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Baguette Cut Diamond: Most Visually Appealing Shaped Diamond

A diamond ring has many meanings. A wedding promise, a gift to celebrate a special milestone or an achievement. Any occasion can be commemorated with a diamond. There is nothing more appropriate than an equally outstanding stone to celebrate an important day baguette diamond.

This precious diamond cut was introduced in the 1920s and has now become popular in the world of diamond rings. This diamond was first presented during the Art Deco Movement. The reason behind the creation of this diamond is to make a gem in contrast to popular round diamonds.

The name baguette diamond is given due to its elongated shape which looks like French Baguette Beard, whereas GIA and IGI says that name baguette diamond is kept after the French word Bague which means ring.

Whatever the name originates, it doesn’t matter because the beauty and brilliance of the diamond remain the same. Lets go help you find the best baguette diamond.

What is a Baguette Diamond?

What is a Baguette Diamond

A baguette diamond is a small rectangular-shaped diamond and is known for its step cut. Precision should be on point while buying a baguette cut diamond because they have 14 facets, which is very less than a normal classic diamond which has more than 50 facets.

Baguette diamonds can be found in square shape but generally, the long, elongated, rectangular shape is most available. Here the length-to-width ratio of the diamond is close to 5:1 giving it a large surface area.

These diamonds are classified into two categories: tapered and straight. The tapered category includes diamonds that are wider at one end, while the straight category involves diamonds that are long and have both ends even.

The difference between a baguette cut diamond and a similar cut like a rectangular or emerald cut is that the baguette one has perfectly square corners. This type of stone is usually small and therefore can be seen used in multiple diamond engagement rings as a side stone.

The important characteristic of this diamond is its straight and clearly illustrated facets. Due to this feature, baguette cut diamonds look unique to round diamonds even though they are less sparkly. Sometimes these diamonds are set alone in a ring, they create a beautiful vintage feel in any kind of jewelry.

What To Look For In A Baguette Diamond?

Discover the key factors to consider when evaluating natural baguette diamonds. Learn what to look for to make an informed purchase decision.

Carat Weight: The carat weight of a natural baguette diamond affects its size. Since these diamonds have a larger surface area compared to other cuts, even a lower carat weight can appear substantial. Balance carat weight with cut quality to achieve an optimal combination of size and brilliance.

Cut: The cut of a baguette diamond influences its brilliance and sparkle. Aim for a well-proportioned cut that allows light to reflect beautifully. A well cut baguette cut will have even facets and symmetrical dimensions, creating a captivating visual effect.

Color: Baguette diamonds are known for their clean lines and elegant simplicity, often used as accents in jewelry. While color is subjective, a near-colorless diamond within the G to H range is ideal for baguettes.

This ensures the diamond complements the surrounding stones and metal color. But if you choose it as a side stone make sure its color should match the center stone.

Clarity: Clarity plays a significant role in the visual appeal of a baguette diamond. Look for diamonds with a clarity grade of VVS1 or higher for minimal inclusions. Due to the step cut facets, inclusions may be more visible, so higher clarity grades are preferable.

Certifications: When purchasing a certified natural baguette diamond, ensure it comes with proper certifications from renowned gemological laboratories. Certificates from GIA or IGI provide valuable information about the diamond’s attributes, giving you confidence in your investment.

Cost: Baguette diamonds are less expensive than other shaped diamonds. These stones have been graded depending on 4Cs, the higher the grade the higher will be the cost. On an average baguette certified natural diamond can cost around $368 to $50000.

Why are Baguette Diamonds So Popular?

Why are Baguette Diamonds So Popular?

Baguette diamonds are so popular because they hold a special place in the jewelry industry. Its clean lines and geometric-shaped design will take you to the time of the Art Deco Era. This unique vintage cut represents both the past and the present.

The baguette cut diamond is a classical diamond that is not going to be out of style anytime soon. If you go to a jewelry market you will see baguettes mounted on almost every piece.

A baguette diamond ring can go with anything in your jewelry box perfectly. It gives vibes of a more natural form of the diamond. There is a different kind of allure and enlightenment that can only be found in baguette cut diamonds. Another reason for its popularity is its economical price.

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Are Baguette Diamonds Expensive? 

Baguette diamonds are perfect for engagement rings and are not truly expensive. They have beautifully detailed designs that are timeless. Baguette cut diamonds tend to be cheaper than other cuts of diamonds due to their small size and fewer facets.

Generally, they have a square or rectangular shape which has been cut specially to make the diamond look more brilliant. However, in many cases when a baguette is of high quality the stone can become expensive.

The main reason behind their high cost is how perfectly they are cut. It is very difficult to make a perfect cut baguette diamond. If you see a polished perfectly cut diamond baguette, you will love it.

If you see the real beauty and brilliance of a baguette-shaped diamond you get to know that it’s worth the price. Higher carat weight makes the diamond expensive. Higher clarity also contributes to the high price of the diamond.

A less weighing baguette cut diamond can cost less than a round brilliant cut. If you are thinking about having multiple diamonds on a ring then the baguette diamond can be a great option as it will not boost the price steeply.

Are Baguette Diamonds Shiny?

Are Baguette Diamonds Shiny

Popular cuts like round and emeralds are mainly chiseled for shine and sparkle. Whereas baguette cut diamonds have been cut for clarity and luster.

Modern cuts have lots of facets that help them to shine more but baguettes only have 14 facets which make them shiny but a little less shiny than conventional diamonds.

Baguette cut diamonds have a special and unique type of shine, which is perfect in its way. They use the prismatic reflection from a flash of light, which is also called a hall of mirrors effect.

Considering you opt for a diamond ring which has baguette cut diamonds throughout. The ring is placed in a more exposed setting, it will allow more light to reflect through them and make the diamond appear beautiful.

The Pros and Cons of Baguette Cut Diamonds 


  • Easy to place in various settings: On any piece of jewelry these diamonds can be set in multiple ways. You can place it horizontally, or vertically or diagonally, or in any pattern of that sort. This diamond will do a great job fitting with every pattern.
  • Pocket friendly: These diamonds have perfect qualities yet seem underrated, people give more attention to other modern cut diamonds like round and emerald than a baguette diamond. But this can be good for buyers because they can get a perfect diamond that is affordable. And for this reason, don’t think that these diamonds are of low value. Most high-rated jewelry shops use baguette diamonds.
  • Perfect side stone: These little stones are generally preferred as side stones on engagement rings. they don’t have much sparkle or flame like other round cut diamonds. They are recessive in nature, but this feature makes the center stone look more white and gain more attraction.


  • Hard to find: Undoubtedly these diamonds are excellent, but they are comparatively less popular than other brilliant diamonds. The demand for this type of stone is low, it is not a priority for jewelers to stock it. This makes it rare and hard to find.
  • Unsuited for solitaire: These diamonds have great cuts, angles, and geometric lines but still, it doesn’t look great in a solitaire setting.
  • Easily show inclusions: Generally, people want diamonds that can hide flaws, but a baguette is not able to hide those flaws. A larger surface area means a greater chance for an observer to locate an inclusion.
  • Less sparkle: These diamonds have a small number of facets which force them to reflect less light, the amount of light reflected by the eye is less and hence it looks less shiny than normal brilliant cut diamonds.

Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Here are some perfect baguette ring settings which are opted for, let’s take a look:

Three-stone setting: When we talk about a three-stone engagement ring, baguette diamond is the most desired gem to be incorporated into this category. Two little baguette cut diamonds are placed on the side of a round brilliant diamond and are responsible for making more shine in the round cut diamond which is placed in the middle.

The center stone can also be an emerald cut diamond. In this case, the baguette which is used is tapered with the small end pointing away from the main diamond to give it a crown-like appeal.

Channel setting: In this type of setting the little baguette diamonds are placed on the circumference of the ring, and a big brilliant cut diamond is in between as a reference of a circle.

How to care for a Baguette Diamond Ring

How to care for a Baguette Diamond Ring 

You should take care of baguette diamonds as you care for normal diamonds. Give the stone a quick cleaning session with only warm water and a soft brush. 

When not wearing the ring make sure that the ring should be protected from any kind of damage. We recommend placing it inside a ring box to avoid any mishaps. 

Keep rings away from any jewelry that can put a scratch on your precious diamond. Diamond is the hardest substance yet consider removing your ring if you feel there is a chance that you may end up in a situation which will put pressure on the ring. 

Also, remove your rings before submerging your hands in any kind of product that can affect the shine of the shape of diamond.


Baguette cut diamonds may not be full of fire and brilliance or popularity like that of round cut diamonds. But they are made as a side stone and nothing is comparable to baguette diamonds in this position. 

It has the power to make the center stone a center of attraction. If you want a ring which is a little voluminous with multiple stones you can achieve it with the help of a baguette cut diamond without spending a high amount of money. This baguette diamond is the ideal example of how little diamonds make big differences in any piece of jewelry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do baguette diamonds break easily?
Baguette diamonds can break more easily than other diamonds. Generally, they are long and flat in shape having more area revealed. This makes the diamond a bit brittle which can be easily cracked or chipped. Hence baguette cut diamonds are placed in the metal channel setting by which the diamond is safe from damage.

What does baguette mean in diamonds?
Mostly these diamonds are long rectangular stones, they can also be square and tapered sometimes. Due to this, they come under the category of step-cut diamonds. They have only 14 facets rather than 57 facets like brilliant cuts, because of low facets they have less shine. And therefore is set as a side stone.

Are baguette diamonds good?
Baguette cut diamonds are of lower value in both quality and price. Less brilliance makes the diamond have more visible flaws, these can appear cloudy also. Despite all this, they have their own identity in the world of jewelry. They complement any type of cut or any type of jewelry. It can be the cheapest way to get a ring with a volume of diamonds.

What are common uses for baguette diamonds in jewelry?
Baguette cut diamonds are often used as accent stones in jewelry, such as engagement rings, wedding bands, and necklaces. They can complement larger center stones and add a unique geometric touch.

Can I customise jewelry with baguette diamonds?
Yes, you can customise jewelry with baguette diamonds. RRP diamond can help you create unique designs using these stones, allowing for personalization and creativity.

How do I choose a baguette cut diamond?
Consider the 4Cs: carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. Since baguette cut diamonds have a step-cut, focus on clarity and color for a balanced appearance. Choose a size that suits your jewelry design.

Can baguette diamonds be used in engagement rings?
Yes, baguette cut diamonds can be used in engagement rings. They offer a sleek and elegant look, often used as side stones or in band designs.

Do baguette diamonds come in different lengths and widths?
Yes, baguette cut diamonds come in various length-to-width ratios. Some may be more elongated, while others are more square.

What is the difference between baguette diamonds?
Baguette cut diamond have 14 facets, much less than standard diamond cuts, which will usually have more than 50.

How do I care for baguette diamond jewelry?
Clean baguette cut diamond jewelry regularly using warm soapy water and a soft brush. Avoid harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures.

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