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Raw Diamond: The Most Elegance Diamond Type

raw diamond

Although this might sound surprising to many, not all women are attracted to the generic colorless and huge diamonds and instead wish to settle with something that has the ability to stand out on its own and create an identity amongst the world of gems that is different from every other stone that exists. 

raw diamond

One such kind of diamond that fulfills these criteria excellently is the raw diamond. Along with appearing stunning when fit into different forms of jewelry, the diamond is a unique and beautiful choice for women who wish to swerve away from the blingy samples and incline towards the ones that offer its wearers a one-of-a-kind feeling. Although these diamonds do not have the traditional twinkle that normal diamonds do, they have a subtle shimmer that creates their own magic by trapping light at numerous angles from the stone’s rough surface. This is the perfect kind of effect that the low-key brides crave for and hence the raw diamonds are a gorgeous fit for engagement rings for such brides. 

What is Raw Diamond?

The usual process of creating a diamond originates when jewelers pick out the potential raw diamonds and cut the stones in the shape of popular designs and diamond cuts, with the round brilliant cut being the most famous followed by other well-known diamond cuts like the princess and cushion cuts. Molded with accurate measurements, faceted surfaces, and exacting requirements, these altered gems which express excellent brilliance and sparkle are generally the face of diamond rings especially engagement rings, and make up for a huge component of the jewelry industry. 

The raw diamond, on the other hand, is contrasting in nature from almost all aspects. As the name suggests, it is the roughest form of diamond that can be set into a ring and made into a piece of jewelry. It is the kind of gem that has not undergone any artificial process of either being cut into any of the popular diamond cuts or polished to form a clean and clear stone. In the absence of shimmering brilliance, these raw diamonds tend to express qualities that are different from the ones showcased by the polished diamonds. A bohemian, natural, and raw look is characteristic of raw diamonds and makes for an excellent option for those who are in search of alternative engagement rings. 

Evaluation of Raw Diamond

Resembling glass or quartz rocks like the topaz or white sapphire, the raw diamonds show an absence of interaction with light, and hence, there is no production of brilliance, fire, or sparkle from within the stone. Since raw diamonds are opposite in nature from the polished gems, the guidelines for evaluation of colourless or coloured diamonds which includes factors such as the 4 Cs (cut, clarity, colour, carat weight) would not apply to the rough diamonds. 

Now the question arises regarding which raw diamond would be chosen by jewelers or designers as the perfect sample to create a raw diamond ring. This process first begins with the rejection of some raw diamonds due to the presence of visible impurities and flaws for development into polished and clear gems. Once it is ensured that these diamonds cannot be transformed into a faceted stone, the 4 Cs are, therefore, completely left out and then put through a screening process wherein jewelers and designers decide which samples would be apt to be made into a raw diamond ring. The gems with exceptional beauty and excellent color, texture, and shape are the ones that make it through and are fitted into various ring settings to create a unique and magnificent piece of jewelry. 

Customers must then choose from the available array of beautiful raw diamonds and choose the one that appears best in their perspective. One thing to keep in mind is to ensure that the diamond a shopper chooses must be conflict-free and have an ethical source of origin. This basically means that the customer must be able to trace the mine of origin from where the uncut diamond has been retrieved. A reputable retailer must also be in the picture, one that will sell the authentic rough diamond at good prices to the customers. 

All these processes are very important for the customer to follow since an authenticity report is not provided for any rough diamond the way it is for the polished and faceted ones. Customers must do their own due diligence regarding the purchase and ensure that they are not spending their finances on crystals and stones of no worth instead of an authentic diamond. 

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Raw Diamond Ring

Once the customer has made a choice with which raw diamond to buy, the next step would be evaluating all the aspects related to a ring and ensuring that the best choice is made within the various setting and design of rings, one that is capable of best complimenting the chosen raw diamond. 

The aspects that the customer must look into include the ring value, settings, and styles. 


Since a raw diamond has the least amount of human or mechanical interference in its design and cut, it will evidently be a lot cheaper than faceted gems. This is because the rise in prices of diamonds is directly proportional to the number of stages of work it undergoes, with the process of cutting is the most laborious and intense stage throughout the process. 

When a raw diamond is chosen, this step is skipped by the jewelers, and hence, a cheaper and unaltered diamond can be purchased which not only costs less but also aptly suits the taste and preferences of the customers who are attracted to such raw and natural beauty.

Another reason for the reduced prices of rough diamonds is the presence of inclusions and impurities in their structure since impurities are often perceived as flaws by many customers and jewelers. 

The range of color that is generally available in raw diamonds includes the variations lying between black and grey. This is yet another reason for the lesser cost of raw diamonds since the darker colors are always a lot less expensive than the brighter ones, even though these saturated shades give rise to stunning and stunning uncut diamonds. 

Settings and Styles

A ready-made raw diamond ring is difficult to stumble upon, especially when searching for raw diamond engagement rings. 

One way to go about this with lesser struggle is choosing a raw diamond first according to one’s preferences and style regarding the appearance and shape. Then the customer can have the engagement ring designed and assembled according to their needs and requirements. It is generally advised to approach reputable retailers who are known to do a good job at creating a raw diamond ring that best suits the customer’s wishes and desires. 

When the turn to choose an appropriate setting comes, customers must remember that the setting must be chosen by evaluating its abilities to offer protection and charm simultaneously. Some of the settings that offer both luxuries include bezel, prong, and halo settings. 

Bezel Setting 

Bezel settings are generally known to be responsible for reducing the sparkle and shine of the faceted and clear diamonds. This is not a disadvantage anymore in the case of raw diamonds since these diamonds do not interact with light the way polished diamonds do. There is no light performance within the raw diamonds which makes the bezel setting a perfect choice for the raw diamond rings. Not only does it safely secure the diamond in place with additional protection, but it also helps in accentuating the stunning shape of raw diamonds and allows it to take a free form within the band to conserve the diamond’s natural design and form. A natural and bohemian look is, therefore, created which makes this set one of the most popular options for rough gemstones. 

Prong Setting 

The prong setting can be categorized under the group of creative designs within the plethora of ring settings. 

This setting is known to allow a larger amount of focus to fall on the diamond wherein it is more clearly visible since the sides and corners of the gemstone lie in a direct path of sight of the naked eye. It can also be combined with the diamond in a manner that exudes exceptional style and beauty and hence, presents itself to be an excellent option for those who wish to keep up with the modern generation while adding a hint of the olden times. 

This setting, however, is responsible for some disadvantages. It needs a lot more maintenance than the other settings along with a more conscious effort to keep the ring safe since a hard blow or intense pressure can lead to damage to the ring which could, in turn, cause the diamond to become loose and get dislodged. 

Halo Setting

Another great way to add the extra layer of beauty and style to one’s ring is by creating it with the combination of a raw diamond with a halo setting. A raw diamond ring with the halo setting is the best method of adding a sprinkle of sparkle and shine while ensuring that the essence of the ring retains its rawness and natural charm. With a central rough diamond surrounded by a halo of polished diamond melees, the stunning combo can be created. On the other hand, if customers wish to simply add on more uncut diamonds for a more enriched natural appearance, they can create the halo with smaller raw diamonds. 

Apart from adding that extra ounce of grace and style, the halo setting also does an excellent job of providing the ring with a buffer system against external pressures through knocks and bumps and ensuring that the center stone stays safe and secure. 

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Conclusion Thoughts

With such detailed information provided to the customers regarding the raw diamonds, it is guaranteed that every bride can feel their idea of beauty through these rough diamonds. 

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