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Know A to Z About a Marquise Diamond – Everything You Need To Know

Know A to Z About a Marquise Diamond - Everything You Need To Know

Are you looking for a perfect stone? Something which will sweep your significant other off their feet? We suggest you try a marquise diamond. Let’s take a look at what are these gems and why are they so famous.

A diamond is one of the most glorious and elegant pieces that nature has created. The beauty of a natural diamond is unparalleled in the naturally created elements. The impact of natural elements and conditions on the naturally existing carbon creates diamonds. 

Diamonds are made under tremendous pressure and temperature. These are naturally occurring and hence are bound to be erratic when mined. This requires them to be cut up into the form in which we know diamonds today.

Diamonds are available in various cuts and forms. They are also available in various colors, carats and clarities, that make up the identity of the diamond. A diamond can be cut in various forms, which are called the cut of a diamond. One specific cut elaborated here is the Marquise cut diamond.

These are pieces of diamonds, which are usually known as the elongated or modified forms of a brilliant cut diamond. The marquise is a particularly elegant and timeless cut in a diamond that allows the beauty of the diamond.

What is a Marquise Diamond?

What is a Marquise Diamond

A marquise cut diamond is a unique cut diamond that is elongated with points on either end of the center. The diamond is a form of a brilliant cut diamond. In other words, it is an extended form of the brilliant cut diamond.

A natural marquise cut diamond has 58 facets to enhance the beauty of the diamond. Marquise diamonds are also known as football-shaped diamonds. Due to their elongated form, the viewer feels that the form represents a football, hence the name.

The diamond marquise shape can have various dimensions, most of which are unique. The most ideal shape of a marquise diamond represents a ratio of 1.85 to 2. The ones with a smaller ratio are much more round, while the ones with a higher ratio are flatter.

The marquise shaped diamond gives an effect of elongated fingers on the wearer. Hence, due to this reason also, natural marquise diamonds are preferred in rings over other kinds of diamonds. It also makes the fingers appear thinner than they truly are. This adds a feminine touch to the diamond and hence is brought about in a way to be called classic and elegant. As descriptions of what women prefer, these characteristics sound like a perfect fit for it.

The form of the marquise diamond gives an illusion that it is a larger diamond, as compared to the other diamonds of the same carats. The surface area of a marquise cut diamond is way more than any other cut diamond, making it appear larger. This also helps in the pricing of the diamond and one can also choose a lower diamond color, without having much to compromise on.

Pros and Cons Of a Marquise Diamond

A marquise shaped diamond, despite being one of the most beautiful cuts, has certain pros and cons, which will affect the way you perceive it and if you should buy it or not.

These can either be enhanced or subdued by the way you use them in a chosen setting. The setting of the diamond of the ring creates an impact that makes the diamond appear as classic as it is supposed to be.


  • The diamond appears to be larger than it really is.
  • The diamond makes the fingers look thinner and longer.
  • The marquise diamond makes the diamond look larger than a similar carat of other cuts.
  • An elegant and timeless look with any jewelry.


  • Susceptible to chipping easily if the points are exposed.
  • The diamond needs to be fixed in a good setting to encourage its stability.
  • The Bowtie effect in the diamond is the inclusion of this diamond.
  • The wrong ratio can make the diamond appear unworkable.

How To Select A Marquise Diamond

Selecting a natural marquise cut diamond can be very difficult. While selecting a diamond, one shall focus on the other three Cs, that make the identity of a diamond. When a diamond is chosen, it should fit within the budget of the person wearing the diamond. These factors could incorporate the elements of color, carat, and clarity.

The budget also determines what kind of diamond one should go after. If one is looking for a marquise on a lesser budget, the color can be compromised with. The clarity in marquise diamond is a little tricky, due to the prevalent bowtie effect, but it can be worked out if possible. 

When a diamond is chosen, it should be seen for any sort of inclusion in the diamond. These inclusions impact the diamond in a way that they can be very beautiful when the inclusions are not visible to the naked eye. If the diamond cutter works out the cuts effectively then the diamond can appear as good as VVS or VS (GIA Diamond Clarity Scale).

Marquise diamonds can appear larger than brilliant round diamonds of the same carat size. This is because the surface area seems bigger, making it appear bigger and more brilliant. You can check out our specialized “Diamond Size Chart” guide for measuring diamond sizes.

The ratio aspect of a marquise diamond should also be kept into account or awareness so that there is much to look at. The ratio makes the diamond appear uniform and neither too round nor too flat. Either of these shapes makes the diamond lose out on its identity and makes it appear different than it is supposed to be.

Bowtie Effect On Marquise Diamonds

Marquise diamonds also possess certain inclusions that reduce the clarity of the diamonds. The bowtie effect is one of the major inclusions in the marquise cut diamond. The inclusion in the diamond makes it appear as if there is a bowtie forming at the center of the diamond.

The bowtie is formed due to a blockage in the light reflection that occurs inside the diamond. Once this light is stopped at a specific angle due to the inclusions, the center of the diamond forms a bowtie shape. This is usually due to the inclusions in the diamond that make it that way. The diamonds are not particularly inclusive, but the cut enhances any minute inclusions hence making them shine less brilliant.

Marquise diamonds can be fitted into most jewelry pieces like earrings, necklaces, and rings. Although, it is usually known for its placement in wedding or engagement rings. The unique settings make it stand out in the vast arena of diamonds and cuts.

Necklaces appear very edgy and unique when adorned with marquise cut diamonds. These impart a royal effect to the statement piece of jewelry. Necklaces can be combined with other cuts while emphasizing the main diamond which is the Marquise cut. These also look stunning when used as pendants for a simple stone or with some delicate designs that enhance the diamond and in turn the visual aesthetic of the wearer.

Marquise diamonds have an innate ability to make any piece of jewelry appear unique. Only a person who actually feels unique can do justice to this diamond cut while wearing it. In a way, the diamond is the reflection of the personality of the person adorning it.

Even when it comes to earrings, statement pieces of jewelry stand out due to the unique cuts and settings that make up the design.

Chokers, bracelets, and other such quirky jewelry also use the marquise cut, to make it stand out from the crowd, in a gorgeous, yet unconventional way.

Marquise can be set into any metal, and appear beautiful in almost every color of metal, adding to its versatility in terms of setting as well.

What is the Best Setting for a Marquise Diamond?

What is the Best Setting for a Marquise Diamond?

Marquise diamonds are truly a unique gem and they end up being very difficult to manage or wear during one’s daily routines. One can usually wear a ring of marquise cut diamond but will have to take care during the regular usage of the same.

These elegant cut marquise natural diamonds can be emphasized by a variety of settings. Each setting has a unique identity in itself, that forms itself around the diamond hence bringing out the best of it.

To actually take care of a marquise diamond ring, one can choose a bezel setting. The other settings are prong, either 4 or 6 prong settings, and also, halo and three stone settings. These all settings are very unique in their own way and enhance the diamond in a way the user wants it to be perceived.

  • Bezel diamond setting– A bezel setting is the best setting in a marquise cut diamond. This diamond is pointed at the edges and hence needs to be protected. These points can end up chipping off, or hurting someone, or even getting stuck in certain things and fabrics. The bezel setting is a metal layer surrounding the diamond, and hence the marquise diamond can be protected. The bezel settings allow the safest protection to a diamond when it is set in metal. The bezel settings tend to reduce the brilliance of a diamond but provide extra protection to the diamond when it is placed in between the metal.
  • Prong diamond setting– A prong diamond setting is where the prongs, which are either 4 or 6, hold the diamond in place. The prong setting allows the highest brilliance than any of the other settings in a diamond. The 4 prong setting can be on either two sides in a crossway or another setting which is on the side of the diamond, and two on the points of the diamond. These are not very safe, but if one wants to choose a prong setting, then 6 prong setting is one of the best options. It has cross prongs, 4 in number and two at the corners. These allow the corners of the marquise cut to be protected and hence a safe option.
  • Halo setting– The halo setting in the marquise diamond allows enhancement of the central diamond. The diamond setting allows the diamonds to bring out the brilliance in the main diamond, as it envelopes the main diamond. Even though the main diamond has a brilliance of its own, the smaller diamonds around the diamond bring out the shine and the unique form of the marquise cut.
  • Three-stone setting– The three-stone setting is a very unique and vintage setting. This setting allows the diamonds to be together in a very beautiful setting. The secondary diamonds around the main diamond can be of a different cut or also a marquise cut diamond. The beauty of the diamond is anyways enhanced, and one can see it in the unique setting with the other diamonds. These settings enhance the main marquise stone by adding a foreground of appearance by the placement of the other two diamonds on either side.

In some instances, these diamond settings are also combined with one another, if the wearer is open to experimenting with their style through the rings or jewelry pieces. Usually, it is the rings that hold these precious diamonds into a timeless design for the viewer to perceive and the wearer to adorn.

How Much is a Marquise Diamond Worth?

Marquise diamonds are not very expensive when it comes to comparison with the other diamonds. Natural marquise diamonds are cheaper than round brilliant and are almost $1500- $2000 for a 0.75-carat marquise.

These prices depend upon the other Cs like clarity, color, and carat. While the cut is decided, the other Cs can be worked out the way one wants, to fit into their budget.

Generally, prices for a 1 ct marquise diamond can range from $2,000 to 20,000 or more and you can expect to pay anywhere from $3,000 to $60,000 or more for a 2 carat marquise diamond.


Marquise diamonds are some of the most unique cuts of diamonds in the industry and are also worth it. 

The beauty of these pieces is timeless and vintage, alongside being classic. The unique identity of this cut brings out the best in the wearer. The wearer feels unique in this diamond cut ring, which isn’t a usual choice among people. On the fingers of the wearer, the diamonds make the fingers appear elongated and thin, adding a feminine touch to them when worn.

Despite the inclusions in the natural marquise diamond, some things make the diamond cut appear unconventional in itself. The diamond carries an identity that adds to the wearers, thus making it a statement piece. The diamond cut stands out among the other cuts due to its edgy yet classy look on the wearer. 


Is it necessary to have a certification for a natural marquise diamond?
Yes, obtaining a certification ensures the authenticity and quality of the diamond. You can buy certified diamonds online via our website as well, providing a responsible and sustainable option for buyers.

What settings complement marquise diamonds best?
Settings that protect the pointed ends and enhance the diamond’s brilliance, such as prong or bezel settings, are popular choices.

What is the best length width ratio for a marquise diamond?
The ideal ratio for a marquise diamond is generally considered to be around 1.85 to 2.0.

Are natural marquise diamonds rare?
Yes, natural marquise diamonds are relatively rare, making them a distinctive and sought-after choice for jewelry.

What does a marquise diamond look like?
A marquise diamond has an elongated, boat-like shape with pointed ends, it can elongate the fingers, making it an excellent choice for individuals with shorter fingers.

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