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Buying Certified Diamonds – GIA or IGI?

Buying Certified Diamonds – GIA or IGI?

If you are buying a diamond, you want to be sure that it is the real deal, and it has all the characteristics that your jeweler is claiming it has. To...

July 23, 2020
value of black diamond

How to determine the value of a...

If you have been thinking of buying a black diamond, there may have been several questions swirling through your mind regarding the value of such a st...

June 5, 2020
buy rustic diamonds

Buying Guide: All You Need to Know...

If you think that a diamond is only breath-taking when it is perfect, clear, and free of any faults and inclusions – think again. Sometimes, a stone...

April 18, 2020
All That You Need to Know About Black Diamonds

All That You Need to Know About...

We all remember that iconic scene when Mr. Big finally proposed to Carrie in the second SATC film released in 2010. Presenting her with a black diamon...

February 24, 2020

Rustic Diamond: Know In Detail about the...

We are pretty sure that you are well known about the regular diamonds but are you aware of the new rustic diamonds that are being widely accepted in s...

February 17, 2020
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