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Why are Gypsy Set rings creating such an impact? 

gypsy diamond ring

A Gypsy setting style goes by many names like flush mount setting, shot set, and burnish setting. A gypsy setting is easily identified by the clean and finished look of the diamond ring.

gypsy diamond ring

The stone is completely embedded into the metal band to give an appearance as if the stone is a part of the metal. 

Benefits of a gypsy style ring 

  • Unisex

The gypsy style setting is not made for a particular gender. The ring is suitable for both men and women. The style is clean and does not have any obvious indications which make it more suitable for either party. This is also one of the reasons gypsy settings are perfect for identical wedding bands. 

  • Wide price range

The great thing about gypsy rings is the fact that you have a very broad price range you can choose from according to your convenience. You can experiment with styles, stones, and metals and make a ring that suits your budget. 

  • Compatible with an active lifestyle

Gypsy setting styles are for those people who do not want to worry about damaging their rings. The diamond is so securely placed and the design is so clean that you do not have to worry about the pieces falling out, the edges being scratched, the ring getting stuck in clothing and so many other tiny things that many people tend to worry about. If you are a woman who is working and wants a classy, not so flashy wedding band that suits your workplace, a gypsy setting will work perfectly for you. 

  • Secure and comfortable

All the designs are super comfortable to wear and carry. Because the band is clean-cut, you do not have to worry about irritation on the finder and the stones causing discomfort.

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How does the gypsy setting work?

Such a clean look requires the utmost precision and handcrafting/craftsmanship from great hands. First, the metal of choice is selected. After that, the stone is selected. Once this is done, the metal band is kept in place using a holder, and then a hole is drilled into the metal band using a specialized drill for jewelry. The depth of this depression is determined according to the stone cut. 

Post this, the stone is placed in the metal band and the circumference or girdle of the stone is then covered by the same metal band. This is done by pushing the metal around the girdle over the stone. After this, the band is polished carefully so that the stone is unharmed. This gives the final gypsy setting. 

The history behind the Gypsy setting

Gypsy setting style is a part of antique and vintage jewelry. The gypsy setting style emerged around the early 1900s. This age was known as the victorian era style of jewelry and many times, the gypsy setting is also called the victorian gypsy style. Gypsy-style rings started as a symbol of friendship that was exchanged between men and women or same-gendered friends. 

The ring was popularized by men of the victorian age, but later the ring was a preferred choice amongst the ladies because it was a fresh new take on jewelry. Gypsy set rings were very different in comparison to the flashy, flowery design of that age. Perhaps this is why women welcome this style with open arms. The traditional gypsy ring of that era was one with three equal-sized round stones, placed at equal distance from each other but at the center of the ring, sunk into a gold metal band which was tapered. 

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Our top 10 picks of Gypsy Style Rings

  • Staggered Diamond band

The staggered diamond band is one of the most popular and widely bought designs in the flush set arena. The metal band in place with a combination of comparatively smaller and bigger diamonds. The ring is beautiful and gives a modern look. The diamonds are placed in an arrangement where the smaller stones are placed diagonally above the bigger diamonds. These two diamond settings are equidistant giving it a uniquely symmetrical look, something which many people desire. The staggered diamond band also comes under the segment of eternity rings. We suggest a gold band to complete the look and the next best choice would be a platinum band. 

  • Huge Mounted Gypsy set diamond ring

A rather grand and big look for a gypsy style. The huge mounted gypsy ring also called the high mounted gypsy ring is an ideal design for men’s rings. The center of the ring is rather wide in diameter than the rest of the ring. The larger area is set with a big diamond. This is a classic huge mounted design but it comes in many variants. One can also opt for the design which is a three-stone diamond ring which means the bigger diamond comes with two additional smaller diamonds, one each set adjacent to the primary diamond. 

  • Gypsy set constellation ring

This is one of our favorites. Gypsy set rings are the best setting style to make personalized constellation rings. A constellation ring can be found at many stores pre-made and ready to buy diamonds or you can request them to be made according to your desire. The ring is made by tracing out the template of the stars of a constellation on it and then placing small stones of your choice in the same place of stars. We suggest natural diamond as the choice of stone and gold as the choice of the metal band. It works perfectly. If you want to add more chicness to this design you can also have the ring engraved with the name of the constellation. 

  • Star set Gypsy ring

This is one of the oldest designs that was developed with gypsy set diamond rings. It is very unique and has a lot of heritage behind it. Similar designs were worn and owned by the aristocracy of Victorian times. The star set gypsy has a design of a star-like cut in the center of the ring, at the heart of this center, a diamond is placed. A start set gypsy ring also comes in a three-star variant with a comparatively larger middle star with one small star on each side, with a smaller diamond in each of their centers. You can also add emeralds or sapphires in the center star or the side starts. 

  • All diamond one of a kind Gypsy ring

An all-diamond one-of-a-kind gypsy ring is known for its large emerald cut diamond. It is a piece with three comparatively large emerald diamonds. A big centerpiece and two adjoining smaller emerald-cut diamonds. In this setting, the center diamond has a wider diameter. The ring has a rather godly feel to it and you can feel its gravitas as soon as you wear the ring. According to us, the ring works best with a gold band. 

  • One of a kind Gypsy wildflower ring

The wildflower ring is appreciated for its intricate artwork and magnificent design. It comes in two combinations. The first one is one with a central sapphire stone and diamonds, the second is a central emerald stone with diamonds. The center stone is circled by diamond, each set into 18K gold. The ring also is a nature-inspired multi-stone piece. The overall final look is of a big, exotic flower. 

  • Orlando diamond ring

The Orlando diamond ring comes with a single embedded diamond which is an old mine cut. The band itself is made of 18k gold. The highlight of this design is the detailing and intricate pattern on the gold band. The band has a honeycomb-like pattern on it in a printed nature. The band is wider than the average gypsy band and hence it is also a more preferred design for men.

  • Dallas wedding band

The Dallas gypsy set ring is another striking design. This is a design that is very symmetrical. The band features five big old mine cut and round cut diamonds. The diamonds are placed at an equal distance but are condensed at the center of the ring. The mount of the band is thicker. 18k gold is preferred for this design. 

  • Grey Teardrop Diamond Pinched Band

A soft and delicate design. The grey Teardrop diamond band is not symmetrical and has an authentic and natural feel to it. The diamond features three natural grey pear-shaped diamonds, placed in an asymmetrical manner. The primary diamond is standing on the wider side of the pear and both the other diamonds are attached to the base sideways. The diamonds are rather placed in a crooked manner. The band itself is not of perfect geometry. This piece catches our eye because it is abstract and peculiar. 

  • Single Diamond Comfort Fit Wedding Ring

This is an evergreen gypsy set diamond ring. It features a polished platinum band with a single brilliant round cut small diamond at its center. This not just great to serve as a wedding band, but because it is highly affordable it also works great as a promising band or even a gift for your significant other. 

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Conclusion Thoughts

2021 is all about fast-paced life and getting back on your feet. Gypsy set rings are affordable and work in sync with a fast and on-the-move lifestyle. This trend is here to stay and we hope all our suggestions and information stated above helps you in the quest of finding the perfect diamond for the beautiful ring. Till then we wish you safe and happy shopping! 

Gypsy ring setting

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