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A Beautiful Ring For Engagement- Halo Diamond Rings

Halo Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are the most precious and treasured pieces of jewelry, not only in terms of the money, but in terms of the emotional significance it holds in the life of both parties. Since it is such a huge deal, we can see that a lot of effort goes into thinking it through and the design aspect as well.

Since it represents something very unique and individual, it should be a piece that is unique to the vision and wishes of the wearer.

Halo Engagement Rings

Diamond has been one of the most used gems in the history of engagement rings. The Preciousness and the brilliance of the gem holding a similar significance to the wearer and the relationship of love that it signifies between the two people.

Engagement rings

Engagement rings have always stood as a symbol of love and connection. The form in which an engagement ring is a circle. A circle is a representation of complete and continuous, almost like infinity. The connection which a ring holds is thus a circle connecting everything of the two individuals.

The Romans started the trend of wearing the engagement ring on the left ring finger. It is believed that the vein which ends at the left ring finger, connects directly to the heart and thus known as the vein of love.

Engagement rings for women have been in trend for a while, but engagement rings for men have only been introduced recently.

Diamond engagement ring

Since as far as time can stretch, we have observed the significance of diamond in the context of weddings and engagements. The emotional and sacred bond is signified in the form of a diamond.

Back in the day, a diamond brand introduced the concept of “a diamond is forever”, which is the reason it was popularised among the masses as a symbol of eternal love, which is celebrated during engagements.

While this concept was gaining attention due to the symbolism, another reason it received so much focus was the idea that the clarity of the diamond represented the purity of an eternal bond of love between two souls, in this mortal existence.

Types of engagement ring settings

Engagement rings come in various sizes and designs. There are various designs that can be customized, in which the engagement rings are available.

Prong setting

When only one diamond is set in the metal of the ring. It is subtle and overly classy even when worn alone, without any other additions. The setting in which the diamond is set in is a prong setting, with either 4 or 6 prongs holding the diamond in position.

It can be used for multiple diamonds as well, as the diamonds can be held together with multiple prongs. In this setting, the diamond is firmly grasped by the bands of the metal extending from the base of the ring.

The prong setting is the most beautiful setting, which elegantly shows off the beauty of the diamond. But the safety of the diamond is at risk here, because the diamond can slip off. It isn’t necessarily the case, but a possibility, due to lack of protection from all sides.

Bezel Setting

In this setting of the stud, there is a metal band enclosing the diamond or gem. When we see the ring, the diamond is visibly concentrically enclosed within a metal band. Hence, only the top of the diamond is visible and the rest is concealed and firmly grasped by the diamond. This is the safest kind of setting, for any diamond ring.

Halo Setting

In this setting, there is a ring of smaller diamonds around the main diamond. The setting can be separately designed and altered into various patterns. This is a setting that is particularly basic and yet adds a bling to the look.

The main diamond is at the center, and there are various smaller diamonds set around concentrically or in a patterned form, around the main ring.

There are also multiple halo rings which are available, in which instead of a single halo, there are two or more concentric rings that surround the main diamond.

Pave Setting

Pave setting is an extension of the halo setting, with smaller diamonds or gems making up the setting on the ring all over, pretty much like ground paving, thus the name. The smaller stones are packed close by and thus look like an elegant pavement of stones.

Out of all those settings we’ll be learning about the halo setting in quite detail. Read ahead to get an in-depth idea all about the Halo setting and Halo engagement ring. 

What are halo engagement rings?

A halo engagement ring is an ideal design that allows for bling and also for a subtle and classic look. These are therefore gaining momentum as an ideal option for engagement rings. 

The shape of halo rings can be altered and customized into pretty designs, based on the small diamonds which encircle the main diamond. There can also be a setting of various other types of gemstones encircling the main diamond to add a little edge to the basic design.

Since there is a whole band of smaller diamonds surrounding the main diamond, the safety of the main diamond is secured to a maximum benefit, thus preventing the diamond from falling off.


Halo engagement rings came about in the era of Art Deco and have evolved ever since. The remarkably aesthetic art movement paved the way for an impact in all genres of objects. 

Thus it happened that the modern design of a halo ring setting changed, but the main essence still remains. The engagement ring for women has adapted an advanced modern culture into the present-day design of the same.

How to customize a halo ring?

The centerpiece

The central stone is generally round in shape, but with the evolution of this design, there have been a number of other forms of the diamond that can be used as a central piece. Certain colored gemstones have been used in various other designs. There is even another alternative that allows for smaller stones in the place of a huge stone, thus giving the same carat weight of a large stone at a much cheaper price.

Cut of the stone

The stones can be cut in a variety of options ranging from the classic round to a graceful cushion, to an oval or a princess, an antique and vintage pear and marquise or a vanity option of heart and another royale cut of the emerald.

These cuts provide for the most elegant options and they all can be arranged in a way where there is an exuberance of the elegant halo design.

The halo can be set in a variety around the main stone, without concern of the design output. Every cut brings out the elegant side of the halo setting and thus they complement each other.

Pave designs

The pave designs can be used as an alternative color or gem, to enhance and highlight the main stone at the center and thus elevate its look on the overall visual impact and beauty of the ring.

Number of halos

As a basic idea, the number of halos is one. But, as a part of the design evolution, more number of halos went on being added concentrically to the center stone. It definitely gives a grander appearance to the ring and the main diamond in itself.

But, there is a limit where one should know not to overdo the design, but increasing the number of halos to an insane amount. Obviously, it is still a subjective choice, which has no say for other users in it.


Skank setting offers an alternative setting to the chunky paving. It appears more feminine and delicate as compared to pave. Skank has two simultaneous bands which either converge into a single band or move on to cross and overlap each other.

Not every band has a line of smaller diamonds, but preferably they do. There is an alternative of a single crossed band with diamonds, while the other without. This is elegant too and provides a subtle look, without too much bling.

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What are the types of halo engagement rings?

Classic halo

This is the classic halo, has a central cut diamond and the smaller diamonds placed around it. The ring of the halo is basic and without any embellishments.

Gemstone halo

The main gem in this halo is certainly a diamond, but the ring around it can be of any colored gemstone, which in turn highlights the main gem. There can also be another white halo around this colored halo, but yet again it is totally subjective.


These halo are an antique alternative and as we can say derived from the traditional art deco pattern. With a number of curved lines and edges, this halo setting is truly a beautiful and vintage elegant pattern.

Double halo

In this the halo can be of a double concentric layer, thus enhancing the central stone even further. This type of design tends to make the ring stand out and give it a unique look, it is even trending in now days. 


In this halo setting, the diamonds are not arranged concentrically, but in a way they represent flower petals.


In this the halo around the main diamond is placed perpendicular to the main gem, thus the smaller gems appear hidden.


This setting is absolutely open to experimentation. There is an alternative, in which there are larger diamonds placed around the main stone rather than smaller alternatives. Another alternative has the halo extending itself right into the band of the ring. This one is open to possibilities.

Metals for Halo engagement ring

While there is a diverse variety of metals available in the market, each of which has a separate impact due to its color, and the elevation of the diamond it provides to the ring.


Gols is one of the most commonly used metals for rings. The radiance of this yellow metal doesn’t blend into the stone and provides an ideal background for the setting to show off its brilliance. It gives a vintage feel, due to the warm hue of the metal, to the halo engagement ring.

The pure gold of the highest quality is 24karat.

Rose gold

Rose gold is another variety of gold, which is a beautiful pink shade like rose quartz. This isn’t the purest variety of gold, but a combination of gold and copper. 

The copper metal gives a subtle pink tint to the yellow metal. It is very much in demand due to the classy and elegant finish it provides and the rich and extremely subtle look of it, especially in rings.

A halo setting in this metal for an engagement ring, an absolutely ravishing combination of romantic color, with a romantic gem and further on a symbolic romantic setting. Romance is absolutely not dead, but more alive than ever. This metal also increasingly looks feminine and adorns the wearer of utmost beauty.

White gold

White alternative to yellow gold, comes in the form of white gold. This alternative too, isn’t as pure as gold itself, because it comprises silver in quite some quantity, which imparts the elegant white color of the metal.

The white of silver gives a pure serene look to the yellow antique feel of the pure gold. White gold is an ideal option for halo engagement rings, since it is affordable as compared to platinum and is more durable than silver itself.


Platinum is an expensive metal, but yet so elegant with its shine. It enhances the color of any gem or the shine of the stone as it holds the gem, due to the blank canvas it provides to the main gem it holds. The subtle and basic design of it, gives a simple elegant look to the wearer.

Platinum is a rare metal, and thus some couples prefer this metal to symbolize their rare love. Hence it is also an ideal fit for the halo ring setting.


Silver is a precious metal, which is much more affordable than gold and platinum. The affordability of this metal makes it very easily available and thus is much in demand among the people.

This is an affordable metal, but not very ideal for the precious stone it might hold. Silver is not that strong to face any impactful rushes, thus making it liable for there to be a mishap in case of any severity.

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Conclusion Thoughts

Halo engagement rings are thus an ideal representation of the symbolism of romantic love and that into an eternal piece of jewelry. The vintage and the classic impact they have on the viewer is truly charming.

With the diverse settings they provide and the customizability which is available, based on the kind of gem cut, the gemstones, the metal, the halo rings, the pave, and the band pattern of the ring. The type of metal we want to choose is also open to debate.

This truly diverse nature of the customizability attracts more users for engagement rings for women as well as men in the modern-day. The vast designs available are ranging from design which attracts a vast audience, even with the varying taste of choice.


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