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The Unique Kite Shape Diamond Just Caught Our Sight Hard

kite shaped diamond

In the gemstone kingdom, diamonds are the most popular. Available in multiple colors, cuts, and shapes, there is no way one can go wrong with diamonds. Ranging from brilliant round cuts to vintage emerald cuts, there are so many options within the diamond world that there exists one for every single soul.

But there exists a certain diamond that is not only one of the most peculiar cuts but also has a very special Art Deco style kite-shaped diamond. The kite shape has a low—key spectacular design. It has a highly rare and exceptional style that also marks its noteworthy and unique silhouette.

Kite shaped diamond radiates an exuberant rhombus-like and symmetrical cut. It has a cut that is an astute combination of step-cut, like an emerald cut diamond, and brilliant-cut, like princess cut diamond. And since it has step cut, it does not sparkle a lot, but still maintains its own unique aura. 

kite shaped diamond

It can turn out to be more eye-catching and awe-inspiring thanks to its lengthened structure with four very visible and sharp well-defined lines. Two lines are set to meet on top, and the other two longest lines meet at the opposite point. The kite cut diamond is also called the Diamond cut diamond established on how kids draw the diamond shape.

Kite-shaped diamonds have been around since the Art Deco period, around the 1920s and ’30s, and have been one of the fancy cuts, extremely preferred by people who wish for a traditional and modern diamond for their jewelry. 

Despite the popularity of brilliant colorless diamonds, kite-shaped diamonds extend their reach to more unconventional diamonds like gray, black, and salt and pepper diamonds. Their rarity and the way they appear after this certain cut make them a perfect choice for kite cut diamonds. Their elegance and uniqueness are something that is show-stopping and still not too on the nose.



Grey diamonds are the most commonly seen with Kite cut. They are one of the rarest diamonds that occur naturally. Seeing how rare they are, the demand is also low in the market and they are not quite sought out for.

The diamond gets its natural smoky gray color from a large number of inclusions and blemishes. These inclusions also make them highly sustainable. It is these blemishes that actually give it its rare and unrivaled charm. Gray diamonds are quite reasonably priced due to their low demand and low supply.

Grey diamonds are perfect if you favor a polished and luxurious centerpiece for your jewelry. 

And giving them the kite cut makes them even more elegant and gives them a satiny and glossy sheen. The result isn’t too gaudy but ultra-fine.


man made black diamond

Black diamonds are entirely an unorthodox choice for diamonds for any kind of jewelry and are usually the first choice for people who love antique jewelry. Not only are they extremely rare when occurring naturally but they are comparatively cheaper than white, colorless diamonds.

Naturally occurring black diamonds get their color from clusters of carbon that form graphite clumps. To put it simply, black diamonds are just white diamonds, and an extremely high level of impurities within that give them their black sheen and opacity.

Since natural black diamonds are so rare, there also exists a man-made synthetic black diamond that is used more than natural black diamonds. These treated diamonds are turned into black diamonds by exposing white diamonds with large inclusions to intense heat, pressure, and irradiation treatments, which causes such inclusions to enlarge and turn the entire stone black.

Kite-cut black diamonds emit an aura of boldness and power, making them perfect for any and every piece of jewelry, especially an engagement ring.

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Salt And Pepper Diamond

A Salt and Pepper diamond is a white diamond with assorted black and white inclusions, which gives the diamond a gorgeous and freckled appearance. Another important fact is that no two salt and pepper stones are alike.

They occur naturally and while they are not a popular option, if you favor an extremely unique and one-of-a-kind diamond, then salt and Pepper diamond should be your choice.

Since kite cut is about step cuts as much as it is about brilliant-cut, kite cut salt and pepper diamonds don’t sparkle. They rather have a matte finish with an elegant glaze. Their ‘imperfect’ inclusions make them rather perfect.

They give off a fierce, smoky, satiny, simplistic, mysterious, gothic, and elegantly modern look.


Kite-shaped diamonds are extremely versatile. From engagement rings to earrings and pendants, kite cut can be fit anywhere and flatter anything. 

Adding an extra set of small diamonds around the center stone of the same or a different color is also an option that can be explored.


When it comes to diamond rings for women, every woman wants her diamond ring to be unique and well-fitted to her personality and fashion. If your taste happens to be different from mainstream trends, then it is recommended that you give these colored stones a try. 

Generally used as side stones to other center stones in rings, they enhance the brilliance of the center focus. Which doesn’t mean that they cannot make excellent centerpieces themselves. 

Three stone settings are just an excellent choice for an engagement ring.

In rings, they can be paired with accent diamonds to enhance their luster. Accent diamonds in the form of halos or paved bands serve as one of the most popular options. You can also go for a sunburst setting to compliment the center stone that is the kite cut diamond.

When it comes to the settings, regular prong settings, and eagle prongs settings turn out to be the best considering they really hold down the diamond. This kind of setting also increases the amount of light entering the diamond. So if you are opting for a colorless or semi-white diamond, those prong settings highlight them the most.

Another setting that can be used with kite cut diamonds is the bezel setting. In a bezel setting, a strip of metal is enveloped around the diamond around its sides, securing it to its position. Since gray, black, and salt and pepper diamonds do not refract light within, this setting is perfect in those scenarios. it complements the matte look these stones present while also not affecting their brilliance. 

It is also a healthy option if the wearer has an active lifestyle. Bezel setting will heavily reduce the risks of the diamond getting snagged into things, chipping, or getting damaged.


They are often also used as dropstones in earrings. They can also be styled as studs and still be exceptionally striking to anyone who looks at you while wearing them.

On top of serving as single stoned earrings, they can also be enhanced with a small halo of accent diamonds of the same color as the center diamond or the opposite to create contrast. Either way, they will look beautiful and unequaled. Adding a small sunburst below the drop can also improve the look of the kite-shaped diamonds.  


Kite-shaped diamond makes an excellent pendant on its own as well as with accent diamonds. It makes the necklace very distinct and unique.

And in case you want to spice things up a little, you can opt for a star-shaped pendant, which is formed with five kite-shaped diamonds. These pendants are beautiful with a natural geometric shape and at the same time budget-friendly, since it is easier to make a diamond star from five kite-shaped diamonds than to make a diamond star from a rough diamond rock.

Star-shaped pendants are set invisibly. This causes the combined weight, or carat, of the entire piece, i.e. 5 kite-shaped diamonds, to look much more than its actual value. Such a design is also an affordable style and a truly beautiful purchase.

Also seeing that it has sharp straight edges and corners, it fits perfectly within the invisible set and looks neat and clean.

To create a variance, black kite cut diamond or salt and pepper kite cut diamond can be mixed up with colorless diamonds as they will complement each other and make the other shine brighter.


Kite-shaped diamonds are so all-rounded that they look amazing with every single metal option. Each combination of these varied stones and different metals radiate a different air. Since no two gray or salt and pepper stone are the same, each piece of jewelry made from them is also not the same at all.

Gold is the most obvious option for jewelry. It is highly malleable and therefore can be given any shape or form to compliment the shape of the center kite cut stone. The purest version of gold is 24K but since it is very soft, several other metals are mixed with gold to give it durability and sturdiness.

When mixed with rhodium, silver, or palladium, we get white gold, which gives off an icy white vibe. This makes the metal more popular than yellow gold as it goes with almost everything. If you have a cold or neutral skin tone, it will complement your skin very well.

Yellow gold is obtained by mixing copper or zinc with gold. Yellow gold is the most hypoallergenic of all gold and the easiest to maintain. It compliments warm-colored, olive, or darker skin tones the best. It is also the most hypoallergenic of all the gold variants present.

Rose gold is made when gold is mixed with copper and silver alloys. The added components strengthen the basic gold and give it a rose color. Rose gold is quite a unisex metal. It has a romantic and antique aesthetic to it. It is cheaper than the other variants since the added variants make the overall cost drop.

Platinum is another metal, very similar to white gold, but rarer and more expensive. It goes for a long run without chipping off or getting dents or scratches due to its high durability. On top of that, platinum is extremely hypoallergenic, making it the most appropriate metal for people with sensitive skin. It goes great with almost all skin tones.

Using kite cut black diamond with yellow gold or rose gold gives the jewelry an overall mystifying, gothic, and captivating look. Using white gold with black diamond or salt and 

Pepper diamond will not only embolden the center diamond but can also create a contrast that makes the kite-shaped center diamond pop out.

Two different metals can also be combined to give a two-toned contrast to the metal band and enhance the look of the jewelry even more.


Kite-shaped diamond offered a pleasing air to anyone who wants a perfect combination of the geometric and vintage aesthetic. Not only will it make your diamond jewelry stand out in the crowd, but it will also be quite moderately priced.

They present a sleek look that is a perfect mix of vintage and minimalistic. They enhance the look when combined with other diamonds.

Kite-shaped diamonds make use of those variants of diamonds that are usually overlooked in favor of colorless or other naturally colored diamonds. That not only makes a piece of jewelry that is unparalleled in beauty and elegance but also affordable.

Kite cut showcases the best angles, facets, reflections, and refractions along with its clarity.

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Conclusion Thoughts

Overall, due to the lack of popularity of kite cut diamonds, there aren’t a lot of diamond cutters and craftsmen who have been able to incorporate such a style within their work. Which doesn’t make them any less elegant, sophisticated, or show-stopping. They make excellent side pieces to enhance any center stone and even better center stones themselves. So if you wish for a Tapered budgeted diamond ring that makes its unique presence known every time it is seen in public, then a kite cut diamond is here for you.

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