some of the few options you can choose for a black diamond ring. 

A black cushion cut in a rose gold setting

Which girl wouldn’t love a beautiful black diamond set in a rose gold setting. With stones studded on the band itself. This would be the perfect combination of elegance and modern-day fashion.

A stunning black rose

How about a beautiful black cushion cut diamond that is placed in between a rose-shaped ring. You can go for various types of metal bands that will work with this style like, rose gold, platinum, and even white gold. 

Old world charm 

If you really want to opt for something extremely ’60s-’70s, you can go for a black cushion cut diamond set in a gold setting. This type of style is more catchy to the eye and can steal your partner’s heart right away.


Black diamonds come with a drawback. These diamonds are difficult to judge based on their color as these are only opaque and also based on light reflection as you really can’t figure out its facets. Hence in such cases, it is beneficial to refer to an expert or do more vigorous research of what type of color grade for a black diamond will be the best.

Average ring size amongst females 

Well, there can be variations of sizes around the world but the standard ring size of most females is 6.

It’s important to know the size of your partner’s finger as even one centimeter would matter if you are going for such an expensive piece of jewelry. Hence, before you purchase the special ring, get your partner a fake, low-cost ring to know the ring size. Or get a measurement tape and slyly measure their finger’s circumference to get an exact figure.

What about the cost of a cushion cut black diamond?

Even though black diamonds are rarer than white diamonds, yet they are less expensive due to low demand in the market. For your help, here is how much both the colors may approximately cost. A normal white cushion cut may cost you a little more than the black one. 

A one-carat cushion cut diamond may cost you around $1,800 to $12,000 depending upon the brand, cut, clarity, ring size, weight, and certification. 

As black diamonds are less expensive and affordable than your normal colorless diamonds. The rare black diamonds might approximately cost you in the range of $3000 to $5000. 

In the ongoing market, a cushion-cut market can have its price from $5,200. But these prices can vary depending upon the size and shape of the stone.

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Conclusion Thoughts

The cushion cut diamond is one of the most complex and fascinating diamond cuts to exist. Pairing it with a beautiful black stone makes it all the more irresistible. A black cushion cut diamond if purchased correctly and paired with the right setting/jewelry will make everyone around you want to get a peek at what you are wearing.  

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