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Top 10 Art Deco Style Diamond Engagement Rings that Will Leave you Spellbound 

The conception of the Art Deco movement can be traced back to the early 1900s. It was closely related to the society of decorative artists which was also founded around the same time. The emergence of the society is notable because it meant that decor artists were now given the same authority rights as painters, sculptors, and other artists. After this monumental decision, an exclusive art exhibition was held in 1902, in Turin.

Art Deco Style Diamond

The name of this exhibition is pivotal because this is where the name ‘Art Deco’ is taken from. The name of the exhibition was First International Exposition of Modern Decorative Arts, which in French is Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte Decorativa Moderna, Hence the name Art Deco. The impact of the Art Deco movement is quite visible today in many renowned buildings and monuments. 

The Empire state building is a tall standing reminder of how big the influence of art deco was and how it still echoes in the world today. Other prominent areas that were heavily influenced by Art Deco were sculpturing, painting and jewelry. The famous ‘Christ the redeemer’ statue in Rio De Janeiro is also a part of Art Deco Style. 

Art Deco: A blast from the past? 

Art Deco is a style and design technique that emerged pre-world war one in France. The Art Deco movement was a rage in the 1920s to 1930s. It influenced many areas of art like architecture, paintings, and the jewelry world. Art Deco in its time was a symbol of luxurious and premium living. Art Deco also was a sign that the masses were finally having trust and faith in the industrial and technological world. 

What goes around comes around, and that holds especially true for fashion trends. The art deco movement was started almost a century ago and now is back in style. The vintage and artistic take of art deco is taking the fashion industry by storm. It is making a bold entry, by featuring one of the biggest labels and being showcased on the flashiest ramps. Art Deco is back and now is open to one of the largest platforms of purchase and shopping. 

All the notable names from celebrities to designers are going retro and vintage. The ’20s are back in style and raging in everyone’s head. Social media is flooded with vintage art deco pieces, with influencers and all the jewelry brands having these designs on display. This is the best time to buy Art Deco jewelry!

What to look for in Art Deco diamonds? 

  • Subtle or Flashy? 

Art Deco engagement rings have two contrasting sides, either a clean simple design with uniformity and simplicity or rings with multiple stones, larger than life cutting styles, chunky jewelry. It depends on the person you are buying the rings for, would she like a simple, vintage classic piece or a bold statement rock. 

  • Pocket Friendly 

The Art Deco style is featured with multiple stones, which are precious but not as expensive as diamonds. The addition of these stones adds extra shine and glamour to the rings without taking a huge toll on your pocket. Art Deco engagement rings, do not focus on higher carat weight but on the magnanimity of the design. 

Though if you do have extra money to spend and you want an art deco classic, consider adding a halo to the ring, which magnifies the size of the primary rock and gives an illusion that the rock is bigger than it actually is. 

  • Color Conundrum 

Adding color to your jewelry is a primary feature of Art Deco style which may never go unnoticed. A gold bland, with sapphires and diamonds, is a classic example. You can experiment with colors and combinations to add fancy to a classical diamond ring. More bling can never hurt. Experiment with different bands colors, metals, and stones. 

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Trademarks of Art Deco Jewellery 

Art Deco Jewellery has some primary features to them which makes them very easy to classify. The Art Deco movement was all about the new age of industrialization and technology. 

  1. Symmetry: What comes to mind when you think of technology, symmetry comes to mind. This is one of the trademarks of art deco jewelry. If you can do any design in half, it will be the exact same as the other one. 
  2. Shapes and Geometry: Symmetry is best achieved with shapes and combinations of them. The art deco style features, shapes, and clean lines. You can spot triangles, pentagons, rectangles easily in many Art deco designs. 
  3. Colors: Art Deco jewelry is categorized by colors and lots of them. In one single design, you can spot sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and colored diamonds as well. 
  4. Specific Metals: You will never find art deco jewelry in yellow heavy gold. Why? Because art deco designs only deal with lighter metals. The most popular metals are silver and platinum. 

Art Deco Engagement Rings 

When the art deco movement started out, they weren’t the primary candidate for engagement rings. But since the resurgence of this trend, the added heritage value and the notion of vintage jewelry has made Art Deco rings quite famous in the engagement ring category. The Art Deco engagement rings are considered rare and exquisite. They are symmetrical, glamorous, and colorful designs that are often pocket-friendly. 

The art deco engagement rings have a layering of gems along with a variety of shapes which all fit perfectly. Art Deco is now the ‘in thing’ and nothing is better than a trendy, aesthetic engagement ring that will look good on your Instagram.

Our Top 10 Picks

  • Miadora Diamond Square Shape Art Deco Ring

The Diadora ring is an exquisite piece of beauty. The internal details and carving will leave you stunned. The centerpiece is a square shape, but it is not one diamond. It is fitted with multiple shapes of diamonds. 4 marquise-shaped carvings fitted with diamonds on the corners placed diagonally, and the spacing between them is also filled with straight marquise carvings, fitted with diamonds. The center has a small square but the square is standing on one of its corners, to give the design a great classical geometric feel. All the carvings are filled with one big round cut diamond with smaller round cut diamonds complimenting them. The band is also paved with diamonds and we recommend going with platinum or a white gold band. 

  • Pela Vintage Ring

A vintage delicate design is perfect for the ones who believe in less is more. The Pela Vintage Ring has beautifully carved arches on its band, extending from the central diamond. The carvings look like fins with diamonds. This Art Deco Piece can be said to be a nature-inspired piece too. The symmetry of the rings and the multiplicity of shapes is beautiful. The central diamond is a round-cut brilliant diamond, but you can customize it according to your preference. The arches are fitted with pear-shaped diamonds, however, in the Art Deco spirit, you can also use rubies, emerald, or blue sapphires to replace them. The band we suggest to be classical white gold. 

  • Regal Halo Ring

The Regal Halo ring is another statement piece with geometric shapes and great symmetry. It features a central round brilliant cut diamond with a halo of diamonds around it. What makes the rings special is their sides, band, and shoulders. The sides of the diamond have curves extending from them and the band of the ring. The curved area extends from the top and bottom of the diamond, to meet at the band, forming a heart-like shape. Each curved is also sculpted, giving the ring, nuanced detailing. The band of the rings is fitted with smaller diamonds that add finishing and extra sparkle to the ring. We suggest platinum to be the choice of mental for this one.

  • Sienna Ring

The sienna ring has central diamonds, with an added halo. The detailing in the ring is gorgeous, with cascading curves, extending from the center. The curves on the shoulders are made in a cathedral style, which means they have small carvings on them with rounded ends. At the end of this frenzy of curves, are two diamonds, one just before the end, a round-cut brilliant diamond is placed. At the absolute end, when the curves meet the band, another small round brilliant diamond is placed to complete the look. Gold or a platinum band is what suits the Sienna ring style the best. 

  • Multi-Diamond Engagement Ring

A multi-diamond engagement ring features a big central princess cut diamond in the middle and a geometric central design with many squares. Basically, the square diamond is positioned in the middle, with a square halo surrounding it. The shoulder of the diamonds is carved with arrow carving. While the base of the arrow is perpendicular to the sides of the square. The arrow is also fitted with smaller diamonds. The bands of the diamonds are also carved with arrows. You can experiment with multiple stones in this design to add a pop of color to the ring. We suggest a platinum band to be the best for this style. 

  • Heirloom Petite Milgrain Engagement Ring

This ring takes you back to the royal family. The ring looks exactly like a piece of jewelry that would be passed from generation to generation. This ring has an emerald cut diamond, sitting in the center. The cutting really matters for this design because its executive cut is what ties its designs together. Tiny metal beads are sitting on the shoulder of the ring, The ring is minimalistic and simple and makes for a great romantic vintage piece. 

  • Lattice Vintage Ring

The lattice vintage ring is another nature-inspired art deco piece. This ring has marquise diamonds placed above and below the band, which gives it a leaf-like look. The band is also not completely straight but wavy, with two parallel lines running across them. The center features a round brilliant cut diamond. To give more definition to the ring, you can use emeralds in the marquise carvings. 

  • Athena Ring

The central diamond sits in a four-prong setting with a diamond-studded band. This central diamond is none other than a round-cut brilliant diamond. And this ring is said to best work with a platinum metal band. The band has two rows of smaller diamonds, which make it extremely gorgeous. The ring is one of the classical art deco designs. The Athena symbolizes honor making this ring a perfect way to honor your love.

  • Crescendo Ring

The crescendo ring has multiple bands meeting at the central point where the main round cut brilliant diamond sits. The top and bottom bands have an intricate milgrain design. The central diamond is surrounded by a circle of smaller round diamonds, which gives the illusion that the diamond is bigger than it technically is. The central band is studded and paved with diamonds. The band gives the best look when it is made up of white gold or platinum. 

  • Fifth Avenue Ring

The Fifth Avenue Ring is a big eye-catching design that will surely turn heads. This ring features a big central oval brilliant cut diamond surrounded by an oval halo. The band of the diamond is thicker, with multiple rows of diamonds and a milgrain design. The ring has a godly look and is perfect for everyone who likes to rock a big rock. 

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Conclusion Thoughts

Art Deco is more than just jewelry or a movement, it is a lifestyle that symbolizes magnanimity and symmetry, Jewelry is one of its manifestations. Following the same pattern of art, deco jewelry is said to be larger than life and luxurious. In its essence, an art deco engagement ring is perfect for honoring love, commitment, and loyalty. All the pieces have history and a story attached to them. The antique and vintage factor adds extra ‘oomph’ to the diamonds. On buying diamond’s one such piece you will love the piece and will not be disappointed by it. 

Art of Deco diamond

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