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Know About Very Rare And Valuable Natural Green Diamonds

green diamond

Green diamonds are one of the rarest and most magnificent fancy diamonds in the world. As green color diamonds are the symbol of a fresh start these are best suited for wedding bands. Not all dealers and collectors witness the presence of green diamonds in their collection. 

green diamond

Their beauty and shine are worth experiencing once in your life.  What exactly are green diamonds? How are these formed? How much do they cost? How rare are they? We at RRP offer the answer to all these questions and more, in this article.

What are green diamonds?

Green Diamonds are among the marvelous creations of nature, reflecting its beauty and uniqueness among other existing jewels. Created over millions of years these are special diamonds having amazing shades and colors. 

These special diamonds placed between varied ranges of diamonds from the rarest to frequent diamonds are worth it. These can be carried in different ways best suited for the engagement rings. 

Green diamonds come under the category of fancy diamonds as they are rare and considered even more valuable than a colorless round-cut brilliant diamond.  Apart from green diamonds the only other colors which are rare or even rarer are red, pink, blue, violet, and orange diamonds. 

Their shine, shape, tones, and hues are truly eye-catching and wonderful. Green diamonds are amazing outputs of the natural activities of the earth spanning over millions of years. 

The radiation from the diamond crystal when exposed during and after its formation results in the green coloration of the green diamonds. In the presence of elements like Thorium and Uranium, a radioactive process takes place in which the radiation exposed reacts with the diamond’s internal lattice and thus settles at the outer layer of the diamond. This is what gives the diamond a green look. And no need to worry, this process does not make the green diamond radioactive or in any way causes instability in its masses. 

History of green diamonds?

Under high temperature varying from 1000-2000 degree centigrade and pressure conditions for over millions of years, deep down below 125-150 miles from earth’s surface, these shining diamonds are formed. 

The green color is the real beauty element of these diamonds that differentiate them from those white diamonds. White diamonds are the result of contamination of pure carbon, there on after complete crystallization of it the green color appears when it shines out from the depths of volcanic depths and is exposed to direct radiation.

The variations in the green colors of the diamond depend upon how long they were exposed to the radiation and also their size.

The light green coloration of the diamond is due to the alpha radiation penetration which only affects its skin as it does not penetrate the body of the diamond.

The diamonds reflect deep green color when beta and gamma radiation penetrates the body of the diamond at higher temperatures. 

These are categorized as Fancy Intense, Fancy deep & Fancy Vivid. These are very rare as such conditions of beta and gamma penetrations are formed rarely. 

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The origin of these rare Green color diamonds is found in Brazil, Zimbabwe, Guyana, the Central African Republic, Venezuela, and India.

How rare are green diamonds?

green diamond

Among other fancy diamonds, green diamonds are placed at the top because of their rare occurrence. Although from other colored diamonds like red, pink, violet diamonds which are rare too, green diamonds are estimated to be far more costly than them because of difficulty in obtaining a good quality green diamond

Just a glance at its rarity color can determine the value of this precious fancy diamond. 

Do you know how extraordinary these green shapes are that these were only sold twice in auctions in 40 years? 

What are the prices of green diamonds?

The green diamond varies from light green to deep hue shades. It depends upon the color of the stone and the color intensity level. The GIA grades green diamonds on the following scale:

  • Faint Green
  • Very Light Green
  • Light Green
  • Fancy Light Green
  • Fancy Green
  • Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, and Fancy Deep

The primary hue green diamonds are most preferred by the dealers and collectors as they are rare and give the deep green tone of an authenticated green diamond. 

The rest green diamonds called secondary colors can be one or two of the following hues: 

  • Yellow hue
  • Yellowish hue
  • Blue hue
  • Bluish hue
  • Brown hue
  • Brownish hue
  • Gray hue
  • Grayish hue
  • Gray yellowish hue
  • Grayish yellowish hue

Investors, diamond merchants, retailers, and collectors like to go for primary hue green diamonds as they make maximum profit out of them. 

In comparison to secondary hues, these pure green diamonds are priced at a higher range. Due to their purity and availability, they are placed at a price higher than other fancy diamonds.

Secondary hue green diamonds vary in price depending upon their secondary hue mixes. The blue, bluish, brown, brownish, gray, grayish, gray-yellowish, yellow, and yellowish often witnessed in green diamonds. But those with blue secondary hues mark higher prices than those with yellow, brown, or gray hues.

What are the world’s most famous Green diamonds?

green diamond

Dresden Diamond-

It is the world’s most famous diamond also known as “Dresden Green”, is a 41.06-carat natural green diamond. It probably originated in the Kollur mine in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. The Dresden diamond has a deep green-blue hue highest clarity level of VS1. All this makes it the most recognizable and marvelous green diamond. It was estimated to be worth somewhere between £60,000 and £400,000 in 1726. 

Aurora Green-

It is the world’s most vivid green diamond to ever sell at auction in May 2016. It is a 5.07 carat green diamond with VS2 clarity. Embedded with a gold ring studded with round pink diamonds, it is the largest green vivid diamond ever sold. This 5ct diamond was sold for a whopping $16.8 million. 

The Ocean Dream-

One of the rarest stones, The Ocean Dream is a shield-shaped diamond that has a rare color. It is a 5.51-carat green diamond that was sold for $8.9 million. It is approved by GIA as a natural diamond with special colors due to underground radioactive processes over millions of years.

Green Diamond Engagement Ring Settings:

Get yourself a perfect green diamond ring with the best set of colors and designs. Fancy green diamonds give the best look when they are cut and polished to cushion shape as the cushion shape enhances the green shape in the best way.  

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Complement your green diamond with white metal as it enhances the visibility of the true green colors of the diamond. To intensify the shape along with the color match it with yellow metal and carry the magnificent ring and shine bright like a diamond.

Design 1- Halo Setting

Surrounded by melee colorless or pink diamonds, the green diamond shines beautifully at the center of it. The pink color gracefully complements the green solitary diamond and completes its look with a halo setting.

Design 2- Side Stone Setting

This three-stone setting increases the surface area of your fancy green diamond. The emerald shape or baguette shape diamonds make a catchy design as side stones. 

Design 3-Pave Setting

Pave setting gives a stylized ring design to the solitary green diamonds. It sets the desired look when you want an amazing ring idea for the green diamond.


Green diamonds have different color tones depending upon the shape and size of the stone. A range of green shine from light shades of green to deep blue hues green diamonds are precious fancy diamonds. 

With some experience and guidance buying, green diamonds can be easier and one can grace themselves with this shining beauty. Select your favorite setting for your ring and Jewell this green diamond on your hand. 


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