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Why We Attract Towards Recycled Diamonds And You Should Too

recycled diamond

There is no harm to anything if we recycle anything using proper methods. There are some materials that we cannot recycle easily, and to recycle them we have to go through hard processes that cause pollution and some hazardous chemical release.

Recycled Diamonds

When it comes to some metal and stones most people think it is not possible to recycle a metal or a diamond you can say. But, do not worry, in this blog, we are going to tell you some interesting facts and how the recycling process of a natural diamond can affect nature. So, without wasting your more time let’s start the blog and see what all this section has stored for us. 

What is Diamond Recycling?

The very first question that would come to your mind What is Diamond Recycling? Diamond recycling means putting a diamond into its sales chain after giving it a new look.

Let’s say you are having a diamond and you put this diamond into the recycling process. Then engineers will polish your diamond and they will make some changes according to the current styles like new cuts, new shapes and other things too. After this process, they will again put your diamond into the sale lineup. 

This process is also called reclaimed diamonds. If you are going to buy a recycled diamond then you can find them in almost every carat variation. These diamonds weigh 0.30carat to get a new certificate. If we talk about some general terms, then a recycled diamond will receive GIA and AGS certifications. 

So, now you have one thing here: you have to buy a recycled diamond if it has these two certifications, first one is GIA and another one AGS. Keep this thing in your mind while purchasing any recycled diamond.

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Price of Recycled Diamonds

It is very difficult to say that a diamond is recycled. A recycled diamond almost looks like a new mined diamond. Engineers polish and give new cuts to a recycled diamond to make it a fresh diamond again. 

So, one cannot tell whether it is a recycled diamond or not.

Coming to price, these diamonds are priced at almost the same price tag as a fresh diamond has. That means you have to pay the same amount of money for a fresh diamond and as well as for a recycled diamond too. 

Why buy Recycled Diamond?

One of the most important facts here to buy a recycled diamond is that it is environmentally friendly and socially responsible. 

To get a fresh diamond we have to dig a large part of the earth and it affects our soil, land, and plants too. But on the other side if we recycle a diamond there is no process like this. Engineers just make some visual changes to the diamond and that’s it. In the whole process, there is no harm to the environment and there is no chemical release at all. 

So, one can say that there is nearly zero or negligible effect on the environment when we recycle a diamond. 

What About Lab-Created Diamonds?

Most people think that it will be a good decision if we buy a lab-created diamond instead of a natural diamond. Yes, we admit that these diamonds are cheaper than natural diamonds but one thing you should keep in mind that these diamonds have no resale value. 

If you are buying a lab-created diamond then your diamond is no more costly. If you are going to sell it in the market then you will get a very less amount of money. 

recycled diamond

How to Choose a Recycled Diamond?

As everyone knows that there are four C’s of each natural diamond that we should check before buying any stone. Same factors we have in the recycled diamonds also, because after all these diamonds are also natural diamonds. So, you can go for these four C’s if you want to check whether it is a legit diamond or not.

In this section, we are going to tell you some comparisons of diamonds that will clear your thoughts.

Example 1

We have a Blue Nile Diamond that has 0.72carat, G Color, Sl1 Clarity, and amazing cuts. It is a very beautiful diamond but not recycled. Its price is $2.356.

Example 2

Brilliant Earth, a well-reputed company recycled another diamond that is similar to Blue Nile Diamond, which had 0.75 carats, G color, Sl1 clarity, and nice cuts. This company priced this diamond at $3,140.

Example 3

Now, there is a diamond retailer named Abe Mor, he sold a recycled diamond for $2,350. The diamonds were of 0.71carat, G color, Sl1 Clarity, and adding to this diamond was having beautiful cuts. 

As you can see that recycled diamonds are a bit more expensive but some retailers are selling the same thing at less price. We recommend you to research the market before buying any recycled diamond. 

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By keeping all the facts and figures we can say that recycling a diamond is fully eco-friendly. One can buy it at a cheaper price than a natural diamond

We also recommend our users to go for a recycled diamond because they will get it at a lower price as well as it will be nature friendly too. It is good if you choose a recycled diamond over a lab-created diamond because lab-created diamonds do not have resale value. 

If you have a choice between a natural diamond and a recycled diamond then you must go for recycled diamonds because there would be the less environmental effect if you buy them. 

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