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Buying Guide: All You Need to Know Before Buying Rustic Diamonds

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If you think that a diamond is only breath-taking when it is perfect, clear, and free of any faults and inclusions – think again. Sometimes, a stone with some inclusions and flaws can take your breath away just as easily as a clear one.

Just imagine, peering into the galactical beauty of a diamond with salt and pepper lights, or the translucent red color of a rose cut diamond. all these perfectly imperfect stones, called rustic diamonds, have a unique appeal of their own, that will mesmerize and delight you.

Rustic diamonds are known by many other names.  Sometimes they are icy colored, sometimes they have a salt and pepper appearance, and sometimes they are opaque. But these are all different styles and types of rustic diamonds.

detailed guide on rustic diamonds

Before we take a deep dive and understand more about where these intriguing stones come from, what their origin is, and what their makeup is like, let us first try to understand what a rustic diamond is.

What are rustic diamonds?

A rustic diamond is essentially a stone that has many inclusions in it. In fact, the color patterns of a rustic diamond, or the characteristic appearance may differ from stone to stone and is largely dependent on the type of inclusions, their number, and placement.

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These inclusions are basically imperfections inside the diamond. These imperfections are created when there is extreme heat and pressure on the stone while it is still under the surface of the earth. These inclusions are actually what make rustic diamonds extremely special – for they create beautiful patterns and interesting shapes inside the stone.

For a long time, diamond buyers were only interested in clear diamonds that sparkled and shined. However, the times are changing now and more and more people are showing interest in these types of diamonds. the unique colors and shapes inside a rustic diamond are appealing to more and more people now.

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The rising popularity of rustic diamonds

No matter what name they are called by, it is clear that rustic diamonds are all the rage now. Once thought to be completely unusable by jewelry makers, rustic diamonds were often cut into smaller stones that did not have any inclusions. However, over time, people are seeing rustic diamonds for their natural beauty.

Now, diamond jewelry makers have started faceting and polishing these imperfect stones for creating unique shapes. The intriguing stones are attractive because of their muted colors, amazing hues and a palette that stands out. The unique patterns created by the inclusions in these diamonds are one of their own. Like a fingerprint, each rustic diamond is one of a kind, and no two of them have the same appearance.

Rustic diamonds can often be found in various types of cuts and shapes. Some of them have a flat back with a faceted surface in the shape of a dome. Others come in raw forms that you can then have customized and cut in a way that fits your particular requirements. You can also purchase rustic diamonds in diamond slices and have them polished in their natural shape.

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The formation of rustic diamonds

As mentioned before, there is nothing different about rustic diamonds, except that they are heavily included and have several impurities. The formation of rustic diamonds is also not so different from natural diamonds. Just like colorless diamonds and other types of clear diamonds, they are formed under the surface of Earth. Due to the extreme heat and pressure under the surface of Earth, carbon molecules come together to form perfect structures called diamonds.

When there are no impurities within the crystal, the diamond appears colorless or white. Some types of impurities give diamonds colors like blue and pink, while others give them a rustic diamond. after spending nearly 1 to 3 million years deep near the mantle of the Earth, these diamonds are delivered to the surface. This happens due to volcanic eruptions at the deeper level, or due to the movement of the subduction zones.

91 Pointer Hexagon Salt And Pepper Diamond

Additionally, rustic diamonds are known as more durable and strong than white diamonds. This is due to the fact that the composition of rustic diamonds is completely different. They do not have the same composition as white diamonds. The carbon inside a rustic diamond has not fully converted into crystalline form, making them even more durable than other types of diamonds. 

When talking about rustic diamonds specifically, the history of these stones dates back millions of years ago. Additionally, rustic diamonds have another feature that makes them stand apart from other types of diamonds – they are formed much deeper under the surface of the earth than other types of diamonds.

The origin of rustic diamonds

Due to the various types of inclusions, certain diamonds were initially not used for making jewelry. Most of these heavily included diamonds were industrial grade or gem grade rough diamonds, and they were either discarded or used for making diamond-tipped tools. However, this picture is changing now. More and more jewelers are using these heavily included stones as centerpieces for jewelry.

It should be noted that only one third of the total number of gem grade diamonds are cut and polished to produce rustic diamonds. The rest have too high a number of inclusions, which makes them unsuitable for polishing and cutting into rustic diamond stones. 

The remaining two-thirds of diamonds with high numbers of inclusions are used for creating black diamonds. The industry standards in this date state that any diamond that has too high a number of inclusions will be converted to black diamonds after being exposed to heat and radiation. 

Once thought of as useless by jewelers all over the world, rustic diamonds have now become one of the most popular types of stones to be used in jewelry, because of their unique looks and outstanding beauty.

What are some of the most important features of rustic diamonds?

Here are the most important things you need to know about rustic diamonds:

  1. Other names for rustic diamonds

Rustic diamonds are popular with a variety of different names. Although there is no proper or official term for them besides Rustic, there are also called by other terms like ice, salt, and pepper, translucent, etc. 

  1. The difference between rustic and raw diamonds

Most people tend to confuse rustic diamonds with raw diamonds. There is a difference between the two types of diamonds. raw diamonds are stones that have been excavated from the surface of Earth and are completely unpolished and untouched. Rustic diamonds are polished diamonds but they have a raw feeling to them. 

  1. Commonly found colors of rustic diamonds

The most common colors for rustic diamonds are salt and pepper. You can also find some red toned diamonds, yellow-colored ones, and blue and grey ones. 

  1. Minerals that cause the red color of the diamond

The red color in rustic diamonds comes from the inclusion of iron. The iron crystals cause a disturbance in the structure of the diamond, resulting in the bending of light, which gives them the red color. 

  1. Minerals that cause other colors in rustic diamonds

The color yellow in rustic diamonds comes from inclusions of Nitrogen, blue and grey colors come from inclusions of Boron, and green color comes from natural irradiation of the stones under the surface of the Earth. 

  1. The importance of the polish of rustic diamonds

The most important thing to look for when buying a rustic diamond is the polish of the stone. A poorly polished rustic diamond will chip off because the inclusions make it brittle. Thus, make sure that your diamond is well polished and does not have any surface irregularities.

  1. The most common cut of rustic diamonds

Most rustic diamonds have a rose cut. This type of cut was first seen in the 16th century, and it was popular way before the classic round cut came into existence. The rose cut diamond has a flat bottom, and the crown of the diamond is made of a number of triangle shaped facets that look like the petals of the rose, hence the name. 

  1. Other cuts for rustic diamonds

Besides the most common rose cut, rustic diamonds are also found in several other shapes – like hexagons, elongated geometric cuts, round shaped, emerald cuts, oval cuts, and shield cuts.

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Why choose a rustic diamond?

There are many reasons why it may be worth choosing a rustic diamond over a clear diamond, although it is a personal choice and some people may like the sparkle and shine of a clear diamond over anything else.

1. The unique beauty of a rustic diamond is unparalleled

One of the biggest reasons people have now gravitated towards rustic diamonds is that they are simply perfect in their imperfections. The cloudy and smoky look of the stones along with streaks of contrasting colors is not only unique, but it also has a special meaning.

2. Rustic diamonds cannot be created in labs

Another important feature of rustic diamonds is that they cannot be recreated in the lab. The unique beauty of a rustic diamond is such that it is one of a kind in the entire world. White diamonds may be beautiful, but you can find countless numbers of white diamonds of the exact shape and size all over the world. Rustic diamonds stand out because of their unique beauty that simply cannot be found anywhere else. 

Moreover, rustic diamonds cannot be created in the lab. Because of their standout appearance, it is impossible to mimic them in the lab. Thus, you can rest assured that your rustic diamond is one of a kind in the entire world, just like you.  

3. They express your individuality

For couples that want to stand out from the crowds and express their individuality over everything else, what could be more of a symbol of their love than a rustic diamond. people are not perfect, and a couple that wants to convey their imperfections through their engagement ring will find a rustic diamond the perfect expression of their love.

4. They are not color enhanced

With their unique clarity and color, rustic diamonds bring in another important quality – they are completely untreated and their color is not enhanced at all. These two reasons also make them highly valued in the market. Most diamonds that are colored have their color enhanced through treatment in labs, but rustic diamonds have the unique property of being completely untreated and natural.

5. The understated look

The warm, glowing, and understated look of rustic diamond is another thing that is very intriguing to some people. Sometimes the rustic diamonds have small surface inclusions that enhance their individuality and give them an artisanal look. These inclusions usually happen during the growing process of the diamond and add to their warm and unique appearance.

6. The affordable price

Unlike white diamonds, rustic diamonds are not prohibitively expensive. They are not cheap, but they are certainly more accessible than clear diamonds. This is another reason people prefer them over white diamonds. 

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Closing Thoughts

Rustic diamonds are in more and more demand now, because of how unique each stone is. Each rustic diamond has a unique pattern and looks that cannot be replicated in any diamond in the world, ever again. The organic and earthy look, the feeling of being one-of-a-kind is what makes them understated as well as glamorous at the same time. Indeed, a rustic diamond, for most women, is a bit of quiet luxury, a slice of beauty that doesn’t need to scream out loud to express its gorgeousness.

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