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H Color Diamond: A Brilliant Substitution For Colorless Diamonds


These gorgeous gems created by nature have been divided into color categories. One of these categories is the H color diamond. H color diamond is the category of diamond that consists of minute tints of yellow. The appearance of H color diamonds looks naturally colorless when viewed from a distance.

The H color diamond is classified as nearly colorless. But the appearance of this brilliant diamond is duping since it does not focus much on the ‘nearly’ aspect of it. The appearance of it is as colorless as the higher grades but on a budget. This colorless tag lasts up until it is placed beside a D grade diamond, the clearest diamond.

When buying a friendly diamond, H color should be the first preference, let us explain. We shall walk you through why the best option for a diamond engagement ring is an H color diamond. This may give you some clarity and will prevent you from getting duped by merchants or retailers.

What Is H Color Diamond?

What Is H Color Diamond?

One might wonder “What is H color diamond?”. Diamonds are categorized into different color grades to segregate the tints they possess. These grades are widely divided into four main categories. These categories are colorless diamonds, nearly colorless diamonds, slightly colorless diamonds and colored diamonds.

These categories are divided based on the appearance of the diamonds. Usually, the color of a diamond varies, from viewer to viewer. And thus, to set a universal understanding we follow the colors perceived by professional gemologists of reputed grading institutions.

An H color diamond is not yellow, it is only affected by the fluorescence of the diamond and the shape in which it exists. While observing a diamond it should be noted the cut largely impacts the diamond’s color, hence choosing diamond cut wisely is the best way to get the H color diamond’s beauty.

Is H Color Diamond Good? Will It Be Too Yellow?Is H Color Diamond Good? Will It Be Too Yellow?

H color diamond is an excellent alternative to colorless diamonds and comes under a reasonable budget. The difference between an H color diamond will only be evident when two diamonds are placed close by. In which the second diamond has to be of a higher grade; D color.

When a diamond of a higher grade is kept beside the H color diamond then the H color diamond appears slightly tinted than the other natural diamond. The color in the grid of a diamond is not visible to the naked eye and can only be segregated by a professional gemologist.

To the normal human eye color of the H diamond is completely transparent and will appear as brilliant as a high color grade natural diamond.

According to the GIA color scale, we see that they include H in a nearly colorless category. When perceived overall H color diamonds does not appear yellow. At the top of the diamond when seen the yellow tint is absolutely invisible.

When these diamonds are placed in jewelry pieces only the top is going to be visible, hence they will then also appear colorless only.

The diamond color H does not appear with yellow tint and hence can be a beautiful choice. Yellow Hue of the H color diamond will only be visible from certain angles most of which might be etched into the metal piece that holds it. There is no need to fear that the yellow tint will be visible in the H color diamond without 10x magnification.

So, if you are asking if an H color diamond is good the answer is yes, it is good and it is worth the price.

Comparison: H Color Diamonds vs Other Color GradesComparison: H Color Diamonds vs Other Color Grades

When understanding the color grade of diamonds, the price range of these diamonds differs widely. The color increase is very gradual and can only be understood when two color grades with a great difference between them are kept side-by-side.

H is the second grade in the nearly colorless category of diamonds. G color diamond is placed first in the nearly colorless category. An H color diamond is placed in a good position to classify itself as a nearly colorless gem as well as affordable. As it is available at a cost which is lesser than that of natural G color diamond.

The difference in the grading of colorless diamonds and nearly colorless diamonds is mostly visible only from the side (literally side-view). In a well-illuminated room without any magnification, an H & G color diamond will appear as clear as a colorless diamond.

To get an idea of the diamond’s tint an individual will have to place the diamond in a dim-lit area and observe it closely under magnification.

The higher grades of diamonds provide an ultimate brilliance. In certain situations, this brilliance might not be too evident, due to the setting in which it has been placed. This placement could make the diamond appear less brilliant, which loses the whole point of a higher graded diamond.

There are certain grades which are yellow-tinted, which might not be the best option unless one is on a very tight budget. Hence, an H color is what one ought to choose, when looking for a perfect diamond. It simply adds up to give importance to all the considerable factors.

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How to Make H Color Diamonds Look Whiter?

How to Make H Color Diamonds Look Whiter?

To make the H color diamond appear even more white than it already is, there are certain ways. Let us run through some of these so you understand how one can make their h color diamond look whiter.

The first and the most efficient way to make an H color diamond appear brighter is to place it in a yellow-colored metal like gold. Placing a slightly tinted diamond in yellow metal enhances the brilliance of the diamond since it reflects the hue of the metal. With the background contrast of a brighter yellow, the diamond is certain to appear colorless.

Another way to make a diamond color H appear colorless is to choose the right kind of cut for the diamond. By choosing the right kind of cut you will enhance the right points and the yellow tint will be subdued, which is a perfect option for an H color diamond.

The best cut for this is a round brilliant. The second most likely option to subdue the yellow tint is a natural princess cut diamond.

The cut which is the least optimal choice one would choose is the cushion cut. A cushion cut for an H color diamond will make the yellow tint visible from the top of the diamond.

The three most important factors color

The three most important factors that influence the color of the diamond are the shape, cut and the inclusions of fluorescence. The shape of the diamond is the existing shape in which it has been chiseled which then decides the way it has been fit into a piece of jewelry.

The cut is another very important factor which can make or break the color grade of a diamond. A diamond which is well cut but has an existing yellow tint can appear brilliant, owing to the cut and facets which have been done by the professional.

The fluorescence of the diamond is its tendency to reflect the light that has been sent into it. This is usually determined by the composition of the diamond and additional substances that may have been included in the diamond while forming. Depending on how it reflects the light and how our eyes perceive it, the appearance of a diamond is determined.

When Is It a Good Idea to Buy an H Color Diamond?

There are various situations when one would want to consider investing in an H color diamond. One reason to buy an H grade diamond is that it provides high-class brilliance in a very reasonable amount. Diamonds when compared with the price ranges of D, E and F, the H is the most suitable diamond choice.

It can be the best idea to buy an H color diamond when one is looking out for a brilliant diamond. When one is on a tight budget, they will be looking for options that are brilliant but still do not take a toll on their pocket. The h color natural diamond is the best option that they will choose.

G color grade of diamond is also a viable option but considering the H grid which is one less than the G. Despite being Just one Less than the G grade of diamond, the H color diamond is 15-20% cheaper.

If one is exclusively looking for a diamond to fit into yellow base metal jewelry, then they should opt for the H color diamond. This is due to the gem being enhanced with the base of a yellow metal which is flawless. When an H color diamond will be mounted on an engagement ring or in any jewelry, the difference will not be visible.

Are H Color Diamonds Worth Buying?

Are H Color Diamonds Worth Buying?

The nearly colorless grade of diamond sells at an amount which is almost 20% less than the colorless range. Appearance wise both the color grade diamonds look very similar under lighting and without magnification. Buying a diamond with a similar brilliance at a price which is less than that of colorless diamonds is worth it.

The H color grade of diamonds is a very good investment as it does not ask for too much and still gives considerable brilliance in return. Looking at the beauty of the H color diamond, why would one not wish to buy these? The additional point is that you can invest the remaining money into other parts of the ring like a few small melee diamonds of your choice. H color natural diamonds are something one would never regret buying at any stage.

Where to Buy H Color Natural Diamonds?

You can get your hands on the H color natural diamonds at the best price at RRP Diamonds. A diamond wholesaler who cuts out the middleman and sells directly to you. Be sure to choose a trusted source and request a diamond certificate for quality assurance. Get access to an exclusive discount on the diamond of your at RRP Diamonds, receiving a personalized promo code.


H color diamonds are a good investment, that gives a considerable return in terms of the brilliance it emits. When an H color diamond is explicitly viewed it does not show any difference when compared to the brilliance of a colorless diamond. Only when closely observed can the viewer tell the difference between them.

When viewed from the top, H color diamonds does not show any yellow tint. Only when viewed from the side and when kept in comparison with a much more brilliant diamond can a viewer tell the difference. The prices of an H color diamond are convenient based on the amount of brilliance and elegance it offers. One might feel that this is not the best idea for buying a diamond but if you are on a tight budget and still require a high level of brilliance then H color diamond is the way to go.

The enhancement of an h color diamond is based on the cuts which are there. After which, there will be no traces of the perception that the diamond is yellow.


Should I buy an H color natural diamond?
Buying an H color natural diamond can be a wise cost-effective choice.

Will an natural H color diamond sparkle?
Yes, an natural H color diamond can sparkle beautifully, especially in well-cut stones.

How much is an H diamond worth?
H color 1 carat natural diamond prices range from $281 to $15,000 and 2 carat diamond prices range from $3180 to $29000.

Is H color a good choice for an engagement ring?
Yes, H color diamonds are a popular choice for engagement rings. They offer a good balance between quality and cost.

Are H color diamonds less valuable than higher-grade diamonds?
Yes, H color diamonds are generally less valuable than completely colorless diamonds, but they offer a good balance between quality and price.


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