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What Is The Difference Between Full Cut and Single Cut Diamond?

single cut vs full cut diamonds

What is a full cut diamond? What is a single cut diamond? Wait, so is there also a half-cut diamond? It may be astonishing to think about these if you are not really sure what these terms mean. Well, we’re here to guide you.

single cut diamonds vs full cut dimaonds

Diamonds can be cut into a single cut or a full cut. These cuts in turn form the brilliance of the diamond and its appearance. Single cut diamonds are small, somewhat around 0.10 carat, while full cut diamonds range between 1-2 carats. Let us explain in more detail.

What Are Full Cut Diamonds?

Full cut diamonds are round diamonds which have been cut according to common cut specifications of having 58 facets. The standard cut of a round diamond is strategically placed to enhance a stone’s light performance. 

Round diamonds or full-cut diamonds are the classic form of diamonds and make up more than 75% of all diamonds in the market. Sometimes you will find brilliant diamonds which have fewer facets than 57 or 58, these are non-standard and are not considered full cut diamonds even though they have a good shape. The full cut diamond has a shattered ice effect as the light hits the face and scatters in all directions.

If you are wishing to get focus primarily on the diamond, such as a center stone engagement ring. In this case, the best choice for this is to buy a full cut diamond. These are around 1-2 cts and thus can add a good allure to the wearer.

What Are Single Cut Diamonds?

Single cut diamonds generally have 16 to 18 facets. This means 8 facets at the top, 8 facets at the bottom, and an extra facet on the crown or possibly a culet at the tip. A 16 facet cut is easier and faster and requires less effort to produce a single cut diamond.

Diamonds this small (0.10ct) are difficult to cut in the first place, so minimizing the facets reduces the overall cost of the stone. The purity of a single cut diamond is extremely important. These diamonds’ inclusions are difficult to see with the naked eye, but the presence of dark spots, a milky, cloudy stone, or the appearance of frozen skewers can affect a diamond’s brilliance and value.

Single cut firstly appeared in the 1600s as a small facet by which light can be received. They are identified as rough, sharp, round, and brittle rocks. The single cut was a big step forward in diamond cutting. This technique creates a new facet that looks like a contemporary cut diamond.

The single cut diamond is generally used as a side stone, or as smaller diamonds to add style and spark. Generally, a watch’s dial is surrounded by single cut diamonds. These small sparkly diamonds are also used in tennis bracelets, earrings, gemstone rings, and other low-cost diamond jewelry.

Single Cut vs Full Cut Diamond

The difference in single and full cut diamond is that the light reflection in a full cut diamond is much more than a single cut because of the large number of facets. Cutting 57 or 58 facets from a small diamond is more complex and time consuming than one might think.

Higher the number of facets there are, the more will be the effort in making the diamond, due to this reason full cut diamonds are more expensive than single cut. If you want a beautiful diamond at a low price you should go with a single cut. 

Single cut diamonds are mostly used by watchmaking industries, most of these are used in watches and side parts of jewelry. Single cut diamonds are easier to make and thus cost less but their use is also limited.

Pros of Single Cut Diamonds

The first pro of a single cut diamond is that it is way cheaper than the full diamond due to fewer cuts and less time invested in the cutting of the diamond.
Going for a single cut diamond will allow you to buy more diamonds in the same budget, but all these diamonds will be smaller in size.

Cons of Single Cut Diamonds
The con of a single cut diamond is that it has less brilliance and shine.
The less brilliance and shine are due to the fewer facets, which in turn makes it a bad good idea to be placed as the center of a ring or any piece of jewelry it is embarked on to.

Pros of Full Cut Diamondround cut diamonds

The shine of a full cut diamond is unparalleled and so is the brilliance that it reflects.
Due to a full cut diamond being perfectly cut, its sparkle and greatness makes it a perfect fit for a central piece in any piece of jewelry.

Cons of Full Cut Diamonds
The only con of a full cut diamond seems to be the price of the diamond. The prices of full cut diamonds are way expensive as compared to those of single cut.
This is also because full cut diamonds have a high carat weight, better clarity and are much more appealing.

How to Decide Between Single and Full Cut

fingle cut vs full cut diamonds

When deciding between a single cut vs a full diamond, we need to see the factors that affect the individual the most. The factors that one needs to consider are primarily the brilliance, the budget and the placement of the diamond in the jewelry. 

In jewelry, if a diamond is placed anywhere other than the center, then a single cut diamond is the best option. For a central piece of the diamond, one should choose a diamond with higher brilliance hence the one with a full cut.


The idea of a single cut vs full diamond is separate since both of them have their unique identity through which they shine. Each of these has a specialized purpose and hence cannot be compared.

The pros and cons of both these diamonds are where they stand for themselves and enhance their beauty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which cut makes a diamond sparkle the most? 
A round brilliant is the cut that makes a diamond shine the most brilliant. As this cut has the most optimum shape for being placed in jewelry whilst also having the highest number of facets; 56-58 facets.

What is the cheapest cut of diamonds?  
Emerald and Asscher cuts are diamond cuts that are the least expensive. Here we can also add that single cut diamonds are also cheap as they are not the same in size as that of full-cut diamonds.

How much are single cut diamonds worth? 
Single cut diamonds are less priced than half of the full cut diamonds. As they have less facets & are also smaller in size.

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