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What Are Black Diamonds? Why They Are So Unique?


Black diamonds are formed in a different way than traditional diamonds. While regular diamonds are formed deep within the Earth’s mantle under high pressure and temperature, black diamonds are thought to have originated from outer space. However, along with white even black diamonds are gaining popularity.

Nowadays we refer to black diamonds as fancy black stones but in the past, these diamonds were of little regard. Black diamonds were not so popular, but as unconventional ways to customize jewelry grew, the demand for black diamonds grew.

Black diamonds soon became a popular stone in the diamond market. Mostly colorless diamonds are popular in engagement ring categories. Nowadays, they come paired with color diamonds and small diamonds in a variety of settings.

Are you looking to buy a black diamond wedding ring or a black diamond engagement ring for her? Well, you can use this guide to find the best natural black diamonds which will suit your preference and come within your budget.

What Is A Black Diamond?What Is A Black Diamond?

A diamond which carries numerous inclusions is called a black diamond. The black diamond natural has been known by many names around the world because of its dark pitch-black shade.

One of the famous names is carbonado, which is a word for opaque in the Portuguese language. The black diamond originated in Brazil and the African Republic, where they were born over 4000 million years ago.

According to the gemologist, an uncooked form of the mineral having graphite with diamond-rich polycrystalline, in amorphous form is called Carbonado.

You can also imagine carbon, graphite, and crystals of diamond growing altogether in the big lump of diamond soil. Different kinds of impurities in diamonds are responsible for the color shown in them.

For example, the impurity of Nitrogen is going to give a yellow color to a diamond, and the blue color of the diamond is due to the presence of boron in the stone.

We generally see diamonds as shiny, and brilliant, the same goes for black diamonds that shine like normal brilliant diamonds thanks to their polished surfaces.

The Symbolism of Black Diamonds and Their Meaning

Black diamonds are undoubtedly beautiful, but they are more related to spiritual significance. If it has been chosen for an engagement ring, it will give a unique impact with its overtone in the ceremony. It also signifies the link between two spirits (you and your significant other). These diamonds can be passed on to family as a symbol of trust and also represents loyalty.

Like black diamonds, other various powerful entities and groups have used different stones for both good and non-noble purposes. The good or bad depends on the person and not on the gem.

Black Diamonds as A Unique Alternative for Engagement RingsBlack Diamonds As A Unique Alternative For Engagement Rings

A black diamond can be a perfect choice as an engagement ring. As you can make the engagement ceremony more memorable and unique by having something mysterious and unusual, like a black diamond. It will be adored by your partner and appeal to the guests. Making the whole ceremony memorable.

One more reason to have natural black diamond engagement rings as an alternative to the traditional colorless ring is that the diamond can look perfect in any shade of hand, any size, and any shape. So, if you choose a black diamond ring as your special engagement diamond ring it will be an excellent choice that you won’t regret.

The black diamond engagement ring will look beautiful if it has some white diamonds to compliment the black ones. The engagement ring will be perfect with the black gem at the center of the ring and other white stones at the side. Another plus point is, that black diamonds are unisex and can be worn by anyone.

Also, it looks stunning with almost every type of setting. A Black diamond is incredibly hard, and it won’t break soon. This can be a piece of jewelry that can be worn daily for even a lifetime.

Black Diamond’s Intensity LevelsBlack Diamond’s Intensity Levels

When it comes to black diamond natural there is a scale having intensity grades. The price will go up as you choose the diamond with intense color. The color of these diamonds is determined based on color intensity, main color, and secondary color (overtone).

Here the extremely light one is going to cost the least whereas a stone with a strong intensity will cost much more.

It is also important to know that all diamond colors don’t have all types of intensities of color. Natural black diamonds are found in only one intensity grade which is fancy black. This is the main reason behind the contrast to other colored diamonds. Sometimes black diamonds can have inclusions and gray spots because of this reason it is said that black diamonds have shades which are different from normal colored diamonds.

There are two types of black diamonds: Natural and Heat-treated. Graphite inclusions are responsible for the color of Natural fancy black diamond, which is pretty rare.

On the other hand, the treated or enhanced diamond turns black with the help of radiation treatments or heat. Low-clarity colorless diamonds which are full of inclusion are used for this procedure. 

This can be very helpful as the unwanted inclusion gets hidden and you are left with a beautiful opaque black diamond. 

Speaking of inclusions and intensity, ‘salt and pepper’ are another variety of black diamonds. They also have inclusions like a normal black diamond, but these are translucent rather than opaque. They have small spots or patches of white in the black diamond which is pretty much unique. It looks like a galaxy, thus making viewers starstruck.

Things To Look Out For When Buying a Black Diamond?

Buying a Black Diamond

Now, as we all know, a black Diamond is a hard stone to get. It is important to know what to expect when you are going to find one. Below are some important factors to look at if you are going for a black diamond:

Look for surface imperfections: You will be grateful if you notice surface imperfections because a real black diamond does not have a perfect surface, scratches on the surface are the ideal indicators that the diamond isn’t fake. If you are looking for a diamond that will not lose brilliance lifelong and you can wear it as a daily ring, then nothing is better than a black diamond.

Consider the cut: Cut is the most important factor to look at while buying a black diamond ring. Black natural diamond are fragile to cut, so it is very hard to cut a black diamond in the first place. This means the price of a cut black diamond is going to be steep for fancy cuts. Even if we have a great cut on these diamonds there is no chance, they will get glitter like a normal white diamond. It is recommended to go for a rose-cut, brilliant or step-cut black diamond to get the maximum brilliance.

Clarity: Evaluate the clarity of the black diamond. Black diamonds typically have a unique appearance with numerous inclusions and irregularities. These inclusions can add character to the stone, but excessive flaws may affect its durability or visual appeal.

Consider the jewelry you want: If you want a black beauty at the center, there might be a little danger that the gem may get split. For solving this problem, you should go for smaller diamonds. Small diamonds have very low chances to break. You can have small black diamonds around with another diamond as a center which complements the black diamond set.

Look at the price: Black diamonds come under the expensive diamond category or fancy diamonds. Even though they have a lower price than white colorless diamonds they are still considered expensive. Determine the price per carat going on in the market and make sure to purchase a stone according to that.

Only buy from trustworthy jewelers: You must buy a diamond from reputable and reliable retailers to prevent yourself from succumbing to any type of fraud. Online shopping for a diamond is one option you can go for to buy a genuine black diamond.

Carat weight: The black diamond is different from a normal diamond in many aspects. Carat weight is one of these aspects, as black diamonds are denser, for example, a one-carat black diamond weighs more than a one-carat black diamond. You should focus more on the cut rather than the carat when looking at black natural diamond.

Color Intensity: Assess the intensity and evenness of the black color. Look for a diamond that exhibits a deep, rich black hue throughout the stone. Avoid diamonds with uneven color distribution or those that appear grayish instead of black.

Ready for fracture: Undoubtedly black diamonds are the hardest substance, but they can have fractures. Heat-treated diamonds and naturally occurring diamonds both have a high number of inclusions. These inclusions can lead to cracks inside the diamond at the microscopic level. Due to this reason, a diamond can break or crack by getting hit with a high force at a weak point.

Choice of metal: A black diamond will look good on a platinum or white gold metal band. You can also be unconventional and choose a yellow gold or rose gold metal band for the black stone.

Personal Preference: Ultimately, consider your own aesthetic preferences. Black diamonds can vary in appearance and may have unique characteristics. Choose a diamond that appeals to you and reflects your individual style.

Ensure that when you search for your black natural diamond, you select the one that perfectly matches your preferences and needs.


Ultimately, the choice of a black diamond should reflect your personal preference and style. When buying a black diamond, it’s important to consider factors such as surface imperfections, cut, clarity, the type of jewelry you want, price, and where you purchase it from.

When you are intending to buy a black diamond ring, you must go for a high-quality gem to express your true intentions and vow of strong commitment whilst also making a worthy investment.


Are black diamonds real?
Yes, natural black diamonds are real diamonds. However, there are different types of black diamonds. They are man-made, natural, and treated black diamonds. All these come under the real diamond category, but they have a big difference in look, properties, and price also.

Can black diamonds be used in engagement rings?
Yes, black diamonds can make stunning and unique engagement rings. Their bold and distinctive appearance offers a striking alternative to traditional white diamonds.

Can black diamonds be used in other types of jewelry?
Absolutely! Black diamonds can be incorporated into various types of jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. Their unique color adds a distinctive touch to any jewelry design.

What Do Black Diamonds Symbolize?
Black diamonds symbolize the same as other diamonds. But every black diamond has its meaning depending on the person, not the gem. It symbolizes purity, love, eternity, and loyalty. On the other hand, it can also symbolize evil, grief, and dark spiritual meaning.

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