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The Trends Of Atlanta Engagement Rings

The Trends Of Atlanta Engagement Rings

A world-class and beautiful city noted for its culture, rich history, and cuisines, Atlanta is also an up-and-coming hub for some famous diamond jewelry! Where numerous jewelers are available throughout the city who can provide customers with excellent items of jewelry studded with remarkable diamonds and other precious stones. 

The Trends Of Atlanta Engagement Rings

Like any other city, purchasing the best diamond engagement rings depends on a number of factors such as the location from where one shops to the preferences a customer has regarding the center stone and setting.

With technology developing drastically as days go on, customers now have multiple options regarding the mode of shopping they prefer, namely online or physically from a local store. 

Online Shopping VS Purchasing from a jewelry Store 

Customers can now purchase stunning diamond engagement rings even from online stores as they did from the local markets at relatively cheaper prices on many occasions wherein a difference of 30% to 40% is observed between the prices of diamonds available at a local store and the online market.

A larger range of settings is also accessible through the online mode at relatively lesser prices since there is a better state of trust and understanding between vendors and customers due to the economics of selling diamonds online

Although there are some downsides to online shopping for precious stones since customers might not feel satisfied with what they see through a screen and would like physical interaction with the products they wish to buy. 

At the end of the day, the mode of shopping is primarily based on personal preferences. So if a customer feels comfortable with either of the ways should make the purchase according to what they feel would suit their needs better. 

Top Engagement Ring Trends in Atlanta 

There are many engagement ring trends that are famous amongst the people of Atlanta. Some of which include the following: 

Lavish and Luxe 

As the title suggests, customers in Atlanta have an evident favorite type that includes extravagant and luxe engagement rings like the Waverly Diamond Ring or Demi Diamond ring which is studded with concealed diamond accents and a beautiful central stone. The setting of the Waverly Diamond ring specifically features a pave diamond accent beautifully arranged on the band that tends to add a brilliant and sparkling look to the entire setup. The Demi Diamond ring is also desired by many because of its hidden halo of diamonds stunningly resting underneath the center stone. 

One of a Kind

Many uniquely gorgeous rings are an utmost favorite amongst the people of Atlanta, some of them including rings such as the Alvadora Diamond Ring and Primrose Diamond Ring

It is also known that 10% of all sales of the Alvadora rings originated from Atlanta because of the appeal.  This diamond’s extraordinary vintage look with a bezel set center stone being surrounded by extravagantly detailed latticework and a halo of sparkling diamonds is well-adorned amongst the people of Atlanta. 

While the Primrose ring is well known for its shimmering center gemstone encompassed by the clusters of floral diamonds. A beaded detailing is the additional feature that adds a touch of ageless elegance to the entire setup, transforming the ring into a show-stopping piece of jewelry.  

Staying Golden

Adding a shade of gold to their rings is the favorite thing to do for customers in Atlanta and hence arises their love for the warm tints of 18K yellow gold. 

Some of the popular rings that are placed on a set of yellow gold include the French Halo Diamond Ring, North Star Ring, and the Aria Diamond Ring. 

10% of all sales of the French Halo Diamond Ring are also known to have originated from the area of Atlanta. Whereas the North Star Ring is not no less famous in the city because of its smooth and contemporary style signified by the four compass-point claw prongs that welcome the center diamond.

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Another setting that has retained its class and fame includes the three-stone ring setting with elongated fancily fashioned diamonds like oval or emerald. The Aria Diamond Ring, on the other hand, is another top trending style with its 18K yellow gold studded with a center oval diamond.

Expert Tips for Purchasing a Diamond in Atlanta 

Any customer must be advised well before they start the process of purchasing diamond jewelry and must ensure that they have all the information related to the process in as much detail as possible.

Whether a customer chooses the online or offline mode for this purchase is a personal preference but they must at the least be thoroughly aware of what they are looking for. 

This is necessary since there are many jewelers and retailers in the market who do not sell their product with the cleanest intention and more often than not take advantage of the fact that the customers might not be well informed about the factors used to evaluate a diamond, like the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, carat weight). 

Staffs of such stores tend to downplay the customer and sell them flawed jewelry for unworthy prices which would seem unnoticeable to a beginner’s eye but quite obvious to that of an expert. 

This could include a piece of jewelry studded with a diamond of poor cut or color, non-certified or poorly certified, presence of obvious inclusions, etc. Hence, to avoid such misleading purchases, here are some tips that the customers can follow in order to make the best out of their money. 

Examine the Diamond’s Cut 

The manner in which a diamond is cut is one of the most important factors in the process of evaluation of a diamond since it decides the brilliance, fire, sparkle, and overall beauty of the stone. 

If a diamond is not well-cut by a cutter then it will definitely not look as attractive and stunning as a viewer expects it to. Hence, customers should only approach the gems that are cut to a high standard which would evidently result in the entire jewelry radiating with a flawless type of grace and charm. 

The grades of excellent or ideal cut are generally avoided to diamonds that are cut well enough to exude the above-mentioned properties, hence customers should be looking for this when they are purchasing a diamond to avoid settling for a subpar gem. 

The diamond’s depth and table are also important factors to be considered since an ideal ratio needs to be maintained for these attributes so that the shape of the stone can be precise. 

In the case of a fancy-shaped diamond, a diamond shape guide should be referred to to find the optimal depth, table, and length to width ratio for specific diamond shapes. All this information related to the gemstone is not hard to find since it is generally provided in the diamond’s certificate.  

Search High Quality, Certified Diamonds 

Customers must always buy diamonds that have been certified by a reputable organization such as the GIA or AGS

These certificates accurately mention the evaluation that is done on the diamond’s color, cut, clarity, and carat weight and provide customers with an objective and authentic estimation of the diamond’s appearance and worth. 

Grading entities such as IGI or EGL are not advised since they are known to overstate the quality of the diamonds and so are not recommended. 

Select an Eye-Clean Diamond Instead of a Flawless One

The clarity of a diamond explains the number of imperfections present inside and outside the diamond, which can be defined as inclusions and blemishes respectively.

This is an important feature to consider when making a purchase as these imperfections give a cloudy and dull appearance to the diamond, leading to the jewelry looking less beautiful. 

Grades that are used to define the clarity of diamonds include the following: Flawless (FL), Internally Flawless (IF), Very, Very Slightly Included (VVs2), VS1 or VS2 (Very Slightly Included), SI1 or SI2 (Slightly Included), I1 or I2 or I3 (Included). 

Higher grades denote that the stone in consideration has lesser inclusions and blemishes and the lower grades describe the opposite. 

A grade of VS2-SI1 is generally awarded to eye-clean diamonds and can be purchased by the customers at reasonable prices as these diamonds appear as eye-clean and stunning as the flawless-graded ones.

 Any inclusions or impurities present are just a part of the internal structure and do not produce any effect on the overall visible clarity of the diamond. 

It will look clean and have an adequate amount of sparkle in the eyes of onlookers and this will also allow the customer to invest their budget in the rest of the Cs. 

However, customers that depend on the technicality of the flawlessness of their diamonds can opt for higher graded ones which will invariably cost more although it is always advised to choose an eye-clean diamond rather than a flawless one. 

A Suitable Color of the Diamond 

When talking about the white diamond rings like the ones popular in Atlanta, the price depends on the color grading. Each diamond is denoted by the GIA or IGI color grade scale wherein diamonds are graded in the range of D to Z. 

With D being denoted to absolutely colorless diamonds that are most valuable and hence, the priciest and diamonds with the rating of Z having the yellowest tint being the least priced. 

Customers are therefore advised to select the diamond in the range of G to I which closely resembles the flawless colorless diamonds when set in the perfect and most compatible engagement ring or other jewelry. This applies especially to diamonds in the category of shapes like Asscher, princess, or emerald cut

The whiter metals like white gold and platinum are known to specifically make the diamond’s color stand out than the darker metals. Hence, a diamond with the color rating in the range of H to J would go perfectly with these white metals while for the colored metals like yellow gold and rose gold, diamonds in the range of J to K will be compatible too since these metals tend to ting the color of the diamond anyways. 

At the end of the day, the color of the diamond is a matter of personal preference but customers should ensure that their choice of diamond is compatible with the color of the setting. 

Keep Calm and Be Patient 

Customers should remember to be as calm and patient as possible and not hurry into the process of buying any sort of diamond jewelry. Especially diamond engagement rings, since a rushed decision could lead to the customers overlooking certain features of the purchase and then ending up with a product that does not really meet their desires and dreams. Many jewelry salespeople have the tendency to rush a customer into a purchase and this results in the buyer settling with an expensive yet low-quality diamond. 

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Conclusion Thoughts

Since they feel like they are running out of time and options to buy the perfect piece. This, however, is not the case since the diamond and diamond ring market is vast enough to full fill everyone’s demands and so customers should always take ample amount of time to assess their options as it is never impossible to settle with something that meets their needs the best while being confined in the fixed budget. 

Atlanta Engagement Rings

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