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Men’s Engagement Ring: Tradition or a Transition?


We all know the untainted scene: The man goes down on one knee. He proposes with a ring and she says yes. The couple is locked in, they plan their wedding, get hitched and they live joyfully ever after. At the wedding service, the couple trades a ring. He puts on her wedding band and she puts his wedding band around his finger. Yet, this implies the lady gets two rings and the man just one. Is this custom, or is there another way? Obviously, there is. All things considered, there are engagement bands for men.


The guidelines for commitment and engagement behavior change as time passes. All things considered, another age won’t generally stick to the traditions and customs their folks or grandparents tenaciously followed. This is especially valid for men’s engagement gems: the twentieth century saw the ascent of men’s engagement bands. Presently, the millennial age is re-imagined as the engagement band convention.

Why do we wear engagement rings?

An engagement band is a ring showing that the individual wearing it is locked in to be hitched, particularly in Western societies. A ring is introduced as a commitment blessing by an accomplice to their forthcoming companion when they propose marriage or straightforwardly after an engagement proposition is acknowledged. 

The act of introducing an engagement band goes back many years. In 1477, it’s accepted that Archduke Maximilian of Austria dispatched the principal jewel engagement band for his life partner. 

From that point, the engagement band pattern took off. To show other potential admirers they’re off the market, men gave ladies engagement bands. 

Engagement bands for ladies were likewise a monetary exchange until the 1930s. The explanation is that ladies could sue if their life partner severed things. Besides, a lady was considered “harmed merchandise” if she was locked in, yet not wedded. Also, could utilize the cash post-separation by pawning the ring.

Do men wear engagement rings?

The set of experiences chiefly centers around men giving an engagement band to ladies. Does this mean it was never the reverse way around? All things considered, essentially not. Just about 100 years ago, the American organization L. Bamberger and Co. (these days known as Macy’s) attempted, however. They set promotions in the papers with engagement bands for men. The promotions included lively men with likewise rings that wore masculine names like “the Stag” and “the Master”. Obviously, it didn’t get on. Be that as it may, a ton can change in 100 years… 

Basically, an engagement band is an obvious sign that the individual is submitted and shouldn’t be drawn closer with a coquettish expectation. Most ladies are very delicate towards their ring as it connotes their uncommon bond, while men will in general be more easy-going towards wearing theirs.

 In any case, the ring means that you’re presently taken, that you’ve discovered ‘the one’ and this is an extremely sentimental and huge piece of gem. It’s additionally about causing your man to feel extraordinary. Regardless of whether a person doesn’t actually show interest in an engagement band, most likely because he has never thought about the thought, the huge other can assume a part here and urge him to wear one.

For most men, wearing an engagement band is an odd thought or one they aren’t actually ok with. While this may have changed to a degree, numerous men actually don’t care to wear adornments of any sort. Some even really like to wear it around their neck on a chain as opposed to on their finger. This way it satisfies the reason for the draw-in status and stays protected around the neck. 

Generally, it isn’t at all obligatory for men to wear engagement bands. Obviously, it’s not required for ladies all things considered. An engagement band is an image of affection and association yet there’s no firm guideline about how this ought to be addressed.

Anyways, you would wear an engagement band when you have connected and afterward would add a wedding band when you get hitched. 

One thing to note is that wearing a ring can be deluding as it might seem as though a wedding band. For this situation, you could be confused with being a hitched man, and not a drew-in man.

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What does a men’s engagement ring look like?

Most engagement bands for men are like metal engagement ring styles, while others are specially crafted with jewels and different diamonds. The prospects are totally open because relatively few people wear engagement bands. 

Straightforward gold, silver, or platinum groups for him are consistently mainstream and immortal, however, imagine a scenario in which basic isn’t his style. On the off chance that he’s not the under-the-radar sort of fellow, at that point don’t settle on a moderate, downplayed, or exemplary style for his ring. We’re tied in with making a ring that is an impression of him, and custom rings for men take the fundamental engagement ring to another level.

Custom options available for men’s engagement ring

There are a few styles of male engagement bands to look over and a portion of the well-known ones include: 

  • Exemplary ring

This is a mono-shading straightforward ring. It is the least difficult adaptation of all-male engagement bands. Yet, that doesn’t mean it is dull. On the contrary: we consider this ring exemplary because it is immortal and modern. It is not difficult to join with practically any outfit and they are generally accessible.

  • Ring with a solitary jewel or gemstone

Consider this the male adaptation of the solitaire ring for ladies. It is a ring with just a single jewel as a middle stone. Though female solitaire engagement bands have a somewhat slim shape, those for men are sturdier. At the point when you need a ring with a stone in it, there are for the most part three choices: Diamond, Gemstone (valuable or semi-valuable), Birthstone. 

  • Ring with different stones

Next is the jewel engagement band for men with a series of precious stones. You may know this sort of ring as a collusion ring or an unfathomable length of time ring. Pretty much the equivalent applies here concerning the ring with a solitary stone. You can pick jewels (white or dark), gemstones, or semi-valuable stones. Typically, the partnership ring for men includes a little line of precious stones with a wide band of gold on the two sides. This gives the ring an intense outside contrasted with the slim female ring. 

  • Seal ring

Seal rings are perhaps the most established ring for men. For millennia, these are related to well-off and significant men. The seal ring has an etching, an image, arrangement of words, letters, or pictures on the top. This educates something regarding the wearer. Numerous seal rings have nostalgic worth since they are frequently family treasures. However, you can likewise buy “another” seal ring and have it engraved with something individual, similar to your accomplice’s initials.

On which finger should he wear the engagement ring?

This can vary from culture to culture. For instance, in most European nations and the United States, men’s engagement bands are worn on the left hand though, in nations like Pakistan, India, Peru, Norway, Spain, and Denmark, it is worn on the correct hand. 

In this way, while the jury might be out on which finger a male engagement band ought to be worn, there’s no set-in-stone answer. It tends to be worn on one or the other hand, insofar as you’re alright with it. 

Simply guarantee that you choose which hand and finger before you have your ring estimated because your finger sizes could be extraordinary, and what fits the correct hand might be either free to somewhat close on the left.

Reasons for men to wear engagement rings

Other than avoiding what was already the norm, grooms have a few purposes behind needing to wear a ring before the wedding. 

  • The couple might want to organize a “second” proposition or “re-proposition” where the job is turned around and the lady of the hour brings up marriage. This is a groundbreaking second that the lady will value and recall for the remainder of her life. It’s actually sweet and circumspect to make this sort of involvement for the husband to be also. 
  • Present-day connections are changing how we consider rings. They used to be somewhat antiquated, however, increasingly more they are turning out to be images of balance. Gone are the days where rings recently connoted possession wherein the lucky man “asserts” the lady to-be. On the off chance that you truly need to claim the terms you use to characterize your relationship, it bodes well that the ring presently represents your affection and obligation to one another—and if that is valid, at that point you both need your own bling! 
  • Obviously, telling the universe that your life partner is “off the market” is a special reward. For what reason should this be an uneven message? The lady will spout about her proposition and wedding plans while the man keeps on carrying on with his single man’s life until the huge day? That barely appears to be reasonable.
  • Men need to flaunt their responsibility. Ladies have for quite some time been pleased to wear their engagement bands, demonstrating that they’re enamored and have made a responsibility. Presently men are asking why the ladies get all the fun on that account. Is there any good reason why they shouldn’t get an engagement band too? Given the oddity of wearing an engagement band for men, they can start up some incredible discussions while they show the world that they’re locked in.

How to choose the perfect ring for him?

Men’s precious stone engagement bands can be rough, smooth, downplayed, or totally traditionalist—contingent upon their style and character. Remember these focuses when looking for your future life partner’s engagement band: 

  • Engagement band Budget

Purchasers should know their own cutoff points. If you need to back the ring, locate an agreeable figure that you can allot every month without depleting the bank. An engagement band is a significant venture, and picking rings may likewise be an exceptionally enthusiastic encounter. On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea about your spending plan, you could wind up making a passionate buy that will be monetarily overpowering. 

  • Talk about Who Wears the Engagement Ring

Before you start shopping, ensure you realize that he’s open to wearing an engagement band. A few men embrace the experience, and others don’t. Is it accurate to say that he is wanting to propose to you, too? Or then again would he say he will be the just one wearing a ring? Numerous couples trade engagement bands, however, this isn’t generally the situation. 

  • Plan the Engagement Ring for Him

His character and individual style ought to have a significant effect on his ring configuration, much the same as your style would impact his decision of ring for you. Few out of every odd man needs a huge jewel and few out of every odd man needs a straightforward setting. Your decision to go luxurious with precious stones or to restrain it to a straightforward solitaire setting relies upon your accomplice. Keep in mind, you’re purchasing for him, not you. 

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  • Discover His Ring Size

Finding the correct ring size is regularly the most troublesome piece of ring shopping. There are numerous approaches to discover his ring size without parting with an unexpected commitment, however. You may request his mother or one from his companions (be certain, however, that they won’t ruin the shock). Or on the other hand, you can furtively snatch one of his old rings to use as your guide.

  • Search For A Matching Wedding Band 

While choosing an engagement band, remember that you additionally may have to locate a coordinating wedding ring to combine with his engagement band. Frequently, a basic gold or platinum band functions admirably against numerous men’s engagement bands. You may likewise talk about if his engagement band will fill in as both a commitment and wedding band—a few men like to wear only one ring. 

  • Try not to Procrastinate

In case you’re arranging an unexpected commitment for him, don’t ring shop ultimately. Shop early and check to transport dates to ensure that the ideal ring is conveyed on schedule. Shopping early and preparing is basic in case you’re planning for a vacation commitment—Valentine’s Day and Christmas are inconceivably well known for propositions!

Conclusion Thoughts

The occasions—and customs—change with each age. engagement bands know no sex. More ladies are starting to lead the pack in engagement propositions. Ideally, you currently have a superior thought regarding your choices for an engagement ring and whether men wear wedding bands.

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