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How to Clean Black Diamonds To Make Them Shiny And Attractive 2022

how to clean black diamonds

How to clean black diamonds? Looking for the right way? We at RRP Diamonds have covered you. Read ahead to get a step-by-step process of the whole process to make your black diamond shine.

Despite what you might think, black diamonds are not entirely black in color always. Black diamonds are also found in different shades such as dark gray, gray, etc.

Black diamonds are just natural diamonds that turned out to be black due to some changes in their chemical properties when present inside the earth.

You might be familiar with diamonds being transparent but black diamonds, on the other hand, are not transparent, they are opaque.

Usually, people are familiar with the methods of cleaning traditional diamonds. But they suffer and are not sure how to clean black diamonds. We will be informing you on how to clean black diamonds.

Black diamonds get their black color or sometimes dark gray color due to the presence of hematite, sulfur, and magnetite in their molecular structure.

These stones are gaining popularity as we speak, and their significant fanbase is people who love or rather have an interest in rare rocks.

These stones are precious and hard to find, which increases their value multiple folds.

And if we were to consider the importance of these rare diamonds, keeping them clean and shining is essential, preserving their value for many decades to come.

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Methods to Clean Black Diamonds – The Best Way

Knowing how to clean black diamonds is essential to preserve their value. One can clean gemstones using a variety of methods.

But using the right approach is crucial if you want to maintain the black diamond shine and clarity of your diamond. We have cited some of the methods that you can use to clean your diamond without any hassle or worry.

Method 1: Use soap and water

It is recommended that you should avoid touching them directly with your fingers too frequently. The oil from your fingers will chafe off on your diamond. If you can avoid touching them, then you can reduce the work of cleaning them, and it will become very convenient and easy to clean them.

According to the proper cleaning methods, you should soak your diamonds in a degreasing solution every once in a while.

Every week, perform a light cleaning with the degreasing solution.

To clean your diamonds, put a few drops of dish soap in a bowl of water and drop your diamond in it. 

Use soap and water to clean black diamond

After dropping it, you must rest it for several minutes, usually 20-40 minutes.

  • Soap and water combine to form an excellent solution if you want to keep your pieces of jewelry squeaky-clean, even if they contain other gemstones. 
  • If you have a piece of sapphire jewelry, you can also use this method to clean your jewelry. 

Clean the black diamonds with a fresh soft bristle toothbrush. After soaking the diamonds, scrape any debris away with a new toothbrush.

Black diamond cleaning with a toothbrush

It should be a toothbrush with gentle bristles. Remember to clean the front and back of the diamonds since there is likely to be a lot of dirt there.

On sapphires and other jewels, a soft bristle toothbrush can be utilized.

Use a cleaning cloth to dry the black gems (preferably a microfiber).

Once you’ve completed your weekly cleaning, use a polishing cloth to dry the diamonds.

cloth to dry the black diamonds

If the jewelry contains sapphires, dry them with a microfiber cotton cloth.

Method 2: Using a Black Diamond Cleaning Solution

Soak the black diamonds for 10-15 minutes in boiling water 

Soak the black diamonds in boil water

Dirt, oil, and filth will be loosened. Allow the diamonds to soak for a bit longer if there is still a lot of profanity on them.

Make a black diamond cleaning solution. 

Fill a flat dishpan halfway with the solution.

To three parts of water, add one part of diluted ammonia.

Ammonia and water to clean the black diamonds

Ammonia and water are suitable to use when cleaning difficult gems such as diamonds, ruby, and sapphire.

Instead of ammonia, a softer cleaning solution should be used for fragile gemstones like opals or turquoise. It is possible to use water and a gentle non-detergent wash.

A colored diamond cleaning solution can be purchased from a jewelry retailer if you wish. If you’re unsure about which cleaning method to use, begin with the one recommended for the weakest gem on your necklace.

Soak the gems for one hour in the solution.

soaked black diamonds for hour

For the best results, ensure that the black gemstones are well soaked with the solution. After one hour, take them out.

Use a clean, soft bristle toothbrush to scrub the black diamonds.

scrub the black diamonds

To get rid of filth and debris, clean all of the stone’s surfaces. Use a gentle, steady hand with a soft-bristled brush.

Scrubbing too hard may cause damage to tension settings and prongs.

Using hot water, rinse the black diamonds. If you’re working beneath a bathroom or kitchen sink, be certain the drainage is in position. With great care, wash the black gemstones.

rinse the black diamonds under the water

Using a clean microfiber, polish the diamond 

To make it a gleaming spotless gem, use a lint-free cloth.

Suppose one is hesitant to clean the gemstone by themselves. In that case, one can take it to a jewelry store and have it cleaned in front of your eyes by an expert professional.

lint-free cloth for polish black diamonds

The end outcome will be a spotless black diamond!

Before doing any nasty housework, take off your opulent black diamond ring; this will ensure that your black diamonds will remain clean and help last longer.

It’s a good idea to store your black diamond away from other jewelry in a safe area. This is because other jewelry items may scratch the diamond if they come in contact with it.

Chemicals to Avoid When Cleaning Black Diamonds

Chemicals to Avoid while Cleaning black diamonds

  • When it comes to cleaning diamond jewelry, never use chlorine bleach or abrasives (such as home cleaners or toothpaste).  

We all have heard claims about toothpaste being the best solution. 

  • Abrasives can damage gold as well as other metals, and solvents such as chlorine can degrade the metal used to alloy gold for gem insertion.
  • Chemicals can not only harm your jewelry, but their abrasive nature can also harm the user. If abrasives are not handled with care, they can cause physical burns.

How do black diamonds lose their shine?

How do black diamonds lose their shine

Taking care of your diamond is essential because it can quickly lose luster, and cleaning the diamond too often will result in the same condition.

Diamonds attract grease and oil like a magnet. This makes cleaning them incredibly tough.

The diamonds might lose their luster and fire when coming in contact with only a bit of oil.

As a precaution, we recommend one not touch the diamonds. Handling your diamond ring using gloves or a coarse-textured cloth is also recommended.

Taking essential precautions to avoid grease is highly crucial.

How often should a black diamond be cleaned?

Immerse your diamond jewelry in a gentle degreasing solvent either once or twice a week to keep it looking attractive.

You can use water with a few drops of mild dish detergent as a gentle degreasing solvent.

After extracting the diamond from the cleaning solution, terminate any leftover dirt with a soft and clean toothbrush.

The toothbrush must be fresh and used just to polish your jewelry.

Use it to wash difficult-to-reach regions, such as the diamond’s rear, which accumulates the most grease and dirt.

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Taking care of a piece of jewelry is very crucial. Precious jewelry like gold, platinum, and diamonds can be a significant investment.

We have made this article specifically for that purpose to make diamonds last longer.

You can make your black diamond shine forever with just a few easy precautionary steps. What’s stopping you, start taking care of your precious gems now.

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