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Major Reasons To Re-Examine Mined Diamonds

re-examine mined diamond

Yes, we admit that diamonds are one of the precious stones in the world. But, do you know how much the environment is affected by this process? 

Diamond manufacturers are using a large prince of land to mine diamonds. These manufacturers mean their business only. During the business, they do not think about the environment that how much they are affecting this. 

Today, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the reasons that are going to let you know how harsh for Earth if you purchase a natural or mined diamond from the market. 

Reexamine mined diamond

Far from Eco-friendly

First of all, let us tell you that there are so many big holes or you can say mines that are being made by humans on a daily basis. These holes can be 2 miles wider or maybe more than this number. These holes result in a large number of wildlife decrements. 

Humans dig these big holes just to get small stones that are called diamonds. These holes also cause a huge amount of pollution. No holes, but the process of digging them produces so much pollution. 

Coming to some facts and real incidents, in Zimbabwe, there is a river that is benign used by locals for drinking and bathing purposes. But, diamond exporters are dumping so many chemicals and wastage in this river continuously. The water in this river is so polluted that every day a large number of people get infected from some disease.

Most of the diamond mines are located in countries that do not have any proper restoration of the land left by these mined diamond traders. That leads to land wastage also. Once a mine is created that no one cannot use that land again. 

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Even Further From Human-Friendly

Have you watched some movie where mine owners ask their laborers to go deeper and dig more holes and holes? Yes, that thing is just an example. Actually, they are harassed and forced to do the job under so much pressure. 

Not every person can work in these conditions. Daily there are several people who die in these mines due to various incidents like less oxygen, some accident, or something bad that happened to them. 

Blood diamonds are offered to finance outfitted clash and common war, which has brought about in excess of 4,000,000 passing. This measurement does exclude a large number of dislodged or dismantled individuals because of the contention jewel exchange.

Not an Investment

Most of us heard from diamond wholesalers that these diamonds are very rare, that’s why you are paying more for this stone. So, that means these diamonds are rare, right? Nope, this is not the case.

Just to ask for high prices they are going to tell you these kinds of similar facts to you so that you can feel that you are purchasing extraordinary diamonds from them. Such as cars, purchasing a diamond means investing in diamonds. Except if you’re hoping to purchase the Hope Diamond, a typical pearl quality precious stone is probably as uncommon as cotton sweets or singed food at a reasonable state.

The only thing you should keep in mind while investing in diamonds is that you have to maintain your patience. The more time you will give to a purchased diamond the more money you will get on selling it. Another thing you should learn is that try to buy one at a lower price (that is not possible every time, but at least you can try) and sell it at a higher price.

price list

Insane Price Markups

Talking about the pricing and carats of diamonds is a thing that has converted into a monopoly thing. There is no business that tells you the price of any service or product by adding a big amount of margin. They tell you this because shop owners know that you will bargain for sure. Event after bargaining they are earning a good amount of money. If you are not the person who bargains, then you are a money bank for them. 

Actually, there are billions of carats of precious stones that could be mined or sold.

Conclusion Thought

We would recommend you to go with natural diamond instead of lab grown diamond.

Lab-grown diamonds are more convenient than a natural diamond. Most people think that it will be a good decision if we buy a lab-created diamond instead of a natural diamond. 

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Yes, we admit that these diamonds are cheaper than natural diamonds but one thing you should keep in mind that these diamonds have no resale value. 

Lab-grown diamonds are best If you are choosing lab-grown instead of a natural diamond then you are doing a great job. These diamonds are hand-touch less and fully managed by the machines only. While lab developed precious stones actually use energy, water, and produce a touch of waste, it is not exactly mined jewels. But there is not harsh digging and forced labor to do the job. There are engineers who love to develop these stones for you.

If you are buying a lab-created diamond then your diamond is no more costly. If you are going to sell it in the market then you will get a very less amount of money.

So, these are some facts that can tell you how harsh it is to mine a diamond. Mine diamonds suppliers or diamond exporters will ask you to purchase natural diamonds instead of lab-grown diamonds.

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