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A Complete Know About Princess Cut Diamond

Princess Cut Diamond

We have a wide variety of diamonds available for adoring our jewelry with its beauty. One such adorable diamond is a princess diamond. Also known as a Princess Cut diamond, jewelers use this shape of a diamond in making various pieces of jewelry, especially Diamond rings. We are going to share all the details related to the diamond princess cuts. 

Princess Cut Diamond

What is a Princess Cut Diamond 

A Princess-Cut diamond is customarily a square diamond that offers superb sparkle and splendor. This extravagant shape of diamond is crafted from the pyramid of the raw diamond. Princess Cuts are among the most splendid of all diamond shapes and are mainly famous for engagement rings. 

The best Princess Cuts have an unmistakable square shape with a length to width proportion of 1.0-1.05. While you can discover square shape Princess Cuts, they aren’t attractive because they need brightness. Princess Cuts with an excellent or ideal cut quality are the most suitable for genuinely exciting engagement rings. 

Princess Cut Diamond

Characteristics of a Princess Cut Diamond

  • The square-shaped diamond with the highest brilliance
  • Expenses are less per carat than Round Cuts since a greater amount of the unpleasant stone is kept up during the cutting cycle 
  • A well-taken decision for engagement rings and studs 
  • Additionally alluded to as Square Modified Brilliant and Rectangular Modified Brilliant.

Facets of a Princess Cut Diamond

A Princess Cut Diamond typically has somewhere in the range of 50 and 58 features, contingent upon how the jewel is cut. The majority of the facets are on the structure and crown, with a couple on the support. 

Princess Cuts also regularly have two to four chevron designs, which cross examples that can be seen when seeing the diamond from a higher place. For example, when the diamond has two chevron designs, it reflects bolder blazes of white and colored light. 

When the diamond has four chevron designs, it has more glimmer, bringing about more modest blazes of white and hued light that can be seen when the diamond moves. 

Why Princess Cut Diamonds are Cheaper 

A Round Brilliant will generally yield around 40% (which means a 1-carat piece of the raw diamond will yield a 0.40ct cleaned round diamond), while a Princess Cut will yield in the 80%-90% territory! It is the essential motivation behind why all else being equivalent; a Princess Cut is less expensive than a round diamond. 

Another reason for these diamonds to be less expensive is that since Princess Cuts are just produced using unpleasant precious stone gems that are large and very much shaped, that generally corresponds with cleaner raw material. 

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4 C’s of Princess Cuts 


The choice of clarity grades on Princess Cut Diamonds is prominently slanted to the very good quality. So you won’t ever track down a huge choice of SI2 and I1 Princess Cuts. On the other side, the way they have bigger tables implies that it is more probable a SI lucidity diamond. 

There is a higher possibility that it will be noticeable only if you gaze directly down into the diamond (the regular way individuals take a look at a diamond once its mounted in a ring). 


Regarding color, you should be somewhat more cautious with a Princess Cut diamond than you would with a Round Brilliant. However, since both are splendid cuts, the two of them prevail regarding slashing up the light, so the genuine nature of the raw material is harder to see. 

However, since the light profit from the Round Brilliant is predominant, it is also better to stay quiet about your diamond’s real nature. Along these lines, I suggest when purchasing a Princess Cut precious stone that you either pick an H or an I Color diamond for the best worth. 

Cut Quality 

Maybe the trickiest piece of purchasing the best stone for a Princess Cut Diamond is cut quality. With Rounds, it’s simple. GIA discloses to you their assessment, and you can confide in it. GIA will grade Polish and Symmetry on a Princess Cut diamond. 

In contrast to Rounds, there’s no industry-wide agreement on what boundaries make up the ideal Princess Cut. So instead of premium cut Round Diamonds, Princess Cuts are sliced to fit the shape of the raw diamond. 


A Round Brilliant will provide around 40% of a raw diamond, i.e., a sawed 1-carat piece of the raw diamond will yield a 0.40ct cleaned round diamond. While on the other hand, a Princess Cut will yield in the 80%-90% category! It is the essential reason why all else being equivalent; a Princess Cut is less expensive than a round brilliant cut diamond.

Princess Cut Diamond

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Conclusion Thoughts

When purchasing online, use a reputable online store or a branded dealer. Keenly look at their policies on returns, exchanges, and resizing. Whether you’re buying princess-cut diamonds for an engagement ring or studs, check all the specifications given on the website,

Keep this thing in mind that sometimes what you see on the website is far different from what you will get in real—Thats why try to find an authentic jeweler. Likewise,  RRP Diamond is one of the most popular jewelers present online. They have large selections to choose from. 

In addition, they utilize 360° magnified images of their diamonds. These images allow you to scrutinize a diamond’s performance, clarity, and color before you buy in a better way. At RRP Jewellers, you can find the best jewelry with princess-cut diamonds studded over them. 

They can design the best engagement rings, earrings, and other jewelry matching your style. Their in-house diamond experts will also review your diamond choices with you. Just what you need to make sure that your diamond is eye-clean and performs well in your ring or stud or any other piece of jewelry!


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