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Wear The Jewel of Glamour Studded With A G Color Diamond

G color dimaond

Choosing a diamond lower on the color spectrum can save money, but some of those color grades must spark a debate. Fortunately, the G color is not one of those grades; in fact, it’s the most popular choice among colored diamonds. So let’s learn some more about these glamorous g color diamonds.

G color diamond ring

What is G Color Diamond?

Diamond color grade is an important factor affecting the choice of a diamond buyer. Diamonds are graded on a color grade spectrum ranging from D to Z. In this spectrum: D to F grade diamonds are considered colorless; G to L grade diamonds are considered “near colorless”, and diamonds ranging between M and Z have appeared slightly colorful. 

G color diamonds are exceptional, having minor traces of color that one can see through naked eyes. Their color is only visible by diamond professionals. The G color diamond provides an excellent blend of beauty and value to the customers. 

The slightest traces of yellow color does not make any difference to their beauty. A platinum or white gold setting can hide these light yellow blemishes in the ring. Also, a G color diamond looks great with rose and yellow gold.

People can define g color diamonds most accurately as having a slightly warm cast. However, you can’t identify the slight shade of a g color diamond unless they’re placed side by side with a truly colorless diamond. 

Although some people feel awkward giving the diamond g color a change because of this warmth, they still want to try wearing it as it is very much clear that you’re going to admire your diamond jewelry with all its beauty when you wear it. 

Enhancing the Beauty of a G Color Diamond

If you’d like to make your G color diamond look whiter, choose a yellow gold ring. Yellow gold can make slightly tinged diamonds appear more white because they provide less contrast. More contrast makes any color stand out.

We can also choose certain specific cuts which will enhance the beauty of a G color diamond. The most appropriate shape is the round cut shape with sharp brilliance. Pear, oval, and marquise cuts exhibit more color near their points and edges; princess, emerald, radiant, and cushion-cut diamonds reflect more color in the body. 

The smaller the G Color diamond, the less relevant the hue becomes. The bigger a diamond is, the more visible the color tints. In other words, the larger the diamond, the more it becomes sensitive to color.

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Are G Color Diamonds worth buying?

The choice for buying any diamond majorly depends upon your preference and budget. You can save a significant amount of money by opting for an H or J color diamond. As G is in the initial end of the G to L range, its yellowish shade is the slightest. 

Especially if you are considering a yellow gold ring for your g diamond, its color won’t be as apparent. But if you love white gold or platinum, and the color is one of your top priorities, the diamond color grade is the place to allot your budget.

G color diamonds are usually purchased in over 1 carat, unlike cheaper I-J grade diamonds obtained in less than 1-carat cuts to mask the color tint effectively. However, this statement isn’t a rule and not applicable because a lot goes for the set color.

Why are the G Color Diamonds Popular?

It’s the first choice right after the colorless group (D-F). The yellowish spot is almost impossible to notice unless compared with another diamond. Its generally difficult to identify the color of a shaded diamond easily.

Also, when these G color or even H gems are set in platinum or gold settings, they appear less colored and might appear a higher grade. For this reason, G Color diamonds are sought after as they seem colorless and less expensive than D-F diamonds when fixed in proper settings.

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Conclusion Thoughts

Do you have more queries about G color diamonds? Our expert gemologists at RRP Diamonds are here to help. They’re highly experienced at finding the perfect diamond for adoring your Jewelry of any style or design and budget.


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