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Rustic Diamond: Know In Detail about the ‘ONE IN A MILLION’ Type Diamond

We are pretty sure that you are well known about the regular diamonds but are you aware of the new rustic diamonds that are being widely accepted in society and are in high demand? Yes! The rustic diamonds are the new trend. Try your hands on them to avoid missing out on some amazing jewelry. Know all about these unique gorgeous diamonds in the post below, from their formation to their types and shapes, and, everything.

What Are Rustic Diamonds?

Well, Rustic diamonds are like normal regular diamonds but with some level of impurities in them due to which they obviously have a different appearance and shine.
They are cloudy and rustic (due to which they are called rustic diamonds) to look at with a warm base that is bright enough to be used in different types of jewelry but is not as bright as pure diamonds are colorless and lack impurities.

Rustic Diamond
These impurities in the rustic diamonds are majorly known as the “inclusions” that occur during their formation which is discussed in the next section.

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Formation of Rustic Diamonds?

The formation of diamonds is something that we have been learning since our school days, and this is no different than that. If you are thinking there is some other process to produce rustic diamonds, we are afraid that it is not quite right.

Both the diamonds are formed in the exact same manner but it all depends on the natural underground activities regarding the number of inclusions that a diamond will contain.

So what exactly is the process?
We do know that diamonds are made of carbon, right? Well, under the Earth’s crust these carbon atoms get crystallized under extreme heat and pressure. During this process, in most cases, other minerals that are present under the crust get fused with these carbon atoms causing the impurities called inclusions.
These impurities lead to the formation of different grades of diamonds in terms of quality, color, luster, and composition.

You find two types of rough diamonds under the crust which are then turned into marvelous jewelry pieces by cutting and shaping them to provide a high-grade luster and shine.

  • Gem grade – These are the pure diamonds that (only about 20%) get cut into a quality sophisticated gem that can be further used for jewelry.
  • Industrial grade – These are the remaining 80% of diamonds that are full of inclusions that were being discarded for years. But, recently, these rustic diamonds are the latest thing on-trend. Once polished, you get a natural fine piece of art that you can further use in your jewelry.

Exploring deeper, you get to witness a wide range of these rustic diamonds based on the color base and the shape cut that has been given to the raw diamond.

What Type of Rustic Diamonds are Available?

Rustic diamond

Rustic diamonds are available according to the type of cut that has been given to the rough included stone and the color base that the rough stone has.

  • Color – When it comes to color, there is no other stone that offers such a wide range of shades and patterns. Every piece is unique. The color variance occurs depending on the mineral that gets infused during the formation. You get a range from grey tones to red tones. Don’t forget the yellow, blue, and green hues. The whole color spectrum gets covered.
  • Cut – The main deal begins when the cut is given to the stone. Cut plays an important role as it is the cut that gives the luster to the stone that it deserves.
    • Rose Cut Shape – This is the most purchased shape because it gives the best luster and looks drop-dead gorgeous. The shape resembles a rosebud where multiple faces are in a triangular shape. Use these in engagement rings and pendants and you are just not leaving the store empty-handed.
    • Kite Cut Shape – Give the antique look to your jewelry with this shape. Kite cut rustic diamond and pure diamond around is a deadly combination for rings.

Other than these, other shapes are available too such as emerald, oval, hexagonal, and many others. These shapes can be combined to either design heavy jewelry or simple and elegant rings or pendants.

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Why Buy Rustic Diamonds? What Makes them Unique?

You might as well be thinking why to get these rustic diamonds when you have those perfect lustrous pure diamonds. Rustic diamonds have their own peculiar beauty and you need to see them understand that fact.

When given a perfect cut like a rose cut, these diamonds can do wonders with jewelry (especially the engagement rings). Enough to make the people’s heads turn. Due to the impurities, there is hardly any chance that any two diamonds will be exactly the same. There will always be a slight change in the overall look and clarity of the stone, however, you can find multiple diamonds under a similar color tone.
So, the inclusions make every piece unique and you will not find a single person having the exact same jewel-like yours.

With such a wide range being offered with rustic diamonds, you do not get bored with the same repetitive pure diamonds in your collection.

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How are Rustic Diamonds Gaining Popularity?

Even though these impure diamonds are expensive, they are gaining popularity at a high rate. Why? Because of its rose cut. Yes! Its rose cut is so gorgeous that it has compelled famous designers to use them in their jewelry designs.

Engagement rings gain the most love from the customers than pendants or any other jewelry due to the uniqueness that two people want to treasure. Its uniqueness is what called for in the market. So, go and get your love with the rustic diamond engagement ring.


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