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Know Something About Raw Diamonds!

raw diamonds

As we all are aware of the fact that diamonds are made up of only substance that is carbon under conditions of high temperature and pressure. These conditions force the carbon atoms to make covalent bonds where in each carbon atom makes bonds with four others thus making the diamond the hardest known natural substance. Some of the supplementary elements are also contained in them but in very minute and sparse quantities. The diamonds get their color from these trace elements.

There is an old myth in which many believe that there is no role of coal in the formation of diamonds. But that of the carbon atoms which together under the above mentioned conditions and are cooled quickly from high temperature to low temperature and the diamond crystals are formed. They are called raw diamonds. The uncut diamonds are also named raw or rough, consisting of an unpolished and an unshaped stone. They are found in various different sizes and can even be grown in labs by certain procedures but mostly are mined naturally diamonds. The cost of these diamonds is quite less as compared to the other cut diamonds.

raw diamond

Mostly the two types of raw diamonds are much famous, the industrial and the gem quality. The industrial diamonds which are of very poor quality ending up in dust in super abrasive applications make up a third type for these diamonds but due to its poor quality is neglected mostly.

The rough diamonds do not sparkle and shine and are oily in appearance with their resemblance with lumps of glass with pale color. Also it is quite a fact that a very little raw diamonds are actually of good gem quality. Most of them fail the diamond tests but only the ones which are colorless or are pale in color end up passing the tests.

How is a raw diamond identified?

If we are out for a stroll the chances that we will end up finding a rough diamond is 1 in a billion. The alluvial diamonds or the surface are quite very rare and are found only in the best known mines of diamonds.

In their native stage the rough diamonds are becoming extremely popular in jewelry usage and are even stocked at certain stores for sales. The simplest test to separate the raw diamonds from colored galls or quart is the scratch test. If it is possible to scratch the raw diamond with anything other than a diamond then it for sure is a fake one.

To check the hardness of diamonds corundum is used. Ruby and sapphire are made from it. But for testing purposes these crystals can also be bought at low prices. If our raw diamond is able to scratch the corundum it for sure is a diamond. Any particular thing which cannot scratch corundum is definitely not a diamond. The other mineral is quite similar to that of diamond is the quartz.

Identification steps:

Count sides:

Diamonds are cubic in shape and so as a result do not have much sides as compared to the other stones. We can easily identify a rough diamond by verifying that the four sides of the crystal are present or not. If they exist then it is surely a rough diamond which you are holding in your hand. On the contrary if the shape is hexagonal i.e. has six sides then it ain’t a diamond, chances are that it is a quartz crystal. This test is the easiest and fastest one of them all which can be done without a microscope by the naked human eye and makes our task easy with the diamond identification process.

The corundum test:

Corundum is quite soft as compared to diamond and is also not that costly with respect to the diamonds.

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In this type of testing we scratch the diamond against corundum firmly without damaging our own crystal in the process. If our stone is able to scratch the corundum then it is a real diamond and if it fails then it is pretty obvious and clear that it is some other diamond like looking crystal. This test works quite well in determining whether our diamond is real or not as in the hardness of diamond with respect to that of corundum is 10 is to 9.

So now it is quite obvious that quite a few tests can be carried out in order to check the authenticity of the rough diamonds. They are quite easy and can also be done by the buyer himself to get an idea regarding whether he should go for a professional’s opinion or not.

  • If Indented triangles, rotated squared or parallelograms  type markings are visible under the microscope then it is true. Also the diamond surface should visibly look as if coating of a translucent thin film has been done on it.
  •   Another way to determine whether it is a rough diamond or not is with the process of glass scratching. But on the contrary to the popular beliefs these days a lot of other materials can also scratch the glass.
  • By dropping a highly heated diamond into a glass of water also we can check the authenticity of the rough diamond. If in case our diamond blows and breaks it for sure is a fake one. The diamonds which are real can bear high temperatures and the changes in temperature accordingly.
  • If by breathing on the diamond the fog which accumulated disappears quickly it is a real diamond. Even if it takes quite a few seconds to disappear it is a fake diamond.

A certificate of authenticity can also be attained by the seller of the diamond if in case one is unaware or is enabled to perform all these authenticity tests on them and then. By getting this certificate we can vary the origin, cut, carat, clarity and color of the diamond. Other details which are vital for us can also be found out by this certificate. And also it is illegal to purchase raw diamonds without a proper buying licence for various reasons. If one is doing so it is not that safe and risk and has to face penalties if found out.

How are diamonds cut?

The cut diamonds which are seen in the engagement rings and other jewelry are the finished products. Professionals put in a lot of time and effort over the process of planning and cutting. In reality less than fifty percent of the native rough diamond will be converted to polished stone. As it is obvious that only a diamond can cut another diamond so obviously two stones are used to cut each other concurrently. The process of cutting has been upgraded with help of lasers and computers and it is remarkably accurate.

Even to cut a single cent of diamond nearly 8 hours are required and thus the price of polished diamonds is high. But the rough diamonds are a bit cheap rate wise.

Buying a rough diamond?

There is no guarantee of the quality of the rough diamonds. What we end up buying might eventually end up giving and providing us very little and poor in terms of a quality cut diamond. But most rough diamonds that are available in stores and online will never become a cut diamond. Instead, they are used in their rough form be it in a ring or other piece of jewelry.

Regardless of the aim always make sure that the rough diamond you buy is Kimberley certified. This gives us a guarantee that its source is ethical and is not smuggled. 

Engagement rings from rough diamonds

Because of their non uniform nature in their shape, each ring setting fits in an individual diamond. Occasionally some are shaped slightly in order to be usable but are not faced and polished as compared to the others. They aim at preserving the natural colors which occur in the crystal

Prong settings are an excellent way to display rough diamonds. 

raw diamond

There is no need to take tension of the clarity and cut and being able to see the entire crystal is really positive.

Diamonds are quite expensive and it is a fact. Rough diamonds on the contrary being quite similar in every aspect apart from appearance are very affordable. This is in turn very beneficial to hype up the trend for rough diamond engagement rings.

Popular Rough Diamonds

From outside in our day to day life we do not see diamonds in anything other than jewelry and the final polished for. This is applicable to the popular diamonds ever found.

Sergio Diamond

The largest rough diamond ever found was very disappointing and heartbreaking. The Sergio which consist of 3167 carats was only fit for industrial use and had to be broken in order to make it useful.

Cullinan Diamond

This is considered to be the largest gem quality quality diamond ever and weighed 3106.75 carats. It is named after the chairman of the mine Thomas Cullinan. It was sold 2 years after its extraction as nobody was convinced to buy it.

Tiffany Yellow Diamond

The Tiffany Yellow Diamond roughly weighs around 287 carats and is one of the largest yellow diamonds ever found. When the cushion cut diamonds are finished they weigh around 128.54 carats and have 82 facets. They have 24 more facets than the normal ones. Purchased by Charles Tiffany in 1879 and a company gemologist named George Kunz almost studied the rough diamond for about a year before commencing cutting.

Taylor Burton Diamond

The Taylor-Burton is one of the most acknowledged diamonds and biggest in history. It originally weighed 241 carats before a famous diamond dealer Harry Winston cut it to a 69.42 pear shape in 1966. After 2 years actor Richard Burton bought it as a gift for his wife Elizabeth Taylor at a whopping price of $1.1m.

Brown raw diamond beds

We can drill brown raw diamonds and sell them as raw rough. Undrilled raw diamonds can also be sold loosely by the sellers and we can purchase raw rough diamonds online. The Uncut Diamonds are for sale also on the internet where the sites which are selling them offer really authentic and fine quality pieces and they even take custom orders.

Types of Raw Diamond

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Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds are the diamonds which are extracted from the earth in their original raw form which is rough in nature. Because of the inclination of people towards the naturalness of these diamonds and the labor involved they are more expensive than the others.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Salt And Pepper Diamond

Salt and Pepper Diamonds are also considered to be natural diamonds but due to their many insertions they are given the tags as non clear and  grey diamonds or the salt and pepper diamonds. Over the years they are picking up pace in the diamond jewelry industry.

Rose cut diamonds

Unique Rose Cut Rustic Loose Asscher Shape Diamond

Rose cut diamonds are mostly made from the salt and pepper diamonds of many colors including grey, yellow, pink and white. The flaws of this diamond are seen drastically due to the absence of coverage area.

Lab grown Diamonds

Lab grown Diamonds are diamonds which are grown in the lab with no metallic inclusions. They are not fake diamonds. They share the same physical and chemical properties of Diamonds excavated from nature. They are conflict free, eco-friendly and ethically sourced. They are very much more affordable than natural diamonds and we can easily buy Lab Grown diamonds online. Lab grown Diamonds are also more likely to be cut by the laser.

Applications of Raw Diamond


Diamond jewelry is famous all over the world and is used by people of nearly every culture and community. The diamond engagement rings are seen as a predominant part of a marriage. Diamonds are very old and the traces are close to that of the Victorian era. If there is one reason why people know a thing or two about diamonds it is because of its wide usage in jewelry and that they are long lasting and won’t get affected with time.


Diamonds in cosmetics are not that new. Highly luxurious cosmetics brands mix fine diamond powder into their skincare line to give it a royal touch.


Diamonds are one of the hardest substances on Earth. So for all possible and obvious reasons are used for industrial purposes in drilling and cutting.

Conclusion Thoughts

Over the years with the changing trends raw diamonds have also wicked up pace due to their budget friendliness and near about similar qualities and aspects as that of the other diamonds.

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