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Types of Black Diamond – A Comprehensive Guide 

Black Diamond

Here, we are presenting one more informative blog related to Black Diamonds. In this blog, we are going to describe different types of black diamonds with their specific characteristics. Also, we are going to share important details related to each one of them. 

black diamond

There are several types of diamonds available all across the world. Diamonds come in different colors and different cuts. They can be natural as well as human-made. But, one of the most popular types of diamond nowadays is the black diamond. 

Different Types of Black Diamond 

There are diamonds over 300 tones: yellow, green, orange, blue, red, earthy colored, pink, white, and black. All these diamonds are available in nature in the raw form. Diamonds are found with the biggest number of tones in a gemstone. 

Contrasted with normal gems or pearls, all-characteristic colored diamonds are inconceivably uncommon. Additionally, that makes it significantly more costly with regards to their value contrasted with the other gemstones. 

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Natural Black Diamonds Vs. All Other Diamonds 

man made black diamond


Like all extravagant colored diamonds, regular black diamonds will have similar design and compound attributes as colorless or other diamonds. These diamonds are made out of Crystalline Carbon and one of the hardest common substances known to humankind – Graphite. 

That implies that a diamond can not be damaged or cut beside a harder diamond. The pollutants and blemishes in the construction of black diamonds, nonetheless, make it more inclined to crack when cutting than its colorless partners, but once cut, black diamonds tend to get harder. 

The color of the normal black diamond is significantly gotten from multitudinous infinitesimal particles of hematite, carbon graphite, and magnetite caught in the gemstone design’s gem grid during its arrangement. It is natural and makes the overall look of a black diamond more dynamic.

These three are not pollutants or impurities present in a black diamond but rather incorporations since they are a vital piece of the structure of a diamond. In addition, they create a solid convergence of Carboniferous mists, which ingest light, offering a bright shimmer and black metallic look to the gemstone. 

What do you Prefer, a Natural or a Treated Black Diamond?

In case I give you choices to buy a 3-carat black diamond. Which one will you purchase? A natural diamond or a treated one. Its certain that you will purchase the subsequent one, as no one will like the stone which looks imperfect on your hand. 

I haven’t discussed black diamond costs until now; however, let me add one more factor. It’s the cost! The first one can be bought for around $500 to $5000, and the second one just $200 to $2000. So presently, I am certain you don’t have alternatives left to settle on the choice. 

You will purchase the Second one. The First one is 100% regular, and the subsequent one is color-improved or heated black diamonds. Black diamonds are earth mined, or color enhanced: types of black diamonds contingent upon beginning and cycle.

I might not want to spend even $800 for the first, even though it’s an earth-mined normal diamond. The look doesn’t advance by any stretch of the imagination. Who might want to exhaust their pockets with heaps of cash to purchase a diamond that has apparent imperfections in it? 

Black Diamond Types and their Characteristics 

Basically, there are three types of Black diamonds. albeit the essential classification partitions them into 

  1. Natural Black Diamonds (not enhanced) and 
  2. Color Enhanced or Hued Black diamonds 
  1. Irradiated Black diamonds
  2. Heated Black diamonds 

black diamond

Natural Black Diamond

There are natural black diamonds that are not treated. A natural black diamond has a color that is the consequence of numerous inclusions. The majority of these inclusions are graphite. Because of the great measure of these dull considerations, natural black diamonds are principally opaque. 

Additionally, due to these high inclusions, the precious stones effectively break and are hard to cut, making them difficult to clean and wrap up. However, some enormous, natural black diamonds are similarly renowned. These are the Black Star of Africa at 202.00 Carats and the Black Orloff, at 67.50 Carats. 

Color Enhanced Diamonds 

Color-enhanced or colored black diamonds are treated and modified. These are two types of diamonds. One is an irradiated black diamond, and the other one is the heated black diamond. Before knowing about them, first I will tell you what the enhancement of the diamonds is?

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What is Diamond Enhancement?

An improved black diamond is a natural diamond that is blessed to receive a uniform tone. It commonly has much preferable quality over a “natural” black diamond because of its inclusions. Upgraded black diamonds look staggering when set along differentiating colorless diamonds. 

Purchasing an enhanced black diamond is purchasing a certified diamond. The tasteful appearance of the black diamond has prompted its expanding prevalence. It is an exquisite diamond with a rich look! 

Individuals do acknowledge that all black diamonds are natural. In any case, the truth is that practically 99% of diamonds exchanged in the world are not normal. If you have any requests about the black diamonds, size, carat, color, or treatment, let us know. 

  • Irradiated Black Diamonds – Black diamonds go through all-out radiation therapy to make them black. Thus, under typical lighting conditions, the shading improved “black” diamond looks black. Nonetheless, it is, in reality, exceptionally dim green. Therefore, a fiber-optic light source is put close to a thin edge to notice the specific dark green tone. 

It assists the light with enlightening the insides of the stone. The dim green shading that turns out to be clear is generally seen in enhanced black precious stones. The exceptionally dull green shading that is seen is never found in regular diamonds. It is a result of radiation therapy.

  • Heated Black Diamonds – The significant sort of black diamonds, heated black diamonds. The colorless diamonds, black diamonds, earthy colored and dim diamonds have bunches of inclusions inside. All, however, every diamond can not be made coal black. 

These diamonds are placed in an HTHP chamber alongside black carbon and handled at High Pressure – High Temperature to make them supreme coal black. After around 24 hours, the diamonds are taken out and cleaned. The outcome is pure black color diamonds.

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Conclusion Thoughts

I hope now you can differentiate between these two types of black diamonds. We are a major black diamond maker, and we can offer you black diamonds from size 0.01 ct to practically any greater size. Also, you can get a variety of diamonds. RRP Diamonds is a one-stop solution for your all-black diamond-related queries. 

Black Diamonds

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