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How to Distinguish between Natural v/s Lab Grown Black Diamond

Black diamond

You needn’t bother with a couple of skis to get appropriately familiar with a black diamond. Natural black diamond is also called carbonados. Also, investigating the contrasts between lab-developed black diamonds and those of the normally developed assortment. 

Natural v/s lab grown black diamond both are in high diamond because of their attractive look, less demand, and comparatively lesser price than other diamonds. In this article, we will differentiate Natural vs. Lab-grown black diamond.

Natural Fancy Black Diamond: Origin and Price 

Origin of Natural Black Diamond

Naturally formed black diamonds, while conceivable, are seldom found in nature. However, in past researches, they’ve been found in Brazil, Central Africa, and different areas throughout the planet. 

Dissimilar to other color diamonds that can credit their color to topographical pollutants like nitrogen, hydrogen, and boron, raw black diamonds owe their black tone to graphite inclusions. 

Price of Natural Black Diamond

black diamond

Because of their shortage, natural black diamonds are viewed as more uncommon. As far as their price is considered, regular extravagant carbonados can cost somewhere between $3,000 to $5,000 a carat, clearly dependent upon the size and among different variables. 

Evaluating Natural Black Diamonds 

quality of black diamond

The 4C’s (color, clarity, cut, and carat) are the principles to which colorless diamonds are evaluated, but since normal black diamonds are murky, they can’t be reviewed on this equivalent GIA scale. 

Accordingly, these dull gemstones are assessed dependent on GIA’s color reviewing the framework for colored diamonds. Since there’s almost no variety in immersion or tone of black diamond tone, the term dark black is utilized in carbonado evaluation.

In addition, the previously mentioned term is utilized to recognize whether the diamond is natural or lab-grown. For other diamond colors like pink, for instance, which can have to change opacities and tones, color is the main evaluation regarding its worth. 

Normal carbonados are especially hard to cut and clean without chipping or breaking on the cutting wheel. It is because of the way that they are polycrystalline or a fusion of numerous individual diamond gems. 

Along these lines, they can take any longer to aspect than colorless diamonds, and the completed diamonds are milder and bound to take harm after some time. So, overall natural diamonds are comparatively harder than lab grown diamonds.

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Lab-Grown and Treated Black Diamond: Origin and Price 

Origin of Lab-Grown Black Diamond

black diamonds

Lab grown black diamonds, and treated natural diamonds that have gone through treatment, are extensively more affordable than those discovered naturally. In addition, treated carbonados, which are normally mined, are the diamonds that have been blessed to receive a dark black tone. 

These diamonds accomplish their dim tint in two different ways. First, these are openness to high temperature and gamma radiation beams utilized in the atomic reactor. Second, their production is done completely in a proper environment.

Price of Lab Grown Black Diamond

Since many black diamonds are common diamonds that have been blessed to receive a black tone, they are simpler to cut and shape versus their natural counterparts. Lab-developed carbonados are likewise more affordable, going for just $200-$400 a carat. 

Evaluating Lab Grown Black Diamonds 

Since a black diamond was discovered naturally, it doesn’t mean its quality can’t be improved! Numerous carbonados sold for wedding bands or engagement rings have been treated in the labs to improve their magnificence and color. 

The expression “lab-grown” may seem like a positive component. Notwithstanding, any diamond that has been upgraded has been dealt with and adjusted from its regular condition to improve its appearance falsely. 

If you choose to buy an “upgraded or lab grown” diamond, discover what sort of chemicals have been utilized and what they may mean for the worth of the diamond. Likewise, you ought to be worried about the drawn-out care and appearance these chemicals may have on the diamond.

These diamonds originated as dim, vigorously included, and cracked, then exposed to a high-temperature/low-pressure treatment that graphitizes the breaks. Thus it is very crucial to take care of your diamonds.

Cleaning of Black Diamonds 

As referenced before, most black diamonds accessible for buy available have been lab treated somehow, so it’s useful as a buyer to know your gemstone’s history. It is particularly evident concerning dealing with your diamond.

The consideration and cleaning of carbonados is equivalent to any sensitive gemstone: don’t utilize steam or ultrasonic cleaners, which could cause harm. Note that a natural black diamond, while lauded for its hardness, is fundamentally gentler than a treated diamond. 

A black diamond’s tendency is to such an extent that it might contain hundreds of minute cracks, making it more sensitive against breakage from sharp blows than treated diamonds. It’s a valuable gemstone be caring to it and handle carefully. 

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We don’t anticipate that you should know the distinction between natural and lab grown black diamonds. In this manner, it’s in every case better to ask a gemologist as we have at RRP Diamonds whenever you’re considering making another buy. 

Cost can change dependent on the finish, quality, size, carat weight, and whether the diamond supported any lab treatment. These recently referenced components will be pondered the marked price of your black diamond. 

The value contrast between lab-grown black diamond and natural black diamond is huge. Hence, you need to comprehend what you’re paying for and that you’re making a smart buy. Don’t forget we are always there for your assistance. 

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