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The Benefits of picking up a Naturally Mined Diamonds

diamond benefits

Diamonds are the most exquisite thing crafted by nature. When pondering about the origin of diamonds, the images that come to mind are mines, heat and nature. We seldom think of diamonds being made naturally but in the last few decades a new type of diamond has emerged, Lab-made diamonds. 

Many doubts come to mind when you hear the term “Lab Made Diamonds.” ‘Does the diamond have the same quality?’, ‘Is it as brilliant?’ And the most important, ‘Do Lab-made diamonds have the same value?’ 

diamond benefits

Diamonds are emotional as well as a financial investment. A diamond carries a symbolic value, it symbolizes love for many in the form of engagement rings, for many, it is a sign of celebration. Diamonds signify strength, power, and prosperity for many, and for many it even signifies love for themselves. 

Naturally Mined Diamonds have dominated the market for decades. Naturally mined diamonds are known for their authenticity, brilliance, and clarity. 

One thing everyone agrees on is, a prized possession like a diamond needs to be bought carefully. There are certain advantages of buying Naturally Mined diamonds and we are here to help you make an informed choice about which diamond is the best for you. 

The Story Behind Diamonds 

Every person who buys a diamond has a story behind it and like that every diamond on display has its own journey behind it. How it came into being, when was it unearthed, when was it cut out, and how it ended up on the display. Every diamond has a story. 

India was the sole source of diamonds back in the 4th century BC when the first diamond deposits were found on Indian soil. Indian mines supplied diamonds all around the world through the infamous silk route. Even the crown jewels of British royalty are gems of Indian origin. Many believed diamonds were only found in India until 1725 when different diamond deposit sites were discovered all around the world. 

Since their discovery diamonds had a lasting impression on the human race. They were seen as beautiful and rare. Diamonds were regarded as precious from the day they were found and hence began the era of diamond jewelry. Diamonds were worn by the royals and elite. 

Diamonds also had quite a handsome value in trade. Whoever possessed diamonds were seen as strong, successful, and elite. Since then diamonds have a significant value in the world. The era of diamonds is yet to see an end, but the era is sure beautiful. 

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How did diamond mining begin? 

The story of mining began back in the 1860s when a 15-year-old boy, Erasmus Jaconds brought a pebble to his father thinking it was an ordinary stone. Cecil Rhodes made the first diamond mining company in 1880 called De Beers Consolidated Mines in 1880, in order to have his grasp on diamond production and trade. This established the first mine, known as the Kimberley Mine. Africa became the hub of diamond production and Mining in the decades that followed. 

The diamond industry saw a manifold increase in production that was led by South Africa. The land was bustling with tradesmen. Many came to Africa with the dream to become rich. Until World War 1 when the diamond industry saw a decline around the world. 

Later the diamond industry was revived in the mid-1930s. The Da Beers launched their signature campaign “A diamond is forever” in 1947 which took the industry by storm. By the early 1970s,  the world was producing 50 million carats of diamond annually. 

In 2005 five the world production of diamonds was at its highest with 177 million carats of diamonds being produced every year. The diamond industry has been on an upward incline since, but the source of diamonds has diversified. The diamond industry now is a 70 billion dollars worth industry worldwide. 

The Making of Naturally Mined Diamonds 

A natural diamond comes from the earth. Natural diamonds take millions of years to form. When sediments and subjected to high heat and pressure for years, a beautiful diamond is formed. Natural Diamonds are called so because they are mined out from beneath the surface of the earth and they occur naturally without any man’s interference. 

Diamonds are found in various depths all around the world. Once a diamond site is located, a pit is drilled at the site. After all the huge rocks and boulders have been removed, a mine is carved and the diamond mining begins. 

The process of mining takes an adequate amount of time, to make sure no diamond is left behind. After the precious stone has been collected it goes to processing. The process of finishing a mined diamond is an intricate one. 

The first part of the process is sorting. Not all the mined pieces are of the same size or even the same color. Diamonds are first put into different categories according to their size, how much they weigh and other criteria. Once the diamonds have been sorted, they go for the cutting process. 

diamond benefits

The cutting part of diamond production is the most complex one. To give diamonds their brilliance, beauty, and clarity, those transparent-looking stones are cut in nuanced ways to give them the final look. There is no one single type of cut and it depends on the jeweler as well as the diamond on which cut is the best. 

After the cutting process, every diamond is polished and final finishing touches are made. Once the process is done, diamonds are sold, traded, and transported to their buyers, to make them into beautiful jewelry pieces.

Are natural diamonds worth it?

The answer is yes. Many say that only experts can distinguish between natural and man-made diamonds. But that being said, natural diamonds still possess the upper hand in many areas and hence they are a great buy. They make the perfect engagement ring. Natural diamonds are a symbol of love and commitment and hence are the right fit for something as beautiful and matrimony. Natural Diamonds are recognized as the most precious stone around the world and rightly so.  Natural diamonds have many benefits, especially for those who believe in quality. Let’s see why Natural diamonds are worth buying. 

  1. Brilliance and Purity

Natural Diamonds have distinct Brilliance and Purity. Brilliance means the brightness, naturally occurring diamonds have an amazing brilliance. They are bright and reflect light beautifully. Better brilliance means a more beautiful diamond that looks gorgeous on your finger. 

Natural diamonds are formed hundreds of years after being subjected to immense heat. This ensures that every piece is strong and bright. Naturally mined diamonds have no man-made interference or material in them. The purity of natural diamonds is the highest because they are 100% natural. 

  1. Value of the real diamond 

The emotional value of a natural diamond is far more than the value of a synthetic or man-made diamond. The fascination and awe of wearing one of the most beautiful things created by nature are unexplainable. Engagement rings are meant to signify uniqueness, rarity, and commitment, and these values are best embodied by natural diamonds. 

Natural Diamonds are also the preferred diamond by many cultures because they are the traditional stone. Many conventional families and royalty believe that natural diamonds are the only real diamonds that exist and hence the only ones that anyone should wear. 

  1. Investment value

In terms of money, Natural diamonds are a better investment. Natural diamonds are a little expensive to buy, but that being said they also have a better value in the market both for possession purposes as well as in terms of resale value. Natural Diamonds are not only a great investment option but also a smart one. 

  1. Variety 

Naturally occurring diamonds give you a variety of options. Naturally occurring diamonds can be cut in a variety of ways, The way a diamond is cut affects its brilliance. The better the cut, the better the beauty of the diamond, More than that Naturally Mined diamonds have the capacity to be cut in different ways like the brilliant cut, asymmetric cut, abstract cuts and so many more. You also get more variety of color, size, and carat in Naturally Mined Diamonds.  

  1. Authenticity 

Naturally Mined diamonds also are unique, because each piece has a different origin, story, and history. Every natural diamond is different from the other. Each diamond is authentic. Many Brides feel even more special knowing that they are wearing a piece of jewelry which no one has. If buying a unique and authentic diamond is on the top of your priority list, then you should definitely pick a Naturally Mined Diamond. 

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  1. Employment Creation

The diamond mining industry creates a lot of Jobs. Currently, the diamond mining industry employs about 10 million people globally. The economic conditions all around the world are declining and it becomes important to support an industry that employs such a huge number of people globally. 

The diamond industry creates new jobs every year. From more people being employed in the mining process, in the sale and trading of diamond, jewelry sector, art sector and even in the transportation sector. 

  1. Support Local Economies 

Many Mines around the world are in remote places. The only source of income for many people in those areas is the mining and other labor work around the mines. Many mines help in supporting local economies. In Africa, especially in south Africa many rural local economies are supported by diamond mines. Even in India, in the south and south east India many local economies are only built around diamond mining and transportation. 

Conclusion Thoughts:

Naturally Mined Diamonds Are The Best! Naturally Mined diamonds have history and value to them. Every diamond has sustained the harshness of nature and emerged beautifully. Diamonds have become a metaphor for resilience and love. Diamonds are a miracle of nature. Natural Diamonds are believed to be the only real diamond around the world. If you are someone who values nature, originality, and uniqueness then you will not only appreciate natural diamonds but understand why they uphold the values that they do. Knowing that you possess a piece of nature that withstood so much adversity, a part of the earth that no one else has is a magnificent experience. 

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